Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need a psychic to answer my question?

Does anyone know of a psychic that I could contact for free to have my question answered by email or instant message? My question is this: There are two guys that I have been talking to recently. One of them I have a history with and my feelings are stronger for him. Will I end up in a relationship with either or these guys? If so which one? And how soon?

Answer by Bob
I am a pro psychic. I feel like what you would need to do is have a threesome with them both, if one isn’t open to the idea, they aren’t right for you. If they both do, whoever last longer in bed is the one that you should marry

Answer by Chris
Don’t every consult a psychic. They are all frauds and prey on the emotions of the vulnerable e.g. you

Answer by Ashley
You should of put this in the relationship section. Why the f**k do you half to know this? Im sorry but this questions kinda stupid.

Answer by susan
It does not matter what a psychic says (and I certainly hope you pay no attention to Bob). This matter will be determined by your own will. You should never substitute someone else’s words for your own will. Your life is YOUR journey, not to be led by anyone else.

These are the kinds of questions that fake psychics love because they can keep you coming back for more information.

Answer by Steeve
Yea thats a really stupid question, but not because psychics aren’t real. The future is not set in stone, only you can see your true tomorrow. Psychics may see what your life would be like if nothing changed. However in our ever changing times that makes it especially difficult. My point is don’t think too much about tomorrow, just live in the now.

Everything comes down to choice, weather you choose to pick one of those guys, or neither (which i would recommend because you don’t sound like your very mature, not an insult just an observation) it is up to you. however never give up your independence, especially for love.

Answer by Karl Scott
Susan’s right, live your own life. Make decisions, take risks, and live

Answer by Rob
Don’t let other people dissuade you from your beliefs. If you believe in psychic readings then go for it. People will scoff, but in the end it’s all about what you want for yourself. I know some psychic readers. If you want to try out Mary Shadow, feel free to do so. She is an expert from Victoria, Australia, and you can get some free email readings occasionally. This is not an ad. Just an answer to your question. Just look at my sources below if you want.

Answer by Sadie
Hi Darling how are you. What your problem is that you wear your heart on your sleeve. You love with all your heart and you do not receive that love back from anyone. Your trying to find that one person that will rock your world but the problem is that your to confused. See your spirit loves when someone gives you attention. That’s why there is two guys Involved. What you need to do is cleanse your mind and relax your spirit. Once your more at a better stage I can tell you who your better to be with. Here my email Email me and will talk more. God bless honey.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What happened to all those psychic TV commercials?

I never see any anymore, but anyone who lived through the 90’s knew they were rampant and omnipresent. See this link for example.

At what point did the general public just start to lose total interest in them? I had wanted to call one once that gave you a free hour, not because I believed in them, but for entertainment purposes. I suppose readings are still around, you just have to look for them now. They don’t shove them in your face on tv anymore.

Answer by Keith
All the business went to online sites and pretty much shut down the phone services.

Answer by Becky
I’m not sure. Perhaps that doesn’t add to business. The type of people that would call, would call regardless of the advertisement. Perhaps they are looking for the crowd the believes rather than those doing it for the kicks.

Random story that sort of apples and you may find funny:
Some random lady came up to my mom when we were in the supermarket a few years ago and told her that she was psychic. She foretold that I would be and actress and my sister a writer. It was really weird. An Actress, seriously??? Anyways. I’m only 16 but I can say with certainty that i will never b an actress. I want to be a doctor.

Answer by tiny_tim
Miss Cleo got a full time job as a greeter at Wal-mart.

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