Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to find real, legitimate, psychics that will give accurate readings in my local area?

How do I find psychics in my area that I know aren’t lying or will make up stuff just to please me? How do you know how authentic they are-And how can I find them?

Answer by pab
“real, legitimate, psychics” don’t exist

Answer by im gone!!!
Psychics are tools of the devil not God. If you want lies then there for you. There is no such thing as an authentic psychics. However the devil will lead you some where!!!

Answer by Kaarlee <33
ok heres how you know:
a physic wont charge alot of money…. (depends where you are)
they wont be all “yes your life is great” they should tel you some bad things that are coming your way.
To put a real physic to the test ask them something that only you know, and if they figure it out – they are legit.
a good phycic line: California Physics.
they are legit and real, and some speicalize in certain areas.
i got my future told however i dont really need it told. I like my life to be filled with suprises! Because what is the point of someone gazing into the future?
the outcomes could vary, and just because it means something doesnt mean it means it in that way.
expl: she sees you getting a million dollars.
however, the real outcome you get a million dollars, however you have to donate it all to charity.

Answer by blueiizpiscesgirl
We are all psychic, You just need to tune into it. If though, you do go out seeking a Astrologer, Fortune Tellers, Palmist, ETC… Give them NO information about you, Show NO emotion on your face, in fact Wear Sunglasses so they can’t see your eyes. Then if they truly are gifted, they should be able to tell you all about your life, or future, without any help on your behalf.

Answer by PatMan11
thx for the points haha

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are their any real psychics and where do i find them?

I want a real psychic to talk to but can’t find one anywhere? Do you know?

Answer by J C
No, there aren’t.

Answer by ?
nope sorry no such thing exist… buuut if you want i could just rip you off by taking your money and telling you what you want to hear…..if that makes you feel any better
just let me know

Answer by Kara Hunsdon
yes, actually there are. You’re best bet is with California Physics, they are extremely accurate. – The website if you’re interested

Hope that helped!

Answer by ben here forever
Yes, there are psychics and you can find them in places where you might find hand made jewellery, stones, gems, oils, incense, and candles. Some changed their title to being called past-life regression or reader, akashic record reader. Light workers, cranial sacrum practitioners, energy workers all receive psychic abilities. They kind of specify the type of psychic they practice in. There are many places that have mind body spirit books, natural healing techniques, aura readings, tarot cards, astrologist, new age and meditation and in those places that offer those things you might find a psychic. You might find a place where you will see some business cards and will find the psychic you will desire. You can find them in magazines that are geared towards new age events. Yes, I am a psychic and just held an event on opening your psychic energy. if you google those words you may find quite a few in your area. Be very careful, you can run cross some that haven’t fully developed and may not give you a complete reading because they may have blockages in their own life or may have the money in mind. I myself know of maybe six or more other psychics that have been working for many years in the field. If you desire it enough they will appear. You will find yourself in the right place in due time.

Answer by joe714
yes,there are real psychics
finding them.
that’s the problem.
there are so many fake psychics who know the tricks of “psychic readings” that you could be fooled by them.
so for every real psychic there are probably 1000 fake psychics.

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