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“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ” ~Wayne Dyer~: Consults/Readings Cecelia and The Team:~ ~

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“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.” Norman B. Rice: Book a Consult:~

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Know in your heart that all things are possible. We couldn’t conceive of a miracle if none had ever happened. L.Fudim:~

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do psychics/mediums live with themselves?

How can they go on living life when all they do is lie and take advantage of people who are in vulnerable situations like mourning the loss of a loved one?

Answer by Prometheus Unpantsed
I guess money assuages guilt.

Answer by Eug
they believe what they do is real.

Answer by blue chaos faeries fly pantless
Not all are like that.

Answer by vr63
The demons bring them comfort, along with the money they bilk out of the people.

Answer by Owldude
The money makes up for it. yay money it’s the best.

Answer by Rev. Iason Ouabache
A little from answer #1 and #2. They are usually True Believers who actually think that they have supernatural powers. The incentive of money keeps them from ever questioning their beliefs too closely.

Answer by crowster86
how do you know all psychics are fake?

Answer by Joe V.
lol I thought they didn’t live with them self’s. They have all kinds of little pet demon to chat with..

Your right it is a shame to advantage of people in their moments of need. they need compassion not to be swindled.

Answer by Sumar DiFontelli [Pants on Fire]
How do bishops/rabbis/imams live with themselves?

How can they go on living life when all they do is lie and take advantage of people who are in vulnerable situations like fearing their own death?

Edit: In all fairness…. believing in God (and so subsequently religion) is far far less irrational than believing that some Haitian beezy on the street corner can read your palm and tell you how to play the stock market.

However the means by which they assert control over their victims is the same. Same means, same effect, different enterprise.

Answer by Tag23
There’s a million and one scams and this is just one of them Sorry but as long as people are wiling to give them money their willing to take it. What do you need a house to fall on you? It’s a scam stop feeding them. Take your pick

Answer by Doubtful Morality
sleeping on a bed of money can help

Answer by Norah
they belive what they do is real. and you shouldn’t blame them. the people called them. and plus are you Psychic? how do you know what they are thinking. You don’t. so don’t judge.

Answer by Coqui Rabioso
They serve a purpose like organized religions or psychiatry. See, they tell the people what they want to hear. Someone has to do it and why not charge for it. It is service. It is like saying how dare morticians live with themselves by taking money from people on their moment of need. They believe that what they do is real and they are helping other people. Psychiatrists even prescribe you drugs to make you feel better and people lay their money at their feet.

Answer by Love Guru
no lols nt every psychic is like tht there r many real nd genuine psychics who hepl people whethr thy r distressd,happy or in problms
so nt all psychics r fake~

Answer by Coffeeplease
Some of these people probably think they are really helping people because they actually receive real messages…from demons impersonating lost loved ones. This type of communication is forbidden in the bible.

Answer by krazyabouthim
They follow an evil spirit and they think they have power. Evil will do these things and more. They know not what they do, they are ignorant of the truth and are being lead astray. They do not know any better, so living like that does not bother them. Evil has no mercy, whereas God does. Hope this helps.

Answer by Cher JPA
Many psychics have a gift. It can’t be activated on demand, so they get good at reading people & convincing themselves they are onto something. However, I’ve known people personally (I haven’t paid) that were “on” every time in ways that help people.

I know on psychic who asked for the gift to be taken away because she was feeling unsure if telling people things was doing them good. It did go away. Many years later she asked for it back & it came back, but she doesn’t take money.

Only a percent are slimy & manipulative. Most really do have some ablity, but over sell how well they can tap into it. I have met the slimy kind too — they don’t have souls. It’s in total contrast to the others that are usually more sensitive than most people.

So many are assuming they talk to dead spirits. A LOT don’t ! They help you figure out your path & what to concentrate on to work on healing yourself.

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