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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does Negrodamus use his psychic talents to gain wealth via the telephone and online?

I am Negrodamus. I am a natural psychic and put Miss Cleo to shame. I would like to use my talents to gain the green. How do I find a legit way to milk money from the masses for my profound wisdoms via the Internet and telephone?

Please no sarcasm or stupid answers. Negrodamus is the King of these and you must bow before him.

Answer by windsonged
Don’t your psychic powers tell you what we will answer? Why didn’t the voices tell you how to make money?

Answer by Ahmed
if you are a psychic you already know wut i am gonna say, dontcha?

Answer by Duh
Use your “Physic talents” to steal some dude’s wallet Mr. Negrodamus

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : To any psychics how did you develop your psychic powers?

I believe I have a little psychic ability, I have had dreams about people etc and they have come true the very next day. To those who are psychic or have interest in the matter, how did you increase these powers?

And please, no answers about James Randi, I do not care for self righteous old fools. You will not change my beliefs so please do not waste your time by answering.

Answer by C C
You opened the door:

If you’re psychic, you should already know the answers.

Answer by Jessi.0 ❤
when i was 5 i used to tell old people that if they gave me 5 dollars i would tell them their time of death

if they didnt die on time i killed them

Answer by Blood of Jesus saves
psychics go to hell for allowing demons to show them pictures, that is, unless they ask Jesus to forgive them all their sins. ask Jesus to forgive u. trust me. it’s that easy to get to heaven – just ask Jesus to forgive u ur sins and stop sinning.

Answer by Alison in Wonderland
Pay attention to how you feel in any given situation and reference it to what you actually know about the situation then relate similar situations together.

Answer by .
I read a book, I thought it was “too easy to be true” and low and behold it all worked; the psychometry, the telekinesis, the EPS. (I don’t do Medium work)

We all have intuitive ability. I hate the terminology “psychic” bc most psychics are scammers and they all would have you believe that they have superpowers.

Intuition is a science. Many of the things I can do haven’t yet been “proven” or “measured by science” nevertheless they are real.

I can’t recall the name of the book, it was in the 80’s but I recall it was a small pocket book. “How to develop ESP” sounds right. Google that, you’ll be able to read on Amazon pages.

Other than that I have worked with brain-mind technology for over 20 years. Mostly hypnosis CDs to program the mind to do whatever. I used hypnosis to program the skill of telekinesis. I really felt like I had superpowers when I had that skill. (It’s a use it or lose it: after I stopped using it, and I stopped doing daily hypnosis it went away, just like the weight loss effects from hypnosis tapes went away after 7 months but came back after 2 wks of listening to my tapes again).

I also used to practice TM daily (Transcendental Meditation). It’s not for everybody. But if you’re so incline research how to do that. Monks in Tibet/Nepal can do amazing feats such as “flying” (not really but they call their lengthy jumps that, it’s on youtube, search it) and changing the temperature of iced cloth put on their backs by doing meditation, you see the steam rising from their backs.

The mind is very powerful. That is where the “god” is. If you can alter your subconscious to believe then you shall do great things. The metaphysical teacher (also known as Jesus Christ) taught that when he said sthg like: “those things I do so can you do them too and even greater ones”. He was right. It’s all in your mind.

For those who disbelieve, I think it’s great: do not believe anything. Just go get hypnotized by a pro and you will see the things they have you do even tho you thought you could control it. Hypnosis is a science. Of course in primitive times people used that and called it “Spirits” or magic(k) or shamanism or voodoo spells. All of the above work. Prayer does too, sometimes. When you just believe. But some things are too far fetched to believe that you cancel your belief with your reason/logic/unbelief. Makes sense? 🙂

Two great books I highly recommend, they are both available online for free read (hosted, no downloads)

The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn
Three Magic Words by US Andersen
Loving Relationships by Sondra Ray is the basics on how the mind works. This is OOP but often found on ebay for mere pennies or at Metaphysical churches book sales.

Happy “psychic” experiences to you! =)

Answer by Giga Giga
youre not psychic, not even a little, no one is, end of story.


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