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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How sick do you have to be before your doctor puts you into labour?

I’m 38 weeks pregnant, I have a head cold. I can barley hear out of both ears. I keep throwing up everything I eat, no matter what I eat. I’m soooo not sleeping right .i get maybe 3 to 4 hours sleep a day. I know I only have two more weeks but how can they expect me to live like this. Everyone tells me to relax but I can’t with two kids during the day and having my baby kick me all night. I know I need to sleep but I have no time to myself to relax while their father is at work.How do i get my O.B to just put me into labour so I can finally get the rest I sooo need?

Answer by mystic_eye_cda
You need to get over your cold, not be put into labour. If you go into labour now you will just end up even sicker and with a newborn who will probably have the same cold you have.

Even assuming that you magically get over your head cold during labour, you aren’t going to get any more rest with a newborn.

Chances are your body won’t let you go into labour until you are healthy – SO GET HEALTHY.

Answer by newmomJune07
I got a horrendous chest cold and head cold at 37 weeks. I couldn’t breathe, I coughed constantly, my head felt like it was going to explode and I ended up having to leave my job three weeks early. They ended up putting me on antibiotics to prevent pneumonia but it didn’t seem to bother my OB doc at all. I was sick for three weeks! My grandmother ( a mother of ten children) told me I would get better only after I had my baby. My doc said that wasn’t true. Less than a week after I had my son I was completely better.

Answer by Lisa S
My daughter is 37 weeks and she also has 2 kids, 18 months and 3 years old. She is miserable trying to keep up with them. I try to get them 3-4 days a week to help out. You need to have someone help you with the kids atleast while your sick. Can your husband take a Leave of absence from work for a couple of weeks? Or do you have someone else who can help you?

Answer by Tanya
I can only imagine how you feel!!!

But I have to agree w/ Mystic here. Being induced often causes more problems than it helps. If your blood pressure goes up and begins to affect the baby, that’s different. But pregnancy misery (due to a cold or just a giant belly) is not a medical reason to induce pregnancy.

And did you forget?? Having a newborn doesn’t allow you to rest!! I don’t see how adding a newborn will help you rest any.


Hope you feel better soon, and good luck w/ your delivery.

Answer by ❈Bugsey❈
Im just wondering how you’re going to act when you get sick and the baby is OUTSIDE of you.

Cherish this time!!! Think about it. You really think you’re going to get BETTER sleep after the baby’s born?

What do you think is going to happen when you get the flu/stomach bug and you have 3 kids to tend to? Right now, there are just 2. You think adding a newborn to that scenario will make it better? You’re off your rocker!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : When is the best time to plant pumpkins?

I have tried for the past 4 years to grow pumpkins, the plants come up and it even starts to grow little pumpkins but they always die. The bugs aren’t getting to them, they just seem to die on the vine. I live in south central Kansas, can someone please help?

Answer by pamphlet
Finally, at long last, it’s time to start your pumpkins. At least you think it is. New and inexperienced growers ask this question all of the time. Let’s take the mystic out of when to start your pumpkin seedlings.
The earliest pumpkin starts are for Giant Pumpkins that require 150 days or more of growing time. They should be started indoors. Giant pumpkin growers time their starts for maximum growth to produce a world record fruit in time for the fall weighoffs which run from early to mid October. There’s plenty of flexibility on the start date for other varieties. They should be timed to mature from September to October, and can be started indoors or out.
New growers take note: Pumpkins are tender annuals. Frost will kill them, and cold weather will stunt their growth. Keep this in mind when starting your plants.

Here is our recommendation for “ideal” starting dates for your pumpkin plants:
Giant Pumpkins:
Start indoors from April 25 to May 15th Set outdoors after the first true leaves form. Provide cold and frost protection…it’s a must. Jack-O-Lanterns / Field Pumpkins:
Direct sow into the garden from May 15th to June 15th. Start indoors up to two weeks prior to setting outdoors Provide cold and frost protection…it’s a must. Miniature Pumpkins:
Direct sow into the garden from May 25th to July 1st. Start indoors up to two weeks prior to setting outdoors

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some really good rap songs?

I have one rap/pop music radio station where I live, and they play the same songs over and over. I was wondering if anybody could tell me some really good rap songs to download?


