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Well I was talking to a psychic and I want to know how acurret are they?

Answer by Matthew
Psychics are 90 percent accurate and thats what they should be if they are a “real” psychic they should not ask you any questions and instead should be able to tell you all about your past present and future and about the key people in your life through divine guidence without any help from you. i am a psychic working at the site listed below and do nto expect my clients to tell me anything i tell them and ask if they have questions and thats it 🙂

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Answer by Laurisa
Most psychics are neither free nor accurate.

Answer by Scooterpoop
All of them charge, even the inaccurate ones.

Answer by gen
All psychic websites are accurate, otherwise they wouldn’t be psychic!

Answer by Sonny Daye
Yes, but they know you’re coming.

Answer by Blah Blah
None are accurate.

None are free

Answer by BibleChooser
Oxymoron alert!

Answer by Jim P
No. Psychics are full of shit.

Answer by Natalie Isawesome
No, but you could check out one of those nice mental hospitals… I think there free….

Answer by Doohickey
If they don’t want your money then it defeats the purpose of them claiming to be psychic. So no.

Answer by Lincoln6
How come psychics never win the Mega Millions or Powerball ?

Answer by Ronie
scorpions – is there anybody there

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I saw another question and I thought I’d like to try this!!!
What will my love life be like?
What will my future be like?

If it helps, I’m a Capricorn sun, Sagittarius moon, Pisces rising, and Aquarius venus.

Answer by AmazingTre!
I am a pisces I know alot of Capricorns people, from Girls to guys. i use to date this female that was a capricorn. she was so out going. she will give me anything I wanted, i never ask for anything she just was so open hearted, on the bad side, she used to get caught up with helping so many people out at a time, so that kind of ruin the love we had together,,there good people open hearted and stubborn as hell. pisces and capricorn are meant for one another, pisces show the capricorns how to vision dream that are far from reality and Physic sign, capricorn teaches pisces how to be stable and stop moving around to much.

Answer by AnimalLover they are 100% accurate

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