Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i want to get an accurate email psychic reading…any recommendations?

i want to get a real accurate email psychic reading but i dont just want to choose anyone! any recommendations will be helpful.. or if theres anyone here willing to give me a free reading id love that!!

Answer by “Wee” Joe Citizen
Just don’t pay for it… or if you want to pay, just send me the money and I’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.

Answer by no body
you will live for another 15-17 years.

you will become rather successful. and you will take up traveling.

you will die of hunger and dehydration in the african sahara.

Answer by dreamweaver
Not possible.

Answer by libertywarrior
I can tell your future. You’re going to hell where it is very hot and you’ll be in eternal torment FOREVER.

Answer by I’ll fly away

Answer by MAS2008
Didn’t the doctor mention the side effects of mixing alcohol and your medication?

Answer by Harold B
Roxana you are asking for trouble the bible warns us to stay away from those with familiar spirits or mediums. You are giving yourself over to demonic spirits and it seems so good but you are trusting your soul to the citizens of Hell
Pray and tell Jesus you need his help then seek out a bible believing minister and talk with him/her

Answer by Shadow Storm – Witch & Healer
Yes I see that you just got some bad news dealing with business/money to which there were some lies or you just werent sure about. Things didn’t go well.

then you are having problems with someone close to you, a lover a relative? Some heart ache there for sure.

Broken up? you will talk but it doesnt seem things will go back to waht it was.

*spoons his eyes out*


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever experienced anything out of the ordinary?

Say alien abductions? Ghost? Near death experience? Please share your true stories here. No goofing off. I want to read of people’s paranormal experiences.

Answer by Miranda
Yes I have had several “out of the ordinary” experiences but they are things you don’t tell to people you don’t know for obvious reasons… Wish I could tell you more but I would get smashed on here.

Answer by Prophet David Muhamadhoff™
When I was very young I had experiences with Sleep Paralysis.

When I was an adult I and another person where in a house that was supposed to be haunted. We both at the same time felt something ice cold squeeze inbetween us.

Answer by William
No aliens (sadly) but lots of ghosts! The stories are much too lengthy and there are too many of them for this forum. Apart from the table rapping that went on at my grandparents home in Bar Harbor when I was a child, my own investigations into the paranormal as an adult have given me three very distinct and un-dismissible experiences which I cannot reconcile with the “natural order of things.”

Answer by Skibbs
I’ve never experienced anything paranormal other than meeting a psychic/medium who was crazy accurate and told me things about myself and my family that there would have been absolutely no possible way she could’ve known.

Answer by Philip
My grandparents’ had a house that was supposedly haunted. I never saw the alleged ghost, only women did, especially when they had a small child or were pregnant.

The weird thing was, no one told my sister-in-law about the ghost and when she woke up from a nap she was telling everyone about a dream she had with the motherly apparition in it.

I’m not one to blindly believe in alien and ghost stories, I think they’re generally BS, but this is either a huge coincidence or some sort of freaky truth.

Answer by Ashley
yes, I’ve had out of the ordinary experiences. Not paranormal ones though. For example, once I was in an elevator with this old guy and he kept mumbling to himself and didn’t seem to see me. That was weird.
Also, once when I was in Germany, i lifted a sack of manure because I was gardening, and a bunch of black widows crawled out from under the sack… but i was in Germany. That place should be to cold for black widows..
Oh, and I have a real pencil that contains lead and not graphite which is not ordinary since all the pencils now have graphite since lead is poisonous

