Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i think I’m a psychic?

ok i think im a psychic because like everyday now i tell people what they are going to say, i mean it will just be random people i do not know. also i keep hearing a ringing sound in my ear like every other 10 seconds. sometimes i even hear people calling me, like my dad or somwone that sounds like my dad and he will say he never said my name. lastly i have deja vu and i could be having a normal conversation and bring up a what if question and next thing you know that same what if happens.

plz help me i think im psychic but everytime i take those little internet tests it says im not.

Answer by Dorita G
well obvioously those internet tests arent true because they are just computer games…….<3333

Answer by kukukachooinyourface
Yeah Im sure my old man was able to speak inside my head , he never acknowledged it but I heard it a few times over the years, just one of thoise weird things we dont understand aye.

Answer by hoodlum186
What am i thinking of right now?

Answer by shveta
u r not… no one is

Answer by imabadassbetty
It is more in-tune then psychic. Eveyone has the ability to be in-tune with the universe and experience what you have. Look it up and stop taking internet game tests. If you feel this is something that is a part of who you are – hone in to it and learn more about what it is your experiencing. If you would like to learn more from me – please don’t hesitate to ask. I have helped a number of people hone in their natural born skills to be “in-tune.”

Answer by michele
The difference between psychOTIC and psychIC is very, very important. Sounds like you may have confued the two.

Answer by LastDon1974
I’ve experienced the same things. This was when I had a “desire” or a “wish” to be somewhat psychic. Around the same time, I also started doing readings on the Tarot and found my readings to be very accurate. Maybe that stimulated it? Anyways, I started thinking of this ‘gift’ as “passive esp”, where the gift of clairvoyance just came to me. One night I actually tried to make it “active” and meditated to foretell an event. Needless to say, it definitely worked but it freaked me out and I haven’t tried it since.

Everyone basically has “passive esp”. It’s like being an antennae. You just have to tune it to the right station, and sometimes that comes with practice.

If you want to know if you’re psychic, accept what you’re experiencing. Log it in a journal. Then when you have a grasp of the skill. Try to make it “active” and turn it on at will. If you’re correct 100% to most of the time on your predictions, then consider yourself psychic.

Answer by Spider in the Salt
You might be psychic, and intuned to the world. Which is wonderful if you are… however, those are also the staple symptoms of Schizophrenia. Now, I am not saying it is, but you might want to talk to a doctor about the things you are experiences.

Not to knock the spiritual realm, but it might be something more serious than just being an empath.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I dont believe in psychics but…?

Okay. I’m 17 and have a beautiful boyfriend of 2 months. I’ve never had a proper serious one in my life and this one just feels like I took a breath of fresh air. I love spending time with him and so does he. Unlike all the guys I’ve dated, this guy does not use me or want sex, he just loves being with me and making me happy.

A couple of months ago, my aunty (very curious about me and a sticky beak) went to go see her usual psychic. She started asking questions about me to see if I have a boyfriend and everything. The psychic told her all these things good and bad.

I don’t believe in psychics, I never want to, and the things this psychic said about me to my aunty scared me and now I cannot go on having my boyfriend like I used to in peace. I have these thoughts and doubts in my head and sometimes I cry and fear for our relationship.

Does anyone here believe in psychics? and do you think these predictions will come true? any other pointers you guys can give me or reassure me with?

(also I’m an Orthodox Christian and I believe in our religion, it is a sin to see psychics)
Thanks xx
Thanks guys so much for all your answers !!

Answer by BADGER the TERRIBLE!!!
Nobody should.

Answer by IceCold
Do not let a carnie get in the way of your relationship.

Psychics are correct ONLY through self fulfilling prophecy. Do not let it get you.

Answer by Imnotplayin
Well, you have to ask yourself, since this is her “usual psychic”, did she ever tell your Auntie anything specific that ever came true. I doubt it, and I would be tempted to ignore all the silliness. Just enjoy your relationship and keep the faith in Christ.

Answer by Human Behavioral Psychology
Yes, it’s a sin in Christianity to see a psychic.
No, psychics are not real.

James Randi has collected 1 million dollars and has offered them as a prize to any psychic who can prove to him their psychic abilities. They prove it through a test, and he hands them the money…easy as that. Except, many have tried, no one has succeeded.

Psychology has studied the brain more than any branch in biology, and we haven’t seen the brain perform any supernatural activity. Nothing about the human brain is capable of ESP or anything of that nature.

