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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can i control my psychic ability?

Alright, I’ve been having these dreams for years about random bits and pieces of conversations that happen weeks to months in the future. So far, all of these ‘visions’ have been completely accurate except for one and only the location was wrong on it but everything else was correct. I know this is not just coincidence because it has happened several times. Does anyone have any advice or tips that could help me control these visions, so that i can begin to help others with planning for what their future holds?

Answer by Nohaj
Helps you focus overall

Don’t let anyone discourage you. All the answers you seek are within you!
Medetation helps to unlock it

Answer by Bruce McDonald
I think you ate the wrong mushrooms.

Answer by illadelphiakid
Set your alarm to wake up 2 hours before the time you normally wish to get up. Then when it wakes you up set it 2 hours forward and go back to sleep. You will now remember your last dream even better.

Answer by Lisa
meditation is a good way to develop your psychic ability. Also try keeping a journal of the things that happen to you. You could be surprised as to what you see, and other’s will be fascinated by your experiences.. if they believe them. :\

Answer by Ginny
Look into lucid dreaming

Answer by Gary Y
Over 6 billion people on the planet, each having around 200 dream themes each night, there is bound to be some coincidences just as you describe. Usually it is only with the benefit of hindsight that we make a connection. Humans naturally seek patterns like this, we unwittingly fall for our own selection bias, we also unwittingly embellish our memories (of the dream) to fit.

This naturalistic explanation is far for probable than you being “psychic”. No one has ever been able to demonstrate “psychic” abilities under proper controlled testing. You would also have to overturn all of science and the laws and theories of physics.

Now, if you could write down your dreams as soon as you awaken, and if these turn out to be accurate predictions, then you may be onto something. You could you have yourself tested by a skeptic organization who have up to one million dollars available for anyone who can prove “psychic” powers and perform better than random chance.

Have a look at:

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You’re making things up.

Answer by Stephanie R
I have those too. I would suggest meditation. It helps me, I can’t really control it but it gets stronger. It sounds weird but I can feel it. I mean, I can tell that I am psychic. I can sense when things are wrong and when things are going to happen and I can sense people. I also get deja vu a lot. If you want to talk about it you can go to my website (listed below) or you can email me.
Hope I helped.

Answer by Shannon
Meditate. And keep a journal of these dreams and the real occurrences.

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