Answer by Pigeonwing
we takin’ over by dj khaled, dj felli fel is good. also ti live your life dead and gone, and whatever you like, ready to go by nemo an akon feat. reynos. i’m so paid by akon, and don’t forget, cash flow by ace hood feat. rick ross.

Answer by DarkBlu37
Ice Ice Baby.

Answer by shambhavi
try lil wayne’s , 50 cent’s, lil wayne’s sweetest grl.

Answer by Kasim A
You can try arab money by busta rymes or the remix theres 3 parts!

Answer by taylorr
crack a bottle – eminem
im so paid – akon

Answer by Jeff-Hardy-girl
just type in some rap artists and see what comes up

Flo rida
Dj Felli Fel
T Pain
Lil John

Answer by smsmea
soulja boy -_- kiss me thru phone
kid cudi -_- day n night
maino ft T-pain -_- all above
T.i ft akon -_- hero
lil wayne -_- fireman
flo rida ft wynter -_- sugar
lolyd ft 50 cent -_- hands up
50 cent ft akon -_- i still kill & get money
lil wayne -_- got money
colby o doin ft akon -_- what u got
jim jones -_- we fly high
kanye west -_- stronger

Answer by neonlight
Turnin me on
Rocking that thang
What’s up What’s Happenin

Answer by L.G.
Dream Girl- Akon

Ghost- Tupac
Keep ya Head up- Tupac
Thugz Mansion- Tupac
Hit em Up- Tupac

Cameraphone- The Game ft Ne-Yo

We made You- Eminem
MockingBird- Eminem
When I’m Gone- Eminem

Why Me?-Ice Cube

Young Thugz- Bone Thugz N Harmony ft. Ice Cube
CrossRoads- Bone Thugz N Harmony
Change the World- Bone Thugz N Harmony

