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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i need a free psychic reading (read)?

okay i need an absolute free psychic reading credit card needed ..anyone have a link

Answer by Mark
You can get free psychic reading here :

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do you believe in psychic reads?

how do we know they are telling the truth

Answer by Qwerty Q
i don’t knwo but i kind of want to try it

Answer by Boles: Bigger than Jesus
I don’t think any psychics or anyone who believe in psychics know how to read, no. Wait, what was your question?

Answer by soul6ess
I don’t believe in psychics, but I do believe that someone can know the future. Like Damus.

Answer by racerxfactor
it’s fun but not accurate. if you really need to believe in something, look in the mirror

Answer by Hill Doll Jodie
Yes i do. Hard thing is, there are alot of fakes. People just looking to make a quick buck.

You should learn the tricks that the fakes use, and use it against them. And if they still know, then hey they’re the real deal (:

Answer by F C
One time a psychic told me to invest in a particular stock. So I did and lost tons of money. When I returned to the psychic to demand my money back, there was a sign on her door “Gone out of business due to unforeseeable circumstances”

Answer by judy_t00
they are not, they are just good at interpreting body language and facial expressions. I once had a psychic tell me I was going to have 6 children and never get married. I have 3 kids. never actually got married yet, but didn’t have 6 kids

Answer by Hank
No, it’s witchcraft. God bless everyone!

Answer by Maddie =)
Some I think are real but, others are fake. My mum one time got one from this lady and, the cops went to her as a physcic to find who did something or something like that. She sad she would have a daughter named Dayna (my older sister) and she did!

Answer by nickdogchillin
I think they’re interesting but I would not put to much trust into the act.
I’m Catholic so It’s a taboo thing with me. Good Luck

Answer by Hannah 🙂
nah. why?
my dad’s best friend had the longest life line ever. and he died really young.

Answer by darkdiva
If they can accurately tell you enough about what happened to you in the past. I think there are people with the gift of 2nd sight.

Answer by Digital Age
There is no such thing as a psychic.
Those who claim to be psychics, are looking for your money.

Answer by Paul H
Eightball says “No”

Answer by Lore7
I don’t believe in that, I think they say what u want to hear.

Answer by JefFlyingV
I do not see psychics as being valid or truthful. How could a person refute what a psychic says, when they claim they have powers to read from the supernatural world? If they could tell you your name from a blind reading, they would have a bit more validity.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free psychic reading?

Hi, I was wondering if there were any psychics online who could give me a free reading. Im going through a really rough time right now and just need insight on some things gone “wrong” in my life presently. It’s not fun, and I could definitely use all of the support I can get at this point. Thank you.

Answer by Rekima
Hi Ryan, good news! One of the world largest psychic in the world is now having a promo wherein all new visitors receive free 3 minute readings to try out the psychics of your choice. You might want to try it out.

Answer by Roman
You can get free psychic reading online here:

Answer by Psychic
the truth is that there are no free psychic readings. if still manage to get one for free then it might be inaccurate or very general information that will not be beneficial for you.

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