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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I know if I am being haunted?

In many ways it appears as though I am being haunted, not my family or my house, just me. I also have the abilities to recognize spirits and sometimes make contact. I am sensitive and maybe psychic but my main issue is that something has been messing with me. if i go to my friends house then weird things happen there, things fly across the room and we see entities. something about me sets it off. I’m scared not only of what i cause but also of myself. Does anybody know how to help?

Answer by Baelamoon♥
hun its telekinetic energy, youre at an age where puberty is starting rearing its ugly head full force. anything that ‘picks up’ your energy field (exciting scary happy sad) will make things ‘fly’ around.

you might notice tv’s shutting off cellphones draining easily ( or not at all). or even street lights that seem to cut out when your near. it is your own body’s energy interacting with things. When i meditate with my cell phone near, its charges up. when im in a REALLY nostalgic mood street lights go off, every single one i drive under. when i get pregnant i turn tv’s off drain batteries and make all sorts of electronic go haywire.
If im mad enough that my hubby is playing video games ( and wont stop) his PS turns off and wont come back on for days. Google Telekinesis. I have no doubt in the presence of spirits but unless you have many many more things going on I doubt thats whats going on. I was Hell when i hit puberty on making stuff act abnormally! as for seeing spirits thats normal you are more sensitive to them, say hello they are normally spirit guides of yourself or those that you’re around unless they seem uhh, harmed or you see physical wounds etc. as spirits that havent passed normally show themselves how they passed or shortly thereof…our spirit guides arenot ‘harmed’ in any form normally. although may show you how they passed in their last lifetime. leading you to think if seeing it without them telling you, can lead you to believe the are earthbounds.

you have sensitive abilities, get a few books from the library to learn more and embrace it. do not fear it. things will be ok. reading is your best option, get a book on ‘intuition’ or spiritualism./
Good Luck

Answer by Keith Kartiye
Learn to meditation to peace yourself first, Try hard temporary not to communicate with the spirits around U until U have real peace, force away all your negative though and I’m sure U will find the right key of your life!! ^^

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how do I get started with a psychic business?

I live in Oregon and I enjoy doing numerology, astrology, tarot and psychometry for others. Unfortunately, a lot of people have abused my free help and so I’m thinking about changing a small fee. (like, $ 5 or arrange a trade for something, I’m not looking to get rich! lol)

I’m going to set up a shop online for this and do the readings through the mail/e-mail (I don’t have/like phones).

Do I need to register a new business name for this and have a separate bank account? Can I just share the same bank account for my crafting business?

I don’t need any snarky comments or Bible verses, so just go ahead and click on by to somebody else who needs it 🙂

Answer by Elaine M
The book Professional Tarot (see URL below) is excellent about starting up a business like this. While you may not use tarot cards, it does offer good info on the legal side, the licensing, the set-up, everything you’d need to know at least of the basics.

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