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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does Nina Kulagina move objects without touching them?

Nina Kulagina is a russian psychic who has the ability to psychically move things with her mind. I’m also what is known as a psychic, but my talents are scrying and remote viewing. I was just curious how she is able to move things with mind using psychokinesis. And isn’t Psychokinesis supposed to be fake?

Answer by Knightmaar
Have someone with a great degree of skepticism test your remote viewing. You might find that you’ve been tricking yourself.

I’ve watched some of the youtube videos with Nina’s name on them. Most of what I saw were cheap parlour tricks (using magnets or very discreetly blowing on things). Lo-res photography and camera tricks can explain the rest.

Outright lying about the controls on the tests is also possible. I have no idea of the character of those claiming to have tested her but there’s a lot of nonsense and deception in the field.

Answer by wushuboy001
There really isn’t much doubt about Nina Kulagina being a hoax. Even if you hadn’t seen the videos showing her doing really bad and obvious magic tricks, the circumstances of how she did them should be a clue. She would only do her tricks for journalists, in hotel rooms, and she had to set the tricks up before hand. Her abilities were only tested by scientists on her own payroll, she refused to have anyone else test her. So, no, Nina was not legit, she was a cold war hoax. You really have to be old enough to have lived a while during the cold war to understand why this stunt makes sense in light of the cold war.

Answer by Ron
Let my friend James Randi actually show you how telekinesis faked,

Remote viewing and other so called psychic powers are all covered by JR’s $ 1,000,000 challenge.

No one in the world has ever successfully won the challenge, most well known frauds like Nina Kulagina and Uri Geller have made such a good living from their hoaxes that they have always refused to perform in front of him.

Answer by martin
Don’t believe it until you see in done outside in bright sunlight. It can not be done.

Answer by Tunsa
I’m not sure where some of the people who have answered this question have gotten their information, but Nina Kulangina was a “psychic” working behind the Iron Curtain during the cold war. During that time, there was very little information coming out of the Soviet Union that was not highly controlled and edited before it was released. Also, the information that was released was usually released to have an effect on the US or other western powers. Because of this, any information that was gotten at that time should be considered suspect, whether it was information about the Soviet space program, the quality of the stores in Leningrad, or videos of strange phenomena.

The videos that you’ve seen were not shot by people on Nina Kulagina’s payroll, but actually they are videos shot by the Soviet government intelligence agencies. They were “leaked” to the west in the condition that you see them. They were grainy and unclear, likely because the technology of the time did not provide for portable filming in high definition. The angles and perspective that you are seeing are the result of what is likely an amateur photographer trying to capture what they are seeing before their eyes using low quality lighting and equipment.

Was it fake? There is absolutely no way to tell. The information that is available isn’t sufficient to stand up to scientific scrutiny, but the information is also insufficient to verify that she was performing slight of hand or some magic tricks. There just isn’t enough information to say definitively one way or another . These events occurred over 40 years ago. One additional note, just because something can be done via an illusion does not logically indicate that it cannot be done without an illusion. That’s faulty logic.

Now, on to your question of “how did she do this”? There is little information about the mechanisms behind psychokinesis, but there is continuing research going on to try to explain anomalous events that seem to demonstrate a mind/matter connection. Keep up with the current research in parapsychology and you may get some additional information to help answer your question in another year or so… Some people have suggested that this type of activity may be related in some way to entangled particles that are being studied in quantum physics. Currently, there is just no way to tell.

Answer by Mads
Every human beings may have special talent and differs from others.
Psychokinesis is no fake. Mind over matters is real and it is proven in research laboratories.
One of Kulagina most celebrated experiments took place in a Leningrad laboratory on 10 March 1970. Having initially studied the ability to move inanimate objects, scientists were curious to see if Nina’s abilities extended to cells, tissues, and organs. Sergeyev was one of many scientists present when Nina attempted to use her energy to stop the beating of a frog’s heart floating in solution. He said that she focused intently on the heart and apparently made it beat faster, then slower, and using extreme intent of thought, stopped it.
According to reports from the Soviet Union, forty scientists, two of whom were Nobel laureates, studied Kulagina. In Investigating Psychics, Larry Kettlekamp reports that Mikhailova was filmed separating broken eggs that had been submerged in water, moving apart the whites and yolks, during which event such physical changes were recorded as accelerated and altered heartbeat, brain waves and electromagnetic field. To ensure that external electromagnetic impulses did not interfere, she was placed inside of a metal cage while she supposedly demonstrated an ability to remove a marked matchstick from a pile of matchsticks under a glass dome

Answer by PhenomInvestigator
Kulagina was tested by Russian and American parapsychologists back in the 1960s and 1970s. While she had some interesting idiosyncracies, she also appeared to have some real talents. It is notable that the effects she produced were really quite minor compared to the amount of exertion she seemed to evidence during trials.

Other more recently studied subjects have produced far more interesting phenomena with far less phsyical and emotional effort.

More recent research by parapsychologists like Dr. William G. Roll, Dr. James Carpenter, Dr. Andrew Nichol and Dr. Barry Taff all show that psychokinesis (PK) is quite real. It has been observed in the field and, more importantly, these subjects have been brought into the laboratory and studied under controlled conditions.

While it is true that some magicians were able to fool a few parapsychologists in the early days of this testing, today controls exists which preclude these things. And parapsychologists have caught subjects trying to cheat in PK tests over the years. So the notion that the tests are invalid because the effects can be simulated by performers is simply no longer true.

True PK can be done either locally or at a distance, and can be either spontaneous or intentional in nature.

