Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If you get tarot readings online which psychic reader would you recommend?

Answer by Kristen Renee
hmm.. i dont know..

Answer by Suneel
online tarot isall same it depends on probability but not magic so better u dont still if u waana try then try this

Answer by The Whistling Gypsy
Psychic readings are fraud; there is no such thing as any form of psychic ability. Tarot card reading is also false; a good Tarot reader simply tells you what you want to hear. Save your money and deal with reality.

Answer by inteleyes
I would ask God, if you listen you will hear his answer, and if you asked make sure it’s sincere and your heart is true……He knows everything.

Answer by Rekima
I would absolutely recommend Universal Psychic Guild’ psychic readers. They are the largest Psychic Guild in the world and provides accurate psychic readings about life, love and success and immediate answers to your questions.

In addition, their psychics have been chosen through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure you receive the very best.

Answer by Ivy Vine
Most, (like 99.8%) of psychics that charge money for their “services” are FAKE!!!!!!! The only thing they are good at is called “Cold reading” where they tell you things based on your reactions to what they have already said! They have less REAL psychic ability than my little finger – and that’s NOTHING! All they do is tell you what you want to hear and get your money. PERIOD! There ARE some REAL psychics around, but you will not find them in most places. If you want to check them, the first time you see them, ask then a couple of questions they could not know, like, “What are the last 4 digits of my girl/boy friend’s house number?” and “What color is (a friend’s) house?” IF they can answer that kind of question without first asking YOU questions or making guesses, THEY FAIL!

Like someone said, “If it’s a REAL psychic, why don’t they call ME?”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had a really good psychic reading?

I just called up 3 psychics got 2 really decent/accurate readings and got 1 horrible reading. the horrible psychic kept asking ME questions , like what do I think is going to happen. im like .. IM NOT THE PSYCHIC HERE YOU ARE!!

but has anyone really had luck with them

Answer by Just a Thought
i’ll never believe in this balls;;

Answer by ?
Yes, I have had some awesome ones and some sucky ones. I tried some on the site below and the only one I didn’t like much was with California Psychics.

Answer by Xclusive
Never use call in Psychic Hotlines they are paid telemarketers
You need to use someone who is well known and trustworthy

I have always stuck with Matt Fraser he is great and i learned about him through a radio show he was on. Hope you find someone who best suits you here are soem links so you can decide for yourself. he charges a flat rate fee which is nice not per min.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
I give good readings and I have had good readings. It all depends on the readers. It is like anything else. There will be some good, some not so good.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i find a free acurate psychic online?

ny accurate psychics online that are free

Answer by LangKnowsALL
I have tried looking before and also couldnt find any

Answer by Mountain bike
no were no such thing

Answer by William G
you wont find anyone cause theres no such thing

Answer by mabiniss1
there are no acurate ones online. its all crap.
free ones there are, just type psychic on google and you should be able to find dozens of them.

Answer by gaurav_jozef
there are many psychic on yahoo answers who give free readings …

just post your question , name age and situation…. ull get answers

Answer by mhiaa
try They are people who volunteer their time and all they ask is that you leave feedback.. You might have to search under their site for psychics, etc.

Answer by michelle
idk. but if you want a real psychic, you’re going to have to pay because you don’t want know bulls*** psychic like miss cleo.

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