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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If you’ve ever gone to see a psychic or medium, what was it like?

I’ve gone to see a psychic/medium and she was right about a lot of things. I asked her to try to connect with my grandfather, she did not describe one thing about him wrong, described him in detail, and told me what he was saying to her. I was there for an hour and I asked her a lot of different questions. This was about 6 months ago and I plan on going back to see her again once it’s been a year.

Answer by eri
If you do plan to go back, try to record the session. Many people come out saying ‘they got everything right’ but realize when they see a transcript of the session that the ‘psychic’ actually got most things wrong, they just remember the few things they got right. Have very specific questions – ask for things the psychic couldn’t easily guess or look up about you. Birthdates, specific names of relatives, pin numbers, very specific memories that aren’t common things, etc. ‘Cold reading’ is how most of these psychics work – they just say things that can be twisted to apply to just about anyone, and the person they’re scamming usually does the twisting on their own because they want to believe. But it’s true that it is a scam. If your psychic was real, she wouldn’t have to charge you for the service – she’d be a multi-millionaire. There are millions of dollars in prize money out there for anyone who can demonstrate real psychic powers.

Answer by Scorpio
I went to see one once, when things were so bad in my life, he bought my dad through and my grandparents, he told me many things, that he could not possibly know and that i had forgotten. It actually changed my life and he picked up on the fact that i was psychic, i knew that i had this tendency but did not really recognise it for what it is so he offered to guide me, he taught me how to talk to my spirit guide etc. and i was transgressed once, again a truly amazing experience. If you feel that you are psychic in any way, discuss this with your medium, i am sure they will be willing to help and guide you, and maybe change your life, like they did mine.

Answer by inteleyes
It has been said that I am a medium because I have seen so many spirits, and I have communicated with one that came to me for four years, she did help me out a lot. I dated a medium, she said many things that was correct about my sister in law who past, and then I ask her about my grandfather, again she was right about a lot of things, and then she said that he was coming to visit me that very night. Well I felt off to sleep, and as soon as I did I started waking up because I could feel a spirits presence floating over me, and then it left. He didn’t want to scare me, he just wanted me to know he was there. And I ask her some questions about the spirit woman that comes to visit me and looks over me. Sh said her name was Greta….I didn’t know the spirits name at that time, so she was close, because when I saw the spirit I ask her what her name was, and she said to me twice, because I asked twice to make sure, she said, Erica…..Greta is close. But the medium was correct about many other things.

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JOHN EDWARD – psychic medium

Written by HEYOKA

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