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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If I’m a medium, is it possible to use my psychic ability to see what my room used to look like 40 years ago?

Can I be able to see everything 40 years ago in my bedroom through psychic ability like a time machine, and is it possible?

Answer by KrazyLucy
Mmm..they say that you can jump time in astral travel type dreams..but memories would be easier to access by hypnotism.

Answer by Divya R
r u a medium, how to become a medium could u please help me and how to become a medium.

Answer by k-while
You can’t travel back in time but it is theoretically possible to go to the future if you travel at the speed of light in space with a light vortex

Answer by Fritha Grey
It is possible.

You could find someone who lived in your house forty years ago and tune in to their memories. But without their permission that wold be unethical and with their permission it would be a tainted memory and might not be accurate.

Another option is to attempt to access the psychic imprint left in the room by a previous occupant.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your quest.

Answer by sofie101
Yes. :]
Like thats so Raven? xD weird example yet true :]

Answer by Jennelle Blair
Only if an energy source from that time becomes present and decides to show you.

It has happened to me as I have some abilities…which trust me, is a ‘gift’ I’d rather leave unopened.

One occurence I had was about 10 years ago. My husband was working nightshift, and I was bored so I went to bed. I wasn’t tired really but just went to my bed, turned off the light and laid down. I didn’t even touch my head to the pillow yet and all of a sudden, I heard heavy footsteps in my hallway. I sat up, and saw my room had changed. I look out the window and the houses, streetlights and wires were gone, and only trees and undeveloped land were there. Then I noticed my bedroom door was like that of victorian days, with the handle long and on the top of the door.
I felt an extreme wave of terror as this happened, especially since the footsteps were coming closer, and I went into a panick not knowing wtf was going on.
Then as soon as it started, it was over, and the room was back to normal, the footsteps gone, and the houses and streetlights back outside my window.

I t was a terrifying experience, and I was 100% awake the whole entire time, and I began to cry as my heart was racing like a speeding bullet.

There have been occurences like this from time to time since then, but none that severe.

I think perhaps my horrified reaction gave the entity the impression that I am not the one to seek out for spiritual assistance.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has Anyone Had Experience Meeting With Angelina Diana Psychic Medium? Or Other Mediums?

I have scheduled a time to meet with Angelina Diana, I’m looking for reviews on people who have experienced her work as I’m looking to cross over to a loved one who has passed? Somewhat skeptical, but also open minded and willing to accept whatever the outcome is. Has anyone ever spoken with her for a medium reading? Or has anyone had any positive or negative experiences with other psychic mediums? Thank you!

Answer by ¤*DANI*¤
I don’t have personal experience but ik someone who does, if their real they won’t need your last name or ID or the name of the person you are contacting, just your first name the spirit will come on their own. At least that’s what it was like and happened for my mom’s bffl who went to contact her dead son, IN ANOTHER STATE! LOL yeah…

Answer by Laurie
I have had experiences with psychics. I believe they are real, some may be better than others. Just relax, go with it, and have fun! Just because one person didn’t have a good experience doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you.

Many years ago I spoke with a psychic over the phone. When we connected I could feel my energy connect with hers. It felt as though we were connected by an energetic umbilical cord. I thought, “This is strange!” I didn’t say anything but she commented, “Wow, you have a lot of energy!” Her reading was accurate.

I met with a friend and she did a tarot reading on me. She was accurate and her predictions came true. I asked her years later why she doesn’t do it anymore and she said, “Everything I said to people was coming true and it freaked me out!”

I met with a psychic who told me I was a healer. I was skeptical but it turns out she was right! I learned shortly afterward how to develop my abilities as a Reiki Healer/Medium. I haven’t been practicing for a few months so I’m feeling pretty rusty! It comes back once I focus on it and meditate daily.

I have met with a Reiki Master and she has been accurate with her advice and predictions.

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