Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How many times did Sylvia Browne make predictions that did not come true? Anybody know?

Answer by Jim
She talks in general terms and can talk any answer into being correct. Other wise it’s ok and she is level headed.

Answer by morgan94118
I’ve seen her on Montel Williams show many many times. I will take a guess that she’s accurate maybe 10% of the time and that’s not a result of her psychic skills but just odds.

Many psychics are simply good at reading people, picking up their mood and feelings from the tone of their voice (i.e., whether they need an emotional response or an more intellectual, factual response). Also the questions and situations that she’s asked cannot be verified so Browne is home free – she can give any ‘answer’ and usually it will taken because the person asking just wants to hear anything.

I’ve very good at reading people and believe I could play the role of psychic to a certain extent.

I’ve heard through another energy worker on the radio say she charges and people pay her $ 500 (!) and hour…or maybe it was 1/2 hour. Not a bad job to get into.

Answer by Ali
I will always remember one specific thing she said that was wrong and I will always remember it. She said that John John (JFK Jr) would be President in 2008.. The only way she will be right is if he comes from the grave and people vote for him.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why didn’t any psychics predict the China earthquake or the Burma typhoon?

So many lives could have been saved… if only psychics cared about others…

Answer by xXChild Of The NightXx
they’re fakes the they say crap that never happens and that was one of them

Answer by Incognito
Odd that you should mention it. I remember reading somewhere (I’d source it, but I’m too lazy to start pouring over a bunch of books) that the Chinese government has an official psychic research and development program. What they’re trying to do is use it for spying, not for predicting disasters. They and others believe that PSI phenomena most frequently occur in real time. Too bad because psychics could get lucky and get a glimpse of some lottery numbers or horse race, or maybe even catch a glimpse of a disaster.

But what if you knew there was going to be a disaster? Would the TV stations put you on the air? Would the governments act on your word? Are you supposed to go running down the street shouting a warning? Maybe the tabloids or cheesy talk shows would publicize it, but it could be too late by then. Besides, that sort of publicity doesn’t always mobilize beneficial action. The only real option is to keep away from the site and say forgetaboutit!

Answer by Lizzie
More often than not, because of all the fake psychics out there, those who are TRUE psychics can’t get anyone to listen when we say things like earthquakes, floods, whatever, will happen. Besides, if you could go back in time, taking what you know now, and tell the leaders of China and Burma that there will be a natural disaster, would they listen? They’re too busy running their countries to pay attention to the “crazy notions” of psychics.

Just remember, that there was a book written about a ship called “Futility, The Wreck of the Titan”, written by Morgan Robertson, years before the Titanic went down. The Titan went down after colliding with an iceberg, close to the same number of people died . . . and no one noticed? Makes on one wonder . . .

Psychics do care about others, but there’s something called free will. If a psychic told you that you would die in a car crash tomorrow, would you still drive? There’s often nothing a psychic can do to help people. Gifts like that don’t make life easier: in fact, they make it harder, and it still hurts when someone doesn’t listen and people die.

Answer by wushuboy001
Many of us actually did, we were just keeping it secret until after the fact. Next week we will release our predictions about the earthquake in China.
Its a psychic thing. It keeps people guessing.

Answer by Deep_Sinatra
My mother- who was a psychic- predicted the 1967 Caracas earthquake exactly a week before it happened. What do you think my father said? Stop drinking, honey! She cried, begged, tried to explain him how she”saw” clearly when the pavement of the streets started opening under the people’s feet, how she “heard” the desperate shouts of hundreds while everything -buildings, towers, highways- collapsed in seconds and the sudden explotion of fires as well… my dad didn’t believe her, couldn’t believe her simple because he was an intelligent, rational man…he laughed at her also. WOULD POLITICIANS BEHAVE DIFFERENT? The earthquake lasted 40 seconds, enough to destroy half Caracas. We escaped and lived in our car for 4 days; almost all my family friends died, my neighbors and the other children I used to play with.. Fortunately my mum was prepared for it, and could, therefore, manage her own panic… no, psychics are not necessarily fakers.

Answer by Mr.Nice Guy
Because it doesn’t work that way.Never mind claims of predictions are coming in right now.

Answer by Mycroft
So that is your perception? Stick in a quarter and get a prediction? All it would take if the psychics would care?

Such a childish example I haven’t heard in a while.

So the psychic announces there is going to be a huge typhoon and over a hundred thousand people are going to perish.

Then what? Who are you going to tell? What are you going to do? Someone like you is going to come along and laugh it off anyways.

In the paranormal field we have had many serious discussions about such things. I personally have known weeks in advance that a village was going to be destroyed. There isn’t a blessed thing I could do about it. I put the information into a forum where I knew the government would pick it up. Nothing changed the village was destroyed.

You can’t have it both ways, point the finger at psychics because they’re off their rocker and at the same time blame them for not saving your but.. how typical.

Answer by tekno_alan
Forget the psychics, even the current infantile state of our science and technology can map the whole world for likely geological faults, the earthquake history of every region, and extrapolate the likely event of earthquakes in near and distant future.

. . . and what do governments do about it ?

It only costs a few hundred dollars per house to fit an interior light weight steel frame in at least 1 room to save many lives in the event of likely earthquakes in known hazard zones !

Governments would rather spend Trillions of dollars on war and further killing and maiming all life forms.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
lol what a daft question!

How do you know that they didnt?

Imagine a psychic seeing such an event – just who would they tell? Who would beleive them?


Answer by T R
This is a question that should be asked anytime a major event happens where actual psychic powers could have saved lives. Top reasons I’ve heard for why psychics ALWAYS fail to predict any event:

1. It doesn’t work that way
2. I did predict it, but no one would believe me anyway, so I didn’t tell anyone
3. I did predict it, but no one listened to me.
4. I told you, it just doesn’t work that way!
5. Free will — if a psychic tells you your future, you can change it so it doesn’t happen (so typhoons and earthquakes have free will too? hmmm)
6. I did predict it, but there isn’t any way for me to get the message out.
7. Psychics aren’t 100% accurate (okay, but if you have psychic powers, I’d expect something besides complete failure 100% of the time)
8. We’re not vending machines! IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!
9. We’re tired of being insulted so we refuse to help.

Most of the excuses above are done away with through the various psychic prediction registries there are on the internet. It would be very easy to register your prediction before the fact, then afterward get credit for it. Once you do that a few times with major events, you’re going to start creating a lot of buzz and attention for yourself and people will start taking you seriously. But I checked all the prediction registries I could find and nobody predicted either the China earthquake or the Burmese typhoon. There was no shortage of predictions of California earthquakes or Florida hurricanes, though. Hmm, wonder why?

So all we’re really left with is “It doesn’t work that way”. And of course there are other more rational reasons why psychics always fail to provide any useful predictions — they have no powers to begin with, or as you said, they just don’t care.

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