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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does one promote a psychic medium? What opportunities are out there to do this God given work and serve.?

Are there any places in the USA that would sponsor and support an excellent psychic medium? If anyone knows of an opportunity to serve? Travel is OK.

Answer by Pandora Rockefella
A” psychic medium “is of Satan, and has its place in the lake of fire.
No kidding around about it in the Revelation is right up there with the liars even!!

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Being psychic isn’t God given it is a natural ability, due to having a spiritual body. Psychics are not chosen people.

You may find that starting to look at Spiritualist groups/churches & other such places may get you noticed.

Meditate as your guides what your next course of action should be with this & even if it is relevant for you at present. They know what you need & it will arrive when it is meant to.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the name of the psychic/medium that scratches fast on a paper while communicating …?

I saw a TV show a very long time ago where a psychic was introduced to people that he never met before and he was giving them messages from their departed loved ones. He would wave his hand with a pen over a piece of paper as if scratching very fast while saying messages he claimed he was receiving from teh spiritual workd. He told some people very intimate secrets and very specific events. I’m thinking his name was Richardson or something like that but cannot recall at all. Did a search and couldn’t find him. Did anyone happen to catch that show and know who that is?

Answer by L
I think you are thinking about automatic writers.

Answer by psiexploration
I know that George Anderson does that during readings I am not sure about other mediums. He claims that helps him focus.


Answer by Ernest Onyije
Never hard of that before never the less I don’t think he still exist

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