I can guarantee that anything she predicted about you is general, it can apply to anyone.
That’s what psychics do – they say things that almost anyone will experience.

Don’t worry about it…
Psychics are not for real.

Answer by \/\/3b |
It is for reasons like these that I dislike the word “psychic.” Through pop culture and religion, the word has come to mean so much more than what it should.

No matter how you spiritualize it, psychics are simply people that just read energy and information. At least that has been my experience. To that end, if anyone makes a big show of it, the more they are usually lacking in that department. Just walk the other way.

Will these predictions come true? In truth, that can be difficult to answer. You can be so wary of them coming true that they do indeed, in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy. While some people may excel in reading energy flows, linear time prediction is outside most people’s capabilities. There are simply too many possibilities for accurate predictions. Usually.

Add on top of that the emotional influences of the “predictor” and “predictee,” as it were, and you quickly get a convoluted mess most misinterpret.

In the end, you are the one that ultimately has the final say in your life. Live it as you see fit, regardless of some psychic’s “prediction.”

Answer by Ad Astera!
Dear Vesna,

One of two things is true:

1) The psychic is a fake. This is the most likely possibility: these people are quite good at making comments that can mean more than one thing. Afterward, the customer only remembers how “accurate” the person is. Probably, all that’s going on here is a stupid magician’s trick.

2) The psychic is influenced by demons. If that is the case, it’s no surprise that the psychic was able to give your aunt information about you! But, before you let that possibility scare you, you have to remember three things.

First, even when demons tell the truth, they do it to hurt people, and often they tell only part of the truth. This is one of the reasons it’s a sin to get involved with them: nothing good *ever* comes from it. Second, although demons can tell someone what has happened in the past and what is going on in the present, they don’t know what is going to happen in the future. God and His saints know that: the demons can only guess.

Third (and most important) if you are trying to live a Christian life, including Confession and regular reception of Holy Communion, demons are nothing to worry about. Can they beat Christ? Of course not!

So find a good priest you can talk to, if you don’t already know one; keep practicing the Christian way of life; and, as to your aunt — just forget about it!


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm reading, could it be accurate for me?

Well this girl in my music class is one of the people who beleive in psychic predictions she came up to me (and I am the most quiet one at school and do nothing to arouse attention so it was strange to have someone come to me out of the blue) and so she wanted to read my palm which many kids except for myself asked her to and she read
-I will live a long life
-I will have a lot of kids she said around seven
-Get divorced even though I do not beleive in divorce or become a widower
It’s kind of scary for me because my great grandmother lived a long time and also had around seven children and her husband died
Could she have read my ancestry instead or is history going to repeat itself IDK

Answer by mkemp87
Palm reading is similar to delusion. It is not supported by science. In fact, it is disproved by science.

Answer by Kid
im sure there are ways to unravel the secrets of what the future hold using things such as witchcraft. palm reading from my experience can be extremely accurate about certain things and be just as inaccurate about other things, either way i wouldn’t trust it or agree to it again, because if it is accurate then it could attract demons, more to the one doing the reading then the one getting read but its better safe then sorry

Answer by Rebsten
I wouldn’t sweat it.

Palm reading is just for fun. You could go out and get a vasectomy (I am assuming you are male because you said widowER) and prove her wrong there and then.

Yes, there are people who believe in this, but the reality is, it is no more accurate than if I were to read the spaces between your words.

You are a teenage male. You are vaguely wary of spiritualism. You are on Yahoo answers. You will check your facebook in the next 48 hours.

She was oddly specific, but she probably just believes in this and is confident she can read palms.

My gut says she just through out some stuff and you paired it up in your head with things in your families past. “Psychics” do this all the time, and the ones who know they are fake rely on this.

If you want to look into some of the many exposed frauds, I suggest you just google spiritualism.

Answer by Furious Unicorn
Think about it logically, why on earth should so random wrinkles on our hands tell us anything about our past or future. I may as well claim to make prophesies by examining your nostril hairs.

In the past contraception wasn’t so great so lots of great grandmothers had seven (or more) kids, and seeing that on average women marry men that are a little older than themselves and also live longer it’s hardly surprising lots of women became widows.

Palm reading is total bulldust.

Answer by Blood of Jesus Saves
demons show pictures to psychics. demons know something ’bout u ’cause they observe u all ur life, u know…so, sure, psychics could give u some truths ’bout u…but u know…God forbids to do this…

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