Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How Does the Online Psychic Do It?

I was on this online psychic website (, and it gave you this free card game where it had like six cards, and you have to envision one in your mind, and when you do that, the psychic will see (somehow) what card you thought of and remove it. How does this work? How does this lady who has never seen me and is just doing this free thing online possibly know which card I thought of everytime?

Answer by Auroch
A “Psychic” is just a fraud…. you can learn the business quite easily. You do what’s called a “cold read” where you just parrot back to the person what you can glean from him. This gives a person (a sort of stupid person in this case) the idea that his “mind is being read”.

Answer by Anne
It’s fake. All the cards in the original thing are gone in the second round. That way, no matter what card you picked, there’s a guarantee that it will be removed in the second round.

These are the cards it showed me in the first round: red king of hearts, black jack of clubs, black king of spades, red queen of diamonds, black queen of spades, red jack of diamonds.

Then they remove the card you picked.

These are the remaining cards (the cards in the second round): black queen of clubs, red king of diamonds, red queen of hearts, black king of clubs, red jack of hearts.

None of the cards in the first round are in this second round. So there you go, it’s fake. If you don’t believe me, write down the cards they show you in the first round and then check if any of those cards are in the second round.

Answer by The Whistling Gypsy
There are no psychics, online or otherwise. The scam involves tricks that are usually fairly simple. The reply from Anne has it right.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Online Psychic Readings that allow payment by debit and can serve under 18?

Are there any psychics out there that will accept payment by debit and half the sites I go to only allow people over 18 to call, so would they be able to help out a 15 year old girl? If all else fails, are there any psychics that will do readings for free? please help!

Answer by no name
you must be 18 and older . or if you got a credit card .

Answer by JohnG
A free reading is the best way to go, but I have yet to find any legitimate sites that will allow someone under 18 to take advantage of the free offers.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : absolutely free online psychic readings?

are there any online psychics that are absolutely free of charge that are actually honest?

Answer by shampoo
i think they just tell you bunch of crap .

Answer by lala
No there no free psychic online ; and they are just there for money ; so do not fall in their trap

Answer by Miss Zoe
I am a psychic
I am online
I charge no money
I am, actually, honest.

If you email me ( by clicking on my head) your honest question, be sure to include the URL of this page where you asked this question so that i can respond here.

I will answer your question if i choose to.
I know my abilities and i am not here to earn points.


Answer by Angela
Caity, beware of free online psychic reading sites. You get what you pay for…

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