Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How and why is astrology so accurate?

For example, I read a full-detail description about my sign, Libra, and everything was true!
I searched a little on the internet, but I couldn’t find any answers, and they don’t tell you.
And it’s all scientific, isn’t it? I mean, the mapping of the stars and everything… How can they actually link stars and planets into the personality of a person?

Answer by larry o
it’s not all that accurate

Answer by TheTruth09
It’s pretty accurate but most people counter attack astrology by claiming that it’s ‘too general to be accurate,’ like your sign Libra, a lot of people that aren’t libra’s probably fit the characteristics of a libra.

Answer by FRIEZA 2nd form
It all has to do with……where the planet is according to the yearly cycle of the solar system!
The solar system actually travels just like a planet travels around the sun!
It’s like a musical note! All the planets align at certain times during their movement to create a perfect connection!

Didn’t you take Astrology in middle school????

Answer by Stuart H
Who said it was accurate?

Answer by rowlfe
THAT, how they can link stars and planets into the personality of a person, IS the question, isn’t it? Does it make ANY sense to you that two children born in rooms next door to each other can have the EXACT same predictions for the future? Would these two not have exactly the SAME astrological signs??? Astrology is NOT accurate! Why would you think so? The reason is that astrology is NOT science, but psuedo-science. James Randi has been looking for evidence that anything paranormal, supernatural or psychic actually works as advertised. Haven’t you ever wondered WHY every palm reader has a sign posted which says “For Entertainment Purposes Only”??? James Randi is offering $ 1,000,000 for anyone with any kind of PROOF that can be verified! For details of the prize, go to and read up on it. If horoscopes really work, don’t you think someone might have claimed the prize by now? He has been offering this prize for at least the past 10 years!

Answer by chainlightning⅜
How and why does not matter. All we need to blindly believe and ignore the lack of evidence Also it is so much fun. Exactly how a ancient, made-up, unproven, stereotyping, and bigoted concept can be fun I don’t have a clue, but it must be

And it is so scientific! All those stars and planets! Some superior being made them for just for us and no other reason.. It is so believable that astrology controls our moods and actions. So we don’t need to take control of our life. Let the planets enslave us and make important decisions. No free will is desired. There are may others here that will tell you how great astrology is. They have done so much research it MUST be true. No delusional or false people here, anyone of them can provide proof for astrology but only if they feel like it. That day may be soon but certainly not yet. Also the Nobel prize will be ours when they do. See what the skeptics say then.

All this biased stuff based on birthdays! That is the real cool thing about astrology. I seek all the birthdays and times of the people I meet. Then go to my computer and check them out. Don’t want to waste time on those that I’m not compatible with. Got to fill my inner circle with the right people and know which to hate. What can be easier?

Though I’d wish it was easy to find the best astrologer. I spent a lot of money and time looking for one that would tell me everything that I knew already. They also were not very consistent and fail to really tell my future. If an astrologer said something I did not like, I’d try another. One even told me to try a tarot card reader. Sigh! Now I have to search for one of those. They are good in telling me how live my life too. Pieces of cardboard that are mass printed can tell the future. Great idea!

Answer by Sidney
astrology is based on the idea that the planets and stars influence human life, depending on their relative positions. the principles are based on study of hundreds of years. moreover, astrology predictions have proved true on so many occasions. you cannot really deny it. find what astrology says about you. know your sun sign and its character attributes. see if you have these features in you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some good books for tarot card combinations and for begginers?

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could tell me some good books for reading tarot cards. I would like to know more about combinations of cards and things like that. Also what it means or signifies when you get alot of one suit or alot of page court cards for instance? Thanks!!

Answer by Lone Rose
Don’t laugh and I’m not being mean, but tarot Cards for Dummies. It’s good and they explain everything so ANYONE can understand what they are doing.
I’ve read the book too so I thought it was helpful 🙂

Answer by Star Danser [Starshine’s]
You could probably look up the basics online. From there just use your intuition.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
I would suggest buying several books. There are many good books on Tarot. Each of them has a slightly different slant on meanings and by using several of them, you will get more information and expand your reading ability. But of course, it is the psychic message that is most important. Without receiving that, your readings will not be accurate.

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