Thugz Cry- bizzy bone
Father- Bizzy Bone

All the above- Maino ft. T-Pain

Scary Story- Will Smith
Lost and Found- Will Smith
Pump ya breaks- Will Smith

Answer by Danny B
we made-emeinem

Answer by Mike W
stunnaman – my brain

Answer by su_papi_chulo4eva

Yung Joc feat. T-Pain “Down Low”
Lloyd Banks feat. Ron Browz “In Love With Ya Boy”
Method Man & Redman “Mrs. International”
Lady Gaga ft. Chamillionaire “Poker Face” remix
Vistoso Bosses feat. Soulja Boy “Delirious” remix
Lil Mama feat. Count Justice “Shake”
Natasha Jane feat. Ray J & Maino “She Might Be”
Shake-A-Vel “Shorty Wonna”
Pop Bang feat. Grand Wizard Theodore “Burnt Down”
Myko feat. Yung Joc “Give It To You”
Edubb “Whooty”
Seven feat. Jadon “Get To Know You”
Eminem “We Made You”
POL-B “Hey Baby”
Huey feat. Bobby Valentino & Juelz Santana “PaYOW!” remix
Sean Kingston “Fire Burning”
Yung LA feat. Ricco Barrino “Futuristic Love”
Asher Roth “Perfectionist”
Asher Roth feat. Cee-Lo “Be By Myself”
V.I.C. feat. J Money “Say Bow”
Christelle feat. Dizzy D “What You Gon Do Wit It”
Lady Gaga “Love Game”
Marques Houston “I Love Her”
Envy “Shawty Dangerous”
Ne-Yo “Part Of The List”
Bow Wow feat. Young Jinsu “You Can Get It All” remix
Urban Mystic “Best Part Of The Day”
Jeremih feat. Dean “Birthday Sex” remix
Smoke Jumpers “My Flow So Tight” (Anti-Breezy)
La The Darkman ft. Lil Wayne “I Got Game”
Krys Ivory feat. Ryan Leslie “Next 2 Ya”
Redd Hott feat. Bobby Valentino “Glide For Me”
Flo Rida “Gotta Get It (Dancer)”
Lady Gaga “Poker Face” Pete Rock remix
Jibbs feat. Lloyd “Dedication (Ay DJ)”
Keri Hilson feat. Akon “Change Me”
Wale feat. Lady Gaga “Chillin'”
Ciara “My Man My Music”
Keyshia Cole “Trust”
Mario feat. Sean Garrett & Gucci Mane “Break Up”
LMFAO “La La La (On Top Of The World)”
Keri Hilson ft. Timbaland “How Does It Feel”
Bow Wow feat. Trey Songz “I Ain’t Playing”
Mack 10 feat. Lil Wayne & Jim Jones “So Sharp”
DJ Class ft. Kanye West “I’m The Ish” remix
Beyonce “If I Were A Boy” Spanish version
Jamin Wilcox “I Know What You’re Doing”
Tony Yayo feat. Lil Boosie “Cadillac”
Slim Thug feat. Brisco, Red Cafe & Maino “I Run” I-95 remix
Juicy J feat Gucci Mane & Project Pat “30 Inches” remix
Electrik Red feat. Lil Wayne “So Good” remix
Qwote feat. T-Pain, Trina, Swazy Baby & Ace Hood “In The Bed”
Plies “Plenty Money”
Mims feat. Shawty Lo “Let Me Do My Thang”
Pitbull feat. Pharrell “Blanco”
New Boyz “You’re A Jerk”
Ginuwine “Last Chance”
Rodney-O “Hello Ladies”
Sean Kingston feat. Mims “Girl I Wanna Know”
Jeremih “Birthday Sex”
Cassie feat. Puff Daddy “Must Be Love”
Day26 “Imma Put It On Her” no rap
Day26 feat. P. Diddy & Yung Joc “Imma Put It On Her”
Chamillionaire feat. The Game & Ludacris “Creepin’ (Solo)” remix
Paul Wall “Bizzy Body”
Young Life feat Ray J. “California Life”
Soulja Boy feat. Busta Rhymes “Turn My Swag On” remix
LeToya “Not Anymore”
Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo “Knock You Down”
Junebug Slim “Summertime Glow”
Gorilla Zoe “Echo”
Polow Da Don feat. Keri Hilson “Turn My Swag On”
Flo Rida feat. Wynter “Sugar”
F.L.Y. “Swag Surfin”
Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”
Omarion feat. Lil Wayne “Comfort”
Suga Free feat. Mr. Capone-e “In California”
Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain, Redd Hott, Lil Wayne “Blame It” remix
Kristine Mirelle “Kandy”
Miss Lady Pinks feat. MC Magic “I Don’t Care”
Mal Hablado “Still In Love”
Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake “Love And Sex And Magic”
RIZ “Rock The Bed”
Kanye West feat. Lil Wayne “See You In My Nightmares”
P-Live “Fresh 2 Def”
Papa Reu “Get It Girl”
Twista “Wetter”
Gorilla Zoe ft. Rick Ross & Kollosus “What It Is”
Hurricane Chris “She’s Fine”
The Dream f. Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross & Ludacris “Rockin’ That Thang” rap remix
Lil Wayne “Prom Queen”
Bobby Valentino feat. Ludacris, Lil Kim & Lil Wayne “Beep” remix
Chilee Powdah feat. MC Magic & CNote “Dyme Piece”
Beyonce “Halo”
Birdman ft. Lil Wayne “Always Strapped”
Eminem feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent “Crack A Bottle”
Jennifer Hudson “If This Isn’t Love”
Junebug Slim “Computer Girl”
The Dream feat. Mariah Carey “My Love”
Down AKA Kilo “Cholo Skate”
SVA “Lingerie”
50 Cent “I Get It In”
Gucci Mane “Stoopid”
Beyonce “Diva”
Ciara feat. Young Jeezy “Never Ever”
Soulja Boy feat. Sammie & Pitbull “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” remix
Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain “Blame It”
Plies feat. Ashanti “Want It, Need It”
Yung LA ft. Young Dro & T.I. “Aint I” remix
G Spot Boyz “Stanky Legg”
Keyshia Cole “You Complete Me”
T.I. f. Justin Timberlake “Dead And Gone”
Pleasure P. “Boyfriend #2”
Soulja Boy ft. Sammie “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”
The Dream “Rockin That Thang”
J. Holiday “It’s Yours”
Kanye West “Heartless”
Ne-Yo “Mad”
T-Pain feat. Chris Brown “Freeze”
Soulja Boy “Bird Walk”
The Majors “Worst Way”
Soulja Boy “Turn My Swag On”

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