No one knows for sure what PK truly is. However the laboratory phenomena strongly suggest that something is wrong in classical physics. Theoretical physicsts who have tried to explain the phenomena have found no clear answers to date. It is quite likely that the problem lies with what is believed to be physical reality. We are bound by our abilities to observe the world reliably. Anything which happens on a less-reliable basis would not be unknown to science and would therefore elude description and analysis. This may be why scientists have not been able to explain PK, which in many other ways seems to suggest that the phenomena classical in nature.

Answer by Engr. Ronald
She uses invisible thread that the object is attach to his dress.
And also there is a magnet inside her chest so scientist won’t notice that she is not fooling them..

Answer by Guardian
If you are a psychic( which i am not disputing) then you should know its all in the state of mind there in.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why has anti-foundationalist discourse captured the imagination of so many philosophers?

Why is so much counter-Enlightenment thinking in the academy when common-sense dictates we live in a material reality? What do we lose by giving up our materialist conception of the world?

Answer by Exousia Skotos
Philosophers provide the world with nothing more, nothing less, than nothing at all with their endless contradicting, nontraditional logic.

You’re last two question can be answered with this question:

In a world made of nothing more, nothing less, than nothing at all, what can it gain, by losing nothing?

Answer by Gee
The Anti-Philosophy rhetoric that spews from many that do not comprehend the simple truth of the ‘Awareness/Perception’ posit is proof of the value of Philosophy. The human capacity to refute, reject and dismiss that which they do not comprehend is staggering. It is not a matter of ‘counter-enlightenment’, but rather the deconstruction of perceptive filters.

Answer by j153e
We live in a sensorium.

That sensorium informs us there are no ultraviolet colorings in flowers.

That sensorium is not describing the “material reality” of a honeybee.

Similarly, our sensorium gives us to believe “common-sense” “material reality” is solid; our physics experiments indicates quite a different “material reality.” In that reality, no matter, all energy, save for 3% quarks, in an atom.

Wittgenstein, Husserl, and Whitehead comprise the major philosophers of 20th century science, with Popper a fourth.
W, H, & W all note the “common-sense” “material reality” as much less than their awareness.

Wittgenstein noted that either philosophy incorporates and interprets scientific items, or it is subsumed. He preferred the former approach.

“Common-sense material reality” is naive realism, and simply does not stand up even under Humean critique. It is a straw-man argument to oppose “counter-Enlightenment thinking” to e.g. Cartesian and Spinozan notions.

Rather, modern science notes e.g. energy variance (in HZ, per emg) among “material reality mentators,” people with healing abilities, psychics, and the like (psychologist V. Hunt, UCLA).

Asking a crystal to understand photosynthesis is not doable; similarly, asking a materialist in beta wave mode to understand high gamma wave cognition is not doable. The beta wave has to follow protocols, e.g. the Tibetan insight meditation, be certified per eeg as being competent in the gamma wave state-specificity, then begin a philosophic analysis.

Kindly try checking as to some of the basic progress made since the Cartesian separation of spirit and matter.

“Capturing the imagination” begs the question. In fact, realizing scientific data beyond mechanical Newtonian schema is the step forward.

On the one erring side, we have woo-woo “quantum this, quantum that,” and on the other erring side, we have reductionistic beta state types denying reliable psi events, SU(2) and Jahn-Mayer models, and other areas.

Why not take the perception out of the 5-sense material sand and relate to 20th century physics and psychology, and spirituality, in ways which both note the genuine data, and reject the spurious claims, both of woo-woo, and reductionist materialists?

The latter psychologism is akin to a matter-manipulating power game, in which the more skilled bean-counters rule the soullles academic roost. That type of transhumanist physicalism is related to western eco-abuse and exploitation, in which, as extreme example, the inner sense, its feelings and intuitions, is ignored, and a childish reveling in sterile scientism obtains its plastic, synthetic, inauthentic existence.

Husserl’s Pure Ego and Rays of Light illumine the soulless darkness, but few scientists, as Kant noted, are willing to work to learn to move e.g. in high gamma wave states.

Dr. Kekule’s (in)famous dream re benzene structure was infamous precisely because it was a dream, an intuition, and he suffered from feckless super-orthodox scientists (the kind who famously announced in the late 1800s, in their naive Enlightenment manner, “no new physics” of any consequence was ever again to be done), who denounced his emotion and inner life, even as they were unable to progress without his insight.

Apologies for going on about this, but the progress is slow, and the errors in both woo-woo and reductionism are simply typical of how “science” has in past eras developed.

kind regards,


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How large a fund will you need when you retire in 25 years to provide?

You plan to retire in exactly 25 years. Your goal is to create a fund that will allow you to receive $ 55,000 at the end of each year for the 30 years between retirement and death (a psychic told you would die exactly 30 years after you retire). You know that you will be able to earn 11% per year during the 30-year retirement period.

Answer by falsi fiable
You will require savings equivalent to roughly 15 to 20 times your gross annual income in order to retire at 60 (about $ 1.2 million). That should cover living expenses and medical care, as well as give you money to travel if you are still up for that.

By savings, that includes money in the bank or a retirement/pension fund.

If this is a homework assignment, feel free to use your NPV formula.

Answer by 2WD
I want to know where you’re getting the 11% per year? Then I’ll tell you which fund to invest in.


Answer by James Greg
If what your psychic has predicted about your death is really true then I suggest you never retire and live an immortal life. And as for 11% you would have to invest $ 5,00,000 to receive $ 55,000 annually and that I guess would be able to support you after retirement.

Answer by Chris C
Well, 11%/yr is pretty darn high, but using basic algebra:
  n * 11% = $ 55,000, solve for n
     n * 11% / 11% = $ 55,000 / 11% (divide by 11%, what you do to one side you do to the other)
     n = $ 55,000 / 11%
  $ 55,000 / 11% = $ 55,000 / 0.11 = $ 500,000

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