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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I know if seeing shadows and white figures is real and not a mental disorder?

I’ve been seeing shadows and white figures for awhile now, and I have distinct memories of being punched and, as strange as it sounds, tickled when I was asleep at around age 9. I know I was asleep and it may very well have just been a dream, but I have been seeing shadows following me and darting away, pushing open doors, moving objects, I have plenty of rather scary experiences with shadows, but the white figures aren’t menacing, they’re more curious and respectful and seem more like they’re checking on me like a parent checks on their child at night when the child is sleeping. I’ve also been screened for schizophrenia and other disorders, but I found out I have seizures in my sleep and that wakes me up and can prevent me from sleeping at all, I think they may be products of a lack of sleep, but my friend has heard the same sound I was hearing when I was home alone through our phones and he was scared himself. My dog has also been reacting to these shadows as my 6 month old niece has been too. I’m not sure if they’re real since I’m the only one who can see them 99% of the time or if it is a serious mental health issue, even if my screenings for such disorders thankfully came back negative.

Answer by Energy Healing Soul
Hi there, I don’t have the full picture – but from what you’re saying – it sounds like you’re able to see the spirit world. Some people can see this, some people can’t – animals are generally more sensitive.

Building good energetic boundaries with the spirit realm is important for creating a healthy relationship with yourself and other realms. Then it becomes useful and stops being distressing.

Being tickled etc when you are asleep may be linked to the seizures. This is worth investigating as it sounds like it’s having a negative effect on you psychologically.

I hope this helps, Melanie.

Answer by Jonathan
Listen Dylan, you’re not mentally unstable, what you’re seeing is real. They’re spirits, to be specific, demons. Maybe you don’t believe in them, but if they didn’t exist, you and your friend wouldn’t have heard that strange sound. Demons are very dangerous. Speak to a pastor or missionary. They can help you get rid of the spirits from your house. Pastor have driven away demons before, and they can help you. Don’t kid yourself by trying to think there’s a reasonable explanation. What you just described, the mysterious touching, and the shadows following you or darting away are all characteristics of demons. And it will only get WORSE.

Do you have a Ouija board of tarot cards in your house? If so, GET RID OF THEM! Don’t let mediums or psychics into your house. Consult a God-fearing pastor who has dealt with spirits before. He will help you. Don’t wait though, do it now.

Be careful and good luck.

Answer by T T
Stay away from frauds and charlatans like ‘healers’ who spam discussion groups trying to get work.

You don’t need a ‘healer’ you need speak to someone who is actually trained to work with this.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever taken there cat to a pet psychic?

My cat has mental issues that the vet can’t explain.
am i a fool to pay $ 20 for the cat psychic to talk to her?

Answer by Starla
20 bucks is not that much. I’d do it just for fun.

Answer by pink
yes let the cat sought its own problems out.

Answer by ♥~*BB*~♥

Answer by MimicMolly
Yeah, I’d would like to see what the cat says about me…

Answer by suhohhfee
nope, i dont believe in that bs.

Answer by Hailey 🙂
lol $ 20 does not seem like a credible pet psychic.

Answer by chikaomiski
Not at all.

The mental issue are not for only humans now*

Answer by tigerspud
i took my cat to one but he wasnt very good..he just scratched his fleas so much he did nt really say much to my cat

Answer by Prophecy of Crazy Cat!
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Answer by SadharaSatguru

A fool?

If your doing it out of desperation – maybe.

If you doing it because you intuitively feel it is right – no.

There are no right & wrongs.


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