Answer by Sandra
When i was six i shared an attic bedroom with my nine year old sister,we were always scared of going to bed because out toy boxes that were on the open stair case would jump up and down each step.Also in the same bedroom we would hear soldiers marching and then a line of soldiers in red tunics and black hats would appear through one wall march across the room and disappear through the opposite wall.
On a totally different occasion when i was nine i stayed with my grandma in the countryside and whilst out walking through the country lanes we looked across a field and saw a massive bird,like an ostrich but its head reached the top of the trees,it had long very thin legs and walked across the field,my grandma was scared and insisted we must never tell anyone because she new people wouldn,t believe us.
A few years ago several days after my grandma died the family were cleaning out her house and in one of the small bedrooms was the most unbearable smell of urine,it was so strong it made us gag and we could not enter the room for several hours,this was unbelievable because my grandma was spotless and very house proud,when i slept in that same room overnight it smelled like roses her favourite flowers.
Only last week i was sitting in our living room that looks out onto a grassy moor when a large flying object circled with lights passed slowly at the bottom of our garden.
I expect to be ridiculed for my story but i dont care because i know what i saw and i definitely would not go to the trouble of writing this if it wasn,t true.

Answer by Marika H
Sure. I think most people have seen or experienced at least one thing in their lives that they can’t explain yet. The difference is how they react to it. Some of us look for explanations, others blame the supernatural.

Personally, I have a “ghostly” stalker. Other people have seen him, too, so I’m not hallucinating. My best friend swears he must be a ghost, because he has a knack for getting past locked doors and windows and “disappearing” before anybody can get a good look at him, but I think he’s just a guy with no life and really good burglary skills.

It’s all in how you look at it. 😀

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever gone to a psychic/medium? Did you have a good or bad experience?

I went to one last April. I said as little as possible, and she said some really accurate things. I’m going to go back to her again when it’s been a year since my last visit.

Answer by absynthian
I did once when I was about 17 years old. She said I would meet a guy whose first name began with J, M or R. Neat. I met a guy whose name was John! How could she possibly have known?!?!?! Well, really high percentage of men have names that start with one of those three letters.

Lesson: Rather than looking at how accurate she is, look at the chance of her being wrong.

Answer by katlyn yeager
I’m actually speaking to one right now. She is stopping for a moment. Everything she has said is correct and she has never met me 🙂

Answer by *Love ~ Angel ~ Music ~ Baby*
I’ve always wondered whether what the psychic says can subconsciously effect out desiciions etc.

I had my palm read and she said my life line faulked of (which it does) and she said this meant I would make a decision that would put me on the wrong course. My heart line has lots of little crosses which branch out at the end. She said this would mean I would have lots of bad relationships but eventually I would have to chose between three guys, all very different, and the longest line (the first line) represents the guy I should be with.

So i studied to become a journalist, dropping my passion to be a singer/songwriter. I’m now a singer throughout the week at my local club etc and I chose between the three guys in my life. We’re tying the knot in May.

Answer by inteleyes
I dated one, she had many of the same abilities that I do, she sees dead people perhaps more than I do, she even tune into my grandfather, and got some things right that I wasn’t even sure about until I spoke to my mother….. then she said that he was coming to visit me that night, and he did, I didn’t see him, I fell off to sleep, and I woke up because I am sensitive when spirits come near me, I felt his presence come through the window next to me and leave, he didn’t want to scare me, just wanted me to know that he was there.
And the woman spirit believe to be my spirit guide, when I spoke to the medium about her, she said the woman’s spirits name is Greta…..And then I seen this woman spirit again and I asked her what her name was twice, and she answered me twice and said Erica….The medium was close because both names have five letters both ending with a….Greta, Erica

Written by Goddessmother

In a reading you may want to ask about:

A loved one who has passed (I am often visited by spirits and angels) “Can you tell me if my Auntie is with us?” Does my mother have a message for me?”
Love and romance. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” ” Will we marry?” “When will I meet my true Love?”
Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
Career. “Will I change jobs soon?” “Will I get the promotion?”
Pets: “Where is my lost cat?” “Why does my dog look so sad?”
Past lives: “Did I know my boyfriend in a past life?”
Guides: “Tell me about my guides.”
Health. “How can I get more energy?” “Why am I so stressed out?”
Spiritual growth. “I think I am gifted. Do you see these gifts?” “Why am I at a stuck point?”

General advice comes as naturally to me as answers to specific questions.