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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How much can hypnotism do for someone?

If a stage hypnotist can make a person think he’s a chicken and act like one, why can’t he make him think he’s a genius, or psychic, or speed reader, or eloquent public speaker? How far can one take hypnotism in changing or increasing a person’s abilities?

Answer by emery p
i think hypnotism can work as well as a placebo drug can. It doesn’t actually increase your abilities it just make you think your abilities have increased. hypnotists have made people think that they were chickens,but until one of those people actually lays an egg it shouldn’t be believed that it is really doing anything.

Answer by Misscpb

Have a look at the links below regarding hypnosis/mind control for Clinton & Obama!!!. If you look into NLP you will notice also that a lot of people, celebrities, music and the television/media use specific hand movements, language and music to implant suggestions etc into people. You may find researching MKultra online interesting if you are interested in learning about mind control/hypnotism.’s_Use_of_Hidden_Hypnosis_techniques_in_His_Speeches.pdf

In the right hands I believe hypnosis can be very good for healing issues in this life and what happened in past lives. But in the wrong hands its a very dangerous method of control.

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

Answer by Bean
With stage hypnosis, the people on stage know that they’re just going to let go and have a good time throughout the course of the show. That’s why you see someone clucking like a chicken, thinking they’re some singer, or all of those other funny skits.

You can’t just magically change someone into being able to read much faster than before because that’s a skill that takes practice. I wouldn’t be able to speak Spanish if a hypnotist told me I could speak it because I never studied that, for instance.

That said, you can use hypnosis to improve things like confidence and focus or removing phobias and bad habits. The person has to be willing to have these problems corrected, and the hypnotist helps guide them through it. Whether at a stage show or through therapy, that’s the common factor. The hypnotist is the guide. The subject is the one in complete control and chooses to follow said suggestions. Hope that makes sense.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I protect myself against psychic attacks?

The palm reader in the park keeps throwing her shoe at me.

Answer by Ladyboys Rock
A tin foil helmet.

Answer by elektrischer Fleischklumpen mit Hydroxylapatitkern
with a knife !

now please excuse me, i gotta practice my stabbing. HYYAAA ! HAAAAA !! HUAAAAAA !

Answer by dianaleehood
As a top contributor you know the answer: throw it back at her.

Answer by Anonnie Mouse (haz a rainbow from jeezus)
With a psychic shield, of course. Preferably one made of police officers.

Answer by Mikey, just Mikey
Just shoo her away.

Answer by Gnostic knowledge
You should duck like George Bush did 🙂

Answer by Hope is certainty (Ross)
Take the shoe home. Eventually she’ll run out of ammunition.

Answer by Sips With A Fist
Stay out of the park.

Simple strategy to (tin)foil simple palm readers.

Answer by manuel
Go on the offense. Use your mood rings as brass knuckles.

Answer by Moon Ninja
Haven’t you watched X-Men?

You need Magneto’s helmet. It protects against shoes as well.

Answer by Philip K Duck
I believe in striking a happy medium.

*High fives donkey*

Answer by cynic32
*shakes hoof at Duck*

Duck took my answer.

Answer by David

Answer by Ol’ Thang
A knotted red string around your wrist is supposed to stop evil spirits… but I don’t see how that’d stop flying shoes. Sorry.

Answer by jethom33545
I know how much fun it is but stop mocking her. 🙂

Pickup the shoe and take it with you. She’ll never catch you hobbled or barefoot(in the park).

Answer by MarIboro M
Provide her with directions and free airfare to the next public appearance of George W. Bush.

Answer by Science good. Religion bad.
Urinate on the shoe then give it back to her!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : In your own words, what do YOU think gives a person psychic abilities?

I am very curious what people who
m are interested in the unexplained, think about psychic abilities? How do YOU think it works? Do you have a story? A theory? Personal experience? Are YOU psychic? Please share!


Answer by YES
I think the ability is a gift that someone is born with… And then one can either ignore it, or attempt to gain more skill. No matter what, i believe it is defiantly a real, and genuine thing. How it really works? No idea… you just gotta go with it 🙂

Answer by Michael
In theory to be psychic is impossible,but it is actually possible to be mentalist.If you ever watch the show the mentalist that’s exactly how it is.You can easily detect peoples emotions,use there actions to detect a certain pattern like a nervous twitch when they lie, and etc…Me and my brother are both mentalists,he is five years older than me,so he is way better at picking up on peoples actions and stuff,but im way better when it comes to getting into peoples heads to figure out emotions and to manipulate people.

Answer by Meow !
Sometimes, i`ve considered being psychic, Because when im driving and i see someone Walking, Playing Basketball, Running, anything really, i feel as if i can actually see through their Eyes, and i can see what they see. Not smart to do while driving, But i think it`s pretty cool.

Answer by Irv S
The fertile imaginations of others.

Answer by kaitlyn allen
Idk ur beliefs but I think it’s a god given gift u are born with

Answer by Furious Unicorn
There is no evidence to show that anyone is genuinely psychic, but Michael’s answer is correct, there are techniques that allow people to give the appearance of being psychic when all they are doing is things like cold reading.

Answer by susan
Everyone is able to be intuitive as it is simply listening to the voice of one’s soul and/or allowing that energy to manifest in a way that helps others. Most people in western society are taught to disregard these feelings, as is evidenced by some of the answers you get.

However, I have seen someone end a severe asthma attack by putting his hands on the person who was turning blue from lack of oxygen. I have heard people accurately describe places that were miles away as if they were standing there when they had never known of the place before. I have seen much in terms of people acting in harmony with their intuitive abilities.

It is only in western influenced societies that being intuitive is not believed. It is honored in other cultures.

Answer by HuyT
Go here

Answer by Kora Krystle Young
Everybody has psychic abilities in them; knowledge is what helps people (usually teens and adults) unlock it; some people can just naturally use them when they’re small children while others need to learn how. My theory is that through psi energy, every human spirit is connected subconsciously and that psi energy is constantly sharing and receiving information about people; moods, memories, personality traits, ect.. It’s just that some people don’t have enough skill or experience to be aware of the info they’re receiving or to know what it is.

If you wanna know my theories on psychic objects like pendulums, runes, Tarot cards and the like, I have a theory that every such object has a conscious on it’s own– or some level of it, and that consciousness lets it choose who it’s holder will be– my father (a Tarot reader) received his first Tarot deck as a gift from my mom, and that deck obviously didn’t choose him– every time he tried to do readings with it for people, readings ALWAYS came negative. True, but negative. Meanwhile, he got himself another deck; and that deck worked perfectly for him. So, he passed down his first deck to me as a birthday gift and that deck worked great for me– and still does.

I’m a Tarot card reader (Inexperienced– I’ve only been doing it a little less than two years and I’m still learning, but I’m still one) and I have many stories on readings I’ve done for people. You can E-mail me if you’d like to hear more on them;

Answer by xramcdr
Really some have it more while others less. It’s a spectrum of abilities, it’s not black and white. If you read about quantum entanglement (a physics topic Einstein and Tesla would’ve talked about for days if they were still alive), you’ll know that at the very basic level of matter, this psychic-like characteristics exists. It occurs to particle pairs seemingly knowing instantly what affects or happens to the other one even if they are separated. Want to meet them on-line? Head to and discover more answers.

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