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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does psychic ability work?

Stuff like ESP and what not. The Christians say it works through demons. If they’re right, then you definitely want to stay away.

You think ESP works through the spirit world, supernatural forces? Or can it be explained by science? If it can, then how???

I know psychics are real. They may not be common, but there has been at least a handful throughout history.

ESP is completely unexplainable by mainstream science. How can a brain receive information that is imperceptible to the senses? How can a brain receive information about the future? Can quantum physics explain it?

If not, then wouldn’t the Christians be right? Wouldn’t psychics be proof of supernatural entities?

Answer by eri
In order to try to explain it using science, first we’d have to establish that it exists at all. And that’s never been done. No, psychics aren’t real. They’re all frauds. There are millions of dollars in prize money and a Nobel Prize for anyone who could show they have ESP or psychic powers. No one ever has – not ever.

Answer by Jenny
Psychics take in the energy around them and interpret it, whether they visually see it in their mind or feel it. They can only interpret things that have already happened(the past), not things that are going to happen(the future). The future is not absolute (the future is not set in stone and changes as events cause it to change), therefore no person can say exactly what will happen. When someone predicts the future or sees into the future, they are using the events that have happened now to interpret what the future will be. Sometimes they can be exactly right, sometimes slightly right and sometimes not even close. There is really no psychic ability involved in it. There are also people who can sense other peoples energy to interpret their mood and even sometimes different things about their lives. Its all about being able to read the energy around you.

Entities do have the ability to help peoples psychic abilities. Basically, amplifying the psychics ability to interpret the energy, but entities are not causing the psychics abilities, they are only amplifying it. Psychics being sensitive to the energy around them makes them much more vulnerable to high levels of negative paranormal activity.

Hope i helped. If you have anymore questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Answer by clcalifornia
I have ESP, I am empathic, and sensitive. I have paranormal experiences. I am also a Christian.
I was told by a pastor that there is a thin veil between the spiritual and physical worlds and some people just cross the line briefly occasionally.

If Quantum physics could explain things, it would of already.

I strongly believe that Science proves God and God proves Science. Without a higher power the random activity of the universe wouldn’t be as peaceful as it is. Without the fine balance between hydrogen, oxygen and carbon the planet would explode.

There are many things that Science can explain. If you think about it, us humans haven’t had all that long of a time even knowing that the earth is round. People used to be killed if they thought the earth was round and not flat.

The more we know the more we don’t know.

Answer by Psychic_Yogini
No stop calling them posers Christians, Judging people and being Bigots and using the good book as a weapon to be stupid to other people is NOT the Christian way.

I’m a born Psychic- Intuitive and I am a Christian woman. I know I am surrounded by God’s light and he have never left my side sense the day I was born. We are all born with a sixth sense it as you grow older you start listening to those around you and break the connection to your higher self. Your higher self was that direct connection that you had with God.

Please don’t refer to us as a species of our own we are just as a human- being as you are but just more connected to our being.

Have you ever heard a mother say ” A Mother Knows” ? It’s a connection a intuitive connection a Mother grew to have with her child. That feeling when she knows that something is wrong and send her running. When she saves her child and someone asked ” How did you know?” It’s called a Mother’s intuition. It’s a connection of energy but the bond is stronger with Mom’s because of the need to protect and the unconditional love she has for her child. It is a gift from God.

Look at it this way. There is not a machine to prove God is real but we as Christians pray to our father because through love out father makes his presence known.

Answer by Dee Dee
clcalifornia, If I can give you thumbs up, I would (not at level 2 pft) anyway, with that said, I am also empathic, I am highly sensitive. I struggled to understand how it works, but my life kinda went in turmoil trying, so now, I just embrace this gift and use it to help others..and my life is running alot smoother and experiences are coming more clear to me……

highly sensitive soul – a person of deep empathy and high intensity, with powerful intuition, awareness, and intelligence.

Answer by .
Well I have ESP but I admit I don’t really know why. People and animals give off energy which I can interpret/convert. I am an empath but i do get visions sometimes. Idk why my senses are just highly developed. Maybe I should have my body donated to medical science when I die so people can try to establish what makes people like me “different.” Happy to help.

Answer by Spirit World Messages

Unseen energy & higher frequencies.

Take Care
Spirit World Messages

Answer by J. Douglas Wolfe
>>…You think ESP works through the spirit world, supernatural forces? Or can it be explained by science? If it can, then how???…>>>

Psychic ability and other paranormal phenomena have been subjected to intensive and repeated scientific tests. In all cases, the results were no better than chance.

That means only that ESP is not subject to scientific explanation. Doesn’t prove or disprove anything.

Answer by susan
The answer is complex to this, yet very simple. Complex because it is not from mainstream thinking, but rather the way of knowing of the indigenous people for thousands of years. Scientists who study physics are just now beginning to comprehend what the indigenous people have always known and lived by.

In the spirit world, there is no time. You simply are in whatever place of time to which you pay attention. Quantum physics does explain this somewhat. But it is not with the brain, which receives and processes information from the five senses. Rather it is with our spiritual heart or soul.

