Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how do we know a PX ghost box is legit?

Question. If it works through electromagnetic feilds to contact a ghost, how do we know it isn’t the users own inner thoughts based on electric brain waves giving them a response?

Answer by alisiacara
good thought, my husband and I where just talking about peoples aura’s and EMF’s, but I wonder how many are just a catch in the radio station, and if it is just static, is it some other thing, you rarely get a definitive answer. (‘Did you kill them?’ ‘knife”)

Answer by terri
I run a paranormal investigation group and we have a px box and an Ovilus (Latest generation of the PX box) that we use occasionally.

The one MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to use with it is common sense. It seems that many things effect it and we would never base ANY investigation just on what one of them said, sometimes they seem to ramble on and on and sometimes the things they say make no sense. There are many times when what they say can be chalked up to coincidence, but, there have been a couple of times on occasion that the communication through the PX seemed far too intelligent to be a simple matter of coincidence.

99% of the time we dismiss what it has said unless there is other evidence to back it up but here are a few examples of things that we have found very interesting…

Jackson Prison, MI: We were in one area using an Ovilus and it was pretty quiet. A psychic in the room started to give a reading when the Ovilus said “Psychic bad for me.” (Full sentences almost never happen). When we got up to move to another area the Ovilus said “Goodbye”.

I.M.S.I. Gettysburg, PA: It was near the anniversary of the death of the father of one of our members when the Ovilus said his name and started to answer questions that only the father would know. I will not go into much detail as it was very personal for him but it was very accurate. The next morning we got a call from a friend of ours who is a Psychic who said she had seen his father was traveling with us.

Harrison MI: we were investigating an old bordello from the 1800’s and we noticed that there was no real staircase to the third floor. My husband went outside to look and the ovilus said “Hidden stairs”.
That was when he realized that the staircase had probably been outside but been burned down in a previous fire.

Remember though, you have to use common sense more than anything. We have used it to compare to other readings we take but you should never consider it like a “phone call from the other side”. It is effected my many things and the rambling proves it.

Use it and use your best judgement with it, if what it tells you cannot be a simple matter of coincidence and there are other circumstances backing it up then it is worth documenting.

I hope this was of some help and if you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them. You can contact me through our website at:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : has anyone had an accurate tarot reading?

has anyone had an accurate tarot reading, I’ve had some.

Answer by Alythedetective
I haven’t had a real tarot reading before, as in I’ve never had someone do one for me, but I found a good website called They have Horoscopes, Rune readings, I-Ching readings, a daily Oracle, and pretty accurate tarot readings, and much more. Although it is generated through the computer, I’ve had some really good tarot readings using the Mysticgames website. They have a lot of different spreads to choose from, as well as different tarot decks. My favorite deck is Mansions of the Moon tarot deck. Every morning I can’t leave the house until I’ve gotten my tarot reading(s) in for the day. I would love to have someone do a real tarot reading for me, but haven’t had the chance to find someone who can.

Answer by Jumpin’ Jinx
Yes…my granny could read tarot very accurately. She didn’t make a business of it or anything, but our family have always read cards for friends and other family members.

I can read also, but only do it for friends, sometimes at parties, and never for money. I have an ethical problem with taking money for a talent given by God.

Answer by CassysTarot
Despite the fact that I myself am a tarot reader, I have never had an accurate tarot reading. I’ve had four readings from tarot readers or self-proclaimed psychic/astrologers. They were all dead wrong. When I began my spiritual path, I quickly knew that I wanted to teach people how to intuit for themselves, more so than read for them. But in all these years, I have found that some tarot readers are not psychics. Furthermore, I’ve found that some tarot readers don’t even really know how to see the cards and read them correctly because they are only reading from rote memory. I try to teach people how to determine when a tarot reader is legit. One of the main ways is ego. Psychics want to help people. Egotists want the power trip. Scam artists never question themselves. They know exactly what they are doing and why. Whereas, there are times in every psychics journey where they will go, “What the hell? This is crazy. This can’t be happening.” Even if they believe in the spirit, the soul, the Divine, they are always questioning, because psychics need validation just like everyone else does. If you would like to know more about tarot and how to read for yourself, there are some helpful articles at

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has Your Psychic Reading Been Accurate?

I have had several psychic readings over the years. With two being fairly accurate and two being so accurate–telling me things I only know about myself and things coming true that they predicted. Just want to know others’ experiences or if you think it is hog-wash, feel free to post. Just thought it would be interesting.

Answer by (♀♊☉3D)(♌☾)(♒☊)(♊M)(♊♀)(♓♂)
No. I went for a Tarot Card reading from my friend’s mother. She already knew I was having problems with my boyfriend and all she could talk about was that. I could see in the cards, as I’m quite experienced with them myself, where my unborn child was and how it was effecting my lady card. Funny, she never said anything about that card, all she could go on about was me and my boyfriend – the information that she already knew. I do trust Tarot cards because if you shuffle a completely different set and place them over the original cards you’ll find that there are similarities if not the same card will appear on top.

There is no such thing as someone who is Psychic, because with the most minimal training and the right set of buzzwords, anyone can appear to be Psychic. You see, just by asking very general questions that would apply to most people, a person can appear to have inside knowledge about you. But you’re right, Psychics are lifesavers; they give you the confidence to live your life knowing you’re making the right choices. And, wow, they do all this for free? No, they charge you. Well, that’s weird. Why would you pay them to hear things you want to hear?

Answer by have to bury it!!!
ok for the answerer on top if “NO ONE” on this earth has psychic abilities then tell me, how do you explain some of them that claim they are knowing things about you when you were FIVE years old or things that happened in your past that you do not share….oh i am sure it is just a lucky guess right

you have to find the RIGHT people who are actually sincere about helping and there are plenty that do not charge you

Answer by Miss 6
I have gone to two psychics in my life. The first time I went I was 16 and a family friend said how amazing this one lady was and took me to see this psychic. I can tell you that I’m 31 years old now and NONE of it came true! NONE OF IT! She cost me like $ 75 dollars and it was not worth it at all!

Then when I was about 23/24 years old I was on my lunch break in the mall and this lady had a kiosk and did a reading for me for $ 15. EVERYTHING she said came to pass! She was amazing. She even gave me a rock and some incense to burn.
I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a psychic mainly because I read tarot cards and I have always had better outcomes with the cards than I do with psychics.

Answer by Misscpb

Its very real, however just like other professions in life – there are some good, accurate psychics and some not so good psychics who have difficulty interpreting/misinterpreting the information and then there are fake greedy negative pretend psychics.

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx


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