Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If Humans have a free will and can make choice, then why can predictions be made of future events?

Is our furture already set? The predictions seem to be largley about bad tragic things tha happen. Plane crash, war, end of world. Could this be because of the loss of life itself some how cause a change to the time stream.

Answer by biggiesmartypants
Because those predictions are bogus

Answer by ramshi
Future is not set. Thats why they are called predictions and not oracles.

Answer by googolullage
Your two hidden assumptions are that will is absolutely free, and that predictions are completely accurate. These are false biases.
The will is not free, because it is influenced by past learning, memories and events. It is conditioned, so that people act pretty close to a certain pattern most of the time, with some degree of freedom to vary the routine.
Predictions, except for those based on repeatable scientific experiments regarding things like relativity or gravity, are not generally 100% precise or accurate. .
So instead of a black-white duality of absolutes, will and the ability to somewhat see the future are spectrums like the electromagnetic spectrum, with ranges of magnitude. This allows for us to be less than completely predetermined, and somewhat able to foresee and influence our futures.
At least, that seems consistent with how things work. I am not speaking of fortune telling or psychic prediction, keep in mind, but ordinary prognostications that we all do.

Answer by mommasquarepants
They are called predictions… doesn’t mean they will actually happen. Think about it, you can almost bet that at least one plane will crash in the next 20 years or so, so basically any crackpot can say that a plane is going to crash. Our world is constantly in and out of wars too. So someone says there will be a major war, thats kind of broad isnt it? That war could be anywhere…… I mean its pretty safe to say that there will be a war at some point in the next 20 years too. Now the end of the world thing has been a prediction since the middle ages. People then were saying the end of the world was coming in their life time…..did it? You have to really stop and think about the things you are reading instead of just believing some idiot that decided to write predictions to future world events. Whose to say that person isn’t a mental patient in an institution somewhere? I can almost guarantee you that this person has absolutely no psychic ability and probably works for some idiotic newspaper like “National Enquirer” or something. Don’t believe everything you read or hear.

I do agree with the guy just above me though, that we are influenced by past actions and experiences from our ancestors. We do have free will though, it is just influenced by our history. We have the past actions, experiences and consequences of our forefathers as an influence for us as wee choose our own fate. Free will is there, but we are influenced by the past. We can still choose if we are going to follow our forefathers, or take a different direction and change our future.

Its a lot more difficult to make positive predictions than negative ones as well. You don’t see people make positive predictions about the future do you?

Answer by noddarc
There is an interesting comment found in the Bible, Isaiah 57:15 that says, “Thus saith the High and Lofty One that INHABITS ETERNITY …” God does not say much about Himself in the Bible in a personal manner. What is often said makes little sense to us anyway. But in places He does expose what He is, whether it makes sense to us or not. The concept of inhabiting eternity makes no sense, but then an instantaneous creation of our universe does not either. So, He opens Himself to ridicule, but that ridicule does not change reality. St. John saw the battle of Armageddon even though it has not taken place yet. In that God already exists there, it is “natural” that He be able to inform another what already exists to Himself.

Answer by
Because human behaviour is predictable.

Answer by garik
I think a lot of people, when they point out (rightly) that predictions tend to be bogus, are missing an important point.

If I went back in time to the day before JFK’s assassination, I could predict that he would die in Dallas. Assuming I didn’t interfere in any way (and that no other time traveller did), I’d be right. JFK would die in Dallas. We only really have free will in the sense that we can’t predict our own futures. Before he was assassinated, Kennedy almost certainly believed that if he wanted to, he could decide not to go to Dallas. But he couldn’t. All the circumstances—the atoms colliding in his body, in his surroundings, all the electrical impulses in his brain—everything led to him going to Dallas and to his being shot.

In other words, one person’s future is another person’s past, and if the latter can’t change their past, then the former can’t change their future either.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What exactly does a clairvoyant specialize in?

I was looking up meaning of this but I got many so Im not sure! I would assume that its a person who taps into someone’s energy at the PRESENT time but is not accurate with future predictions because they are best at seeing what people are feeling at the present time…is this correct?

Answer by Leviticus
According to

“Clairvoyance is an alleged psychic ability to see things beyond the range of the power of natural vision or vision assisted by technology. Clairvoyance is often associated with precognition (psychically knowing something will happen) or retrocognition (psychically “seeing” something that has already happened). Psychically seeing things at a distance is sometimes called remote viewing.”

Seeing there is no evidence that any of those things actually work you a more concise definition would be a clairvoyant is a person that makes things up as they go along either because they are fooling themselves or in order to purposely defraud others.

Answer by Nice Guy
Professional clairvoyants, specialize in separating gullible people from their money.
Amateur clairvoyants, specialize in telling people what they want to hear.

Answer by Ashley Rated ®
It’s a psychic ability in which they can see into the future. Sometimes they use their abilities to communicate with spirits.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anybody here ever received a psychic reading?

What was your experience? Were their predictions accurate? I am thinking of getting a psychic reading by my best friend from kindergarten. Since I’ve known this guy for 24 years, I trust that he won’t lie to me. He charges $ 127 dollars an hour.

Answer by Sword of the Lord
I would never get one because if it’s real, it’s not of God because the bible condemns psychics and mediums.

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