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Speak to PsychicsLive Phone Psychic Readings

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I’m online, call me for a live psychic reading. #bitwine

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@LovePsychicMary (Love Psychic Mary) tweeted the following :
I’m online, call me for a live psychic reading. #bitwine

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I find a good psychic medium (someone who can communicate with the deceased) in my area?

I live in Philadelphia, PA.

Answer by Onlyhuman
You can actually look it up first, then find out how long they have been in business. When you find one on line, they might have some reviewed to go over. When you call to make an appointment ask them if they use cards during the reading. I personally don’t care for Tarot cards and other cards. I think a true psychic medium just reads you without any help from cards. And ask if you can bring your digital recorder or if they charge extra for a recording.

Answer by Leviticus
No one can talk to the dead, don’t be sucked in by the frauds that pretend that they can.

Answer by Troll

just talked with one of your relatives…they don’t want to talk with you.

Answer by Gary
Any good psychic should already know you are looking for them, right?

Answer by Jesus Hernandez
You can ask anybody you want. All people are equally good at talking to the deceased. Heck, you can even do it yourself. I am sure, nobody can talk better to the deceased than anybody else.

Answer by William
Finding someone who is truly good at communicating with the deceased is extremely difficult. The best approach I know of is to check with people you trust who have knowledge of people doing this. Even so, it will probably be difficult to find a person as the truly good ones are few and far between. You are more likely to find a convincing fake.

Written by HEYOKA

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