To use as an example, you know that in the room where you are there are literally hundreds of radio and TV shows, you just need a receiver to tune into one of them, even though you cannot see them. Each of us (every last one of us) has a soul which is connected to the spirit world, which means it is connected to ALL things. We connect with that soul through our spiritual heart, not our mind. All those who make the connection know that once the mind kicks in and starts to question, doubt, etc, the link is pretty much gone.

I have explained this a little more, about the differences between the academic and intuitive approaches to gaining knowledge, on

It does not really matter whether one believes in this or not. Those who experience it know it is real and requires much discipline from us. Those of us who refuse simply miss out on a much richer life. All that really matters is that we are kind to one another.

One more thing, scientists have measured the brain waves of medicine people and found they easily go into a theta state while awake. Most people cannot do this.

Answer by ♰♥ßink§♥♰ ♥ ♰Ƭrue ßlood♰
We all only use a small part of our brains and are yet to use or even know how to use the rest of our brains. I believe that the other part of our brain that we are yet to use is responsible for our six senses etc and may even allow us to do more. Look at Autistic people, they can do amazing things that we ordinary people can’t do and that i think is because they have access to new areas of the brain that we don’t that allows them to have extra heighten senses and do amazing things. I have an autistic child and it’s like her normal part of the brain that we all use is broken but she has use to other parts of the brain that we don’t. That’s my theory anyway.

Answer by Kevin7
Science says E.S.P has no validity to it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you know if you have psychic ability?

I have believed for some time that I may have some form of clairvoyance, however I am not entirely sure. This has happened many times, but usually not more than 5 times a week, that I feel something is about to happen and then it does, and another times I feel like the moment I am living in is familiar, as if I dreamed it before–even though I don’t recall dreaming it.


Answer by “Ghost seeker”
Here are a couple of sites that will give you tests on your abilities.
You can also google it.
Or you can get your own flash cards & have someone help you with them.

Answer by Haunting You
Easy. The answer is always “you don’t”.

Answer by John S
Sound like a strong possibility. You need to work on focusing your skills to be sure. See if you can get a good read of someone you know, if you can see something not known to you about them.

Answer by leviticus_squid
Feeling like you have lived the moment before is called deja vu and is quite common and not supernatural.

So what sort of things have you predicted will happen, everyday occurrences like someone telephoning you or a song coming on the radio? Or something utterly amazing and completely unexpected like a disaster or assassination?
And what about all those things you thought about that never happened?

True psychic ability has never been proved no matter what people who like to think of themselves as ‘gifted’ choose to believe.

Answer by Deenie
If I were you…if I could go back and do it over again…I’d “Just say NO!”. When something starts to happen to you…don’t “look” for it to come up in the future. If it does…just “let it go”. If you play around with it…you could start thinking that every thing you think…esp. the bad things…are going to happen. That will wear you down and maybe drive you over the brink. If you are getting glimpses into the future that will help you change something bad that might happen…that might be different. But, usually you can’t stop these things from happening. You’ll just be worrying about the possibility of them happening for nothing. If you go around telling people that these bad things are going to happen…they’ll think you’re nuts. Try to think what YOU would think if somebody told YOU these things. You’d probably think they were weird. Think of yourself and your family first. Being psychic is not more important than your own life. It could also just end up being an ego trip.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Carax

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Answer by Jack L
Allot of us have a tendency to automatically put meaning to meaningless things but, that’s not to say you don’t. I would do what Ghost Seeker reccommended.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My roommate claims to be psychic and she said an earthquake is coming?

my roomate has predicted things before that have end up happening (she predicted war in libya, she predicted egyptian revolution) , i live in california in venice beach, she left and moved to kansas because she said that an earthquake is coming next month that will destroy most of southern california and send the whole state into a frenzy. she already left and headed to kansas and i was wondering if i should leave too ?

Answer by emberfly
Oh my god. She must be right! You better hurry! go go go go go!

Answer by jules19
LOOOL yes by all means move 🙂 if an earthquake happens there i will be VERY impressed and probably convinced:) cool friend you have there

Answer by Cameron Alexsanderr
Well she could be right. You could stay there and find out.

Answer by iiTrueChick
Rofl . Just go ( – : I wouldnt stay there , ANYWAY’S , If you have seen the news after what had happened to japan , they say california is next anytime soon , I think a big earthquake happens like every 200 years ? & its been around 175 years now ….
Im not sure though about the years though …..

Read this :

Answer by eri
There are hundreds of earthquakes every single day. If she wants credit for predicting it, she’s going to have to be very specific. No one has ever successfully predicted an earthquake (or pretty much anything else).

Answer by Terah Yonan
Omg I live in LA too D:

Answer by Reveron
Ugh i would leave for a little while lol

I mean japan just had an earthquake and a tsunami
california is not that far off

Answer by susan
She clearly believes it. If you choose to stay, keep a close eye on the animals. Wild animals will leave the area altogether, including the birds, and pets will get very agitated a few days before.

Knowing this is why the indigenous people did not drown with the tsunami in Asia a few years back. When the animals headed for higher ground, so did they. Animals are a good predictor of any major weather system.

Answer by Garrett
Well i live in Venice too. and honestly, i think i’d rather die in an earth quake than live in Kansas

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