Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how is palmistry able to give such accurate predictions ?

what is the science behind it

Answer by compugeek66
There is no science behind it. It’s no more accurate than any other “fortune telling” beyond selective memory and the customer’s desire to believe.

Answer by arodero2004
I wish you are a Christian and a bible believer. We have been constantly warned not to indulge ourselves with queer things such as palmistry. If palmistry is ever accurate then all the crimes would have been prevented or solved, wouldn’t they? The science behind it? Palmistry, I would guess, is one form of Satanism.

Answer by raydardy
From Wikipedia:
“The practice of chiromancy [palmistry] is regarded by many as a pseudoscience, and no hard scientific evidence has been found to back up claims of veracity. It should be noted that the information outlined below is representative of modern palmistry; there are many – often conflicting – interpretations of various lines and palmar features across various “schools” of palmistry. None of these interpretations have been verified by any objective scientific research.”

One technique used by palm readers but also used bysalespeople, interrogators, church pastors, hypnotists, psychics, graphologists, palmists, astrologers, and con men is called “cold reading,” which, generally speaking, refers to any technique with which the interviewer finds information from the interviewee without any prior knowledge.
More specifically, it refers to a handful of techniques (such as “shotgunning”) that usually involve the interviewer tossing out several general facts or questions to see what elicits a reaction and getting more specific from that point on.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate is a psychic reading?

Answer by Cool Guy
100% accurate.

Answer by lala
If the person as some REAL psychic abilities ; the reading would be very good ; but if its someone who declares herself / himself psychic ; the reading would be a disaster

Answer by Lin
With a proper psychic it can be very accurate although timelines can change – a time prediction can change widely depending on the choices made by the person being read, and also any other variable involved can change the predicted outcome. A psychic picks up on the most probable outcome but the future is not set in stone.

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What are your thoughts on Nostradamus, you know, the guy who was on History channel all last week, well what do you think of him? Is he a time traveler? Psychic or just Psycho? Why? I’ve been really into this guy lately for no apparent reason, but I’d like to know what other people think of him and his so far pretty accurate predictions.

Answer by eri
He made up a bunch of stuff and people are still falling for it thousands of years later. Every single time someone predicts the end of the world (and that happens a lot) they claim Nostradamus backs them up. Funny how people would keep making that claim even after he’d been wrong hundreds of times. His ‘prophecies’ are so vague that they only appear to make sense ‘after the fact’ when someone interprets them to mean whatever they want.

Answer by Pikachu
i believe he was psychic

Answer by Leviticus
Because his prophesies aren’t in any particular order and are so vague people can grab one and interperet them to mean petty well anything.

Plus people lately have been making up extra ones which Nostradamus didn’t even write.

This dude is definately ‘for entertainment purposes only’.

Answer by Deenie
Sometimes I wonder if predicting something makes it happen. Sometimes I wish no one had ever had any prophecies or predictions. What good has it done any of us except to make us stress out more. Have you ever read any good prophecies? Makes you wonder where they come from. They should also tell us how to change it if it’s something bad. What’s the purpose of them? Besides.. you never know if they’re true or not till they happen. I guess because a lot of his predictions came true…people believe anything he said was true. I don’t think anyone can be right all the time. Well… God is.. I mean earthlings. Even if a spirit tells them..they could misunderstand and get it wrong.. or it could be changed in translations.

Answer by Witchy Mel
It was different times back then, it’s hard to say if Nostradamus was really psychic or not. When he was alive, it was really important for him to please people in power. By being poetic, cryptic and vague with his premonitions, he was able to keep his life while still appearing to give real predictions.

My psychic vibe tells me that he was the real deal but not a lot of people got to see that part of him. They saw the show he put on instead.

Answer by Carey
i have some faith. but not in the tv bs

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
See the link for more info. Michel Nostradamus was a 16th-century French physician and astrologer. His modern followers see him as a prophet. His prophecies have a magical quality for those who study them: They are muddled and obscure before the predicted event, but become crystal clear after the event has occurred.

James Randi’s book “The Mask of Nostradamus” is a

Answer by Michael
he spoke in generalities that anyone could interpret to mean almost anything.

Answer by daddeo01905
He is interesting, but I don’t read too much in to his predictions.

Answer by nlps_kat
I think that he was just a man who wrote a bunch of poems that have been over-investigated. Its a lot like horoscopes, vague information that can mean just about anything. Enough time has past since his writings that when you look back in history, you are bound to find similarities between the events and his “predictions”. You also have to take into account that the translators are trying very hard to find those similarities. Many of his verses don’t say what they have been translated to. If you read the original scrips without the re-wording, you will see that.

Answer by drew
It’s easy to look at his predictions and see how they fit things that have already happened, but that’s what’s commonly called “retrofitting” and it doesn’t prove that he predicted anything.

What you really need to do is look at a prediction of his that has not yet come true, determine what exactly it predicts will happen, and then see if it does in fact happen. Every time I’ve seen people attempt to do this, the prediction does not come true, so I have not yet been convinced. Of course, I’m always open to new data, but so far he hasn’t succeeded once.

Answer by Angela
I must agree with most of the others he spoke in such vague terms that it could be interpreted in many many ways

Answer by joesmart8699
At a time when the burning of any person saying the things he said was likely, no one dared to harm him. His biggest tragedy was in not saving his wife and daughter from the plague, he was off beating it someplace else. He started getting his dreams from the other side at this time. Mother Shipton is another of my favs, but she was burned alive for her utterances.

Answer by The Booger Man
I used to be kind of into Nostradamus too when I was younger. I remember watching The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (a 1981 documentary hosted by Orson Welles) all the time back in the day and I even read a bit about him (Nostradamus).

But… the fact is that his writings are so cryptic that you can pretty much interpret what you want from them. And just like with any other reputed psychic, believers remember the hits but tend to ignore all the misses.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with bit of fun (I like reading about or watching documentaries about reputed paranormal abilities or events as the next guy), but I can’t really take any of it seriously without proof.

Check out this article for more information:

Answer by Transalta

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic predictions

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