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@LovePsychicMary (Love Psychic Mary) tweeted the following :
I’m online, call me for a live psychic reading. #bitwine

Source : TwitterWhat people are saying on Twitter

@LovePsychicMary (Love Psychic Mary) tweeted the following :
I’m online, call me for a live psychic reading. #bitwine

Source : TwitterWhat people are saying on Twitter

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Live horoscope reading can be done fast on fortune tarot

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Psychic Medium Conducts Readings For Live Radio Callers

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do mediums live with their lies like lady from Long Island medium?

How could these so called “mediums” (those who think they can talk to the dead) live?

They know their lying about their “powers” and how come their ways aren’t exposed? Its obvious that its all fake and that they do cold readings instead.

How do you feel about this?

Answer by DarkNoMore
I believe in all that stuff. I don’t know why you are being so negative…

Answer by aspicco
Sorry. You’re wrong. I have been to accurate mediums, who gave me useful info that was on the mark.

Sure there are frauds. There are frauds in every business.

Sorry your personal experiences with mediums have been so poor.
You HAVE had personal experiences, right?
You’re not just talking out of your a**, right?

Answer by Baron Otto Matic
A million bucks is still waiting for the first proof of psychic ability, including astrology. Lies make money. If you don’t question, you deserve to be taken.

Answer by mamacita
“Your daddy wants to know where is the bee-bee gun.” he says in his broken, Vietnamese accent.

“What?” I reply. “He never had a bee-bee gun.”

“That’s what he says.” he states non-plussed by my disbelief.

Driving home, I tell my son that I thought that comment was very odd……..but “where is YOUR bee-bee gun, btw?” My son says that he doesn’t remember. When we get home, we look for his bee-bee gun, and what do you know?… is right next to the one and only thing that my father left for me, specifically – his ukelele.

so-called?……..I believe.

Some are lying, gutless, heartless, money grabbers; and there are others who are truly gifted spiritually. It is up to us to use discernment.

Answer by SaggiMC
I have no idea who this ‘lady from Long island’ is or has been in the news in your Country, but here in UK have no idea…..

So, if I use this analogy, maybe it will help.

everyone can drive a motor car, BUT not everyone can drive a Formula One car…

There are loads and loads of clairvoyants and mediums. All mediums (that give evidence of survival after death) are clairvoyant, but clairvoyants are not mediums.

good mediums go by reputations, lots work off the platform in Spiritualist Churches for which they are in every town in UK..

This is in the wrong section to, perhaps in future try social science forum.


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