accurate psychic predictions

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to know whether a psychic is legit or not?

What are the signs to look for ?

Answer by Mars Mission
No one can predict the future, so you could get very specific details

and prove it to yourself ?

Good Luck.

Best Wishes.

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Answer by RWPossum
It’s never been proven that ESP exists, although there have been some interesting experiments. One question I would ask is, why don’t we hear about psychics who go to Vegas and get rich gambling?

You should know that although so called psychics seem to be fairly harmless, there are stories about ones who take advantage of gullible clients and cheat them out of their life savings.

Answer by AL.A
No such a thing. legit Psychic is like healthy cigar.
About these kind of things:
Barnum Effect : is a term that is used in psychology. It is the tendency for people to accept very general or vague characterizations of themselves and take them to be accurate. A good example of this can be seen when people believe what is said about them in psychometric tests, personality profiles, astrological predictions, and so on. This phenomenon is named after P. T. Barnum, who believed that a good circus had “a little something for everybody.” Even though the descriptions or descriptive terms used in the inventories, typologies, and tests can apply equally well to other people, some individuals are gullible enough to believe they are unique to themselves. Of course, this is exactly what happens with the horoscope, palm reading, and crystal ball gazing

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had an accurate Tarot reading? What happened?

My friend visited a psychic lady who asked her for alot of money.She told her that someone put a curse on her

Answer by scareyann2004
i had my palm read and what a load of cobs wobble

Answer by cyuenvj87
Well, I’ve never had my palm read or my fortune told. I only psychic i believe is Sylvia Brown and the Montel Show influences that belief. I try to keep an open mind and say maybe God gave them special gifts.. But who knows

Answer by Cynthia M
Tell your mother beware of this woman and do not give her excess money. Yes I have had very accurate tarot readings and am now studying the art myself. BUT I had a woman take advantage of me when I was in a bad place. There are good practitioners and plain old bad people out there. Good pracitioners charges a reasonable rate for their services, but bad people will try to play on your fears. You mother should try someone else. Blessings.

Answer by gulfbreeze8
Tarot cards are demonic, in my opinion.. Some psychics know their stuff, but a a lot of them just know how to scam people.

Answer by Lizzie
Well, lots of commercial psychics can be phonies. My advice is look for someone down-to-earth without all of the weird gypsy looking clothes. Tarot cards are easy to get general readings from, even I can do that. But it takes a lot of talent to get a very specific reading from someone and many “psychics” just don’t have the necessary practice or skill. If you want to take it up, just drop by your local Barnes and Nobles or Borders. They have a good section on new age and good starter kits.

Answer by Sheyna
That would be a big red flag for me. Curses are only real if you believe them. Let me guess…to lift the curse will cost a lot of money. Gee, how serendipitous that she went to the right place!

Tarot readings can be scarily right on but the amount of money charged doesn’t guarantee results.

Answer by danjenzarp
Anyone that is a REAL psychic, charges by the reading or by the minute. They would never say there is a curse and demand more money, thats a scam artist.I have had many accurate readings, I would suggest going to a legit psychic fair, or to a metapyhsical book store for a real reading. And tell your friend not to worry, that person was a fake, and a liar.

Answer by EnberWolfe
I agree with Sheyna, everytime I do a reading for a problem, it has guided me well. it dosen’t tell me the exact answer, but can help infome me or make a better choise

Blessed Be )O(

Answer by GeminiVirgo1971
I took a class in reading Tarot about 15 years ago and sometimes read for my friends. I have seen a few predictions come true.

I once placed down the first card, 3 of cups, and said “oh, you’re pregnant”. I never do that, just say the first thing that pops out. Later that night my friend told me that she was stunned. She was two months pregnant and hadn’t planned to tell anyone yet.

I also predicted the divorce of a friend of mine although I did not tell her that is what I saw in the reading. Something told me not to mention it, just to let things work themselves out. They are both happily re-married now and much happier.


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