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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I become more successful in the psychic professional.?

I am a professional Psychic and very good at helping people but I don’t have the extra funds to advertise? How can I reach more people?

Answer by Katie
obvisiously, you’re not that good if you have to ask

Answer by monkey t
Hahahaha…this is a joke right? A psychic that asks a question? Shouldn’t you foresee the answer to this? Anyway…uh my advice is to check that crystal ball a bit deeper.

Answer by RQ
offer a psychic reading with a happy ending.

Answer by David545
Have some inexpensive (but nice) business cards printed and give them to your existing clients. Let them know you are seeking to expand and ask them to recommend you to their friends. . The most effective form of advertising is word of mouth.

Answer by ROYKANT
You are a psychic (?) so gaze into your future and find out when will you have those EXTRA FUNDS. Wait till you get it and if you do not see it in your future then consult another psychic!!!

Answer by psychic-junkie
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the difference between a premonition, precognition, and psychic ability?

I sometimes just know an event is going to happen. I get panicky, and then I find out the event actually happened. I am fuzzy on details though. i.e. I suddenly knew that there would be a car accident and the vehicle would be totalled. I thought it meant it would happen to me. It happened later in the day to my two stepdaughters that I had not even met at the time. They were driving across country to live with us. These are more than thoughts or feelings. What is this? and where does it come from?

Answer by centretek666
D’ je vous and imagination.

Answer by psiexploration
premonition and precognition are more or less the same thing.
Precognition: relating to a state or event not yet
Premonition: anticipation of an event without conscious

This would be considered a category of psychic ability falling under ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) since it involves the acquisition of information.

I have included two links that will allow you to record your premonitions if you choose to in order to have evidence of them before the fact.

Answer by Smo
Premonition: More of a feeling than anything. Like, you’ll feel anticipatory about crossing a deserted street, only to be struck by a car when you DO cross. (this happened to me)

Precognition: this is where you have actual visions. Sometimes, there could also be scents and sounds.

Psychic Ability: This is just a general term. Like, to say you have a psychic ability could mean you have either of the aforementioned, clairsentience, telepathy, psychokinesis, etc.

Answer by Peter D
If there are differences they are minute. All of the phenomena you mention all have a great deal in common though. Primarily is the need for confirmation bias in order for them to “work”.

In your example you mention you thought of a car crash. Then you found out later that day someone connected to you was in a car crash. (I hope they are alright.) What you fail to mention is how many times you’ve thought of car crashes in your life. I think about car crashes almost every day when I’m driving. (It helps me not get in one.) If I know someone who gets in a crash I could say, “Hey, I was just thinking about car crashes.” Does that mean I’m psychic? It wouldn’t really be fair to say I am since I think of car crashes all the time now would it? This is confirmation bias at work.

Everybody wants to have more control in their lives. Pretending the future can be controlled by what we daydream, or that our minds are mental antennae picking up the images of an event that has yet to happen is nothing short of magical thinking. It’s understandable magical thinking and I personally would love to have the ability to do that, but there is no reason to believe such things are real.

Answer by Lizzie
Well, humans only use about ten perrcent of their brains, so who knows why we need all the rest of that extra brain matter in our heads if we don’t really use it? Some people, perhaps, have a few more connections to those “dead” or “unused” portions of their brains so they’re able to see/hear/feel things that others can’t.

Precognition is a psychic ability, much like telekenesis, telepathy, psychronology (what happened in the past to an object, person or place), and empathy. All of it falls into that lovely catergory most call the “paranormal”. I prefer “supernatural”, but that’s just me. Anyway, I’ve had experiences like that. I try to keep an open mind to things like that, but don’t believe everything I hear or see.

Good luck, sweetie, and I hope that helped, even just a little.

Answer by John S
If you get a premonition its from precognition. Precognition is a psychic ability.
Hope that helps.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I watch Psychic Detective Yakumo live action without having to pay or download anything?

I’m trying to find the live action series of Psychic Detective Yakumo without having to buy it, in case I don’t like it, or sign up, download another player, or do any “offers”. Does anyone know where I can do this or if it’s available? Thanks!!

Answer by Brain Washed

Answer by Egoist
Go to, it has almost all the asian dramas that you can think of. Has mirrors of the video that you are looking for just in case one of them doesn’t work, and none of them are bootlegs.Best thing bout this site is its free and perhaps limited.

The bad thing is that it’s not safe and it has some medium to heavy advertising and at times may have virus and fake computer protection that might attack your computer. But seeing as these kinds of problems are also present in most drama and movie websites, this problem is minimal compared to what other sites might throw you.
Sooo if I were you I’d upper the defense system when it comes to watching vids online, just in case.

But yeah, dramacrazy is one of the best sites to watch..

Answer by Dnd
i watched it in

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on live psychics

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