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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : im a medium and i am a wiccan, would i still be given a familiar?

im a psychic medium and im a wiccan, would i be given a familiar? if so would it be an animal or a human? i have a feeling it may be human because me and my wife both get premonitions and i think she may be my familiar or me hers. anyone who could help please answer my question, and i appreciate your answers to be criticism free, and be serious answers, thank you .

Answer by Kristin
Hi, Keith. I’m a Wiccan High Priestess and I’m honestly a little confused by your question. I’m not trying to be critical here, but the reason I’m confused is that a) familiars are animals, spirit or corporeal. Humans are working partners. b) you aren’t *given* a familiar. Familiars are animal allies who work with us out of choice. I realize that this is possibly semantic, but your phrasing leads me to believe that you may need more instruction. Are you being trained by a qualified Wiccan teacher? Wicca isn’t just a “make it up by experimenting and reading books” sort of thing. It’s a real system.

EDIT: Familiars ARE part of some Wiccan Traditions, however, many Trad Wiccans don’t work with familiars. Trad Wicca is passed from initiated teacher to student in 3 levels of attainment. I respectfully state that just because some people who identify as Wiccan (usually, but not always, solitaries who are uninitiated) don’t know about familiars being part of Wicca, it does not mean that this isn’t part of Wicca. As an initiated, credentialed, coven trained Wiccan, I just said that it IS part of my Trad. So obviously, it is. Point taken?

Please feel free to e-mail me at if you have more questions.

Answer by Graybeard
Sorry, there’s no such thing as a psychic or a medium or a combination of the two. You’re simply fooling yourself.

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
Since you’re calling yourself a Wiccan without really knowing much about Wicca. One would wonder if you’re not doing the same with psychic medium.
Anyway, I’m sure you’ll do just fine with the familiars. Something tells me you’ll be loaded with paranormal pals of all kinds.

Answer by Handy Leatherette
My condolences to you on both counts.

Answer by Mackenzie
Wicca is a religion. Familiars aren’t part of Wicca.

Originally the concept of familiars come from Christian propaganda from the dark ages: they were believed to be evil creatures disguised as animals, under the control of a witch, or a witch herself disguised.

It made it’s way up into the occult practices; then into new-age practices. I’ve never even heard of a human familiar.

But it’s never actually been part of Wicca (except that maybe some Wiccans believe in it). People aren’t given familiars because they become Wiccan. I can’t even imagine who you think would be passing them out.

If you understand Wicca, I don’t get why you would even preface a question about familiars. It’s like saying, “I’m a Wiccan, I eat cheese.” It’s like, yeah… to unrelated things, what’s your point? I guess that’s what I find so confusing.

Answer by Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!
This question confuses me. No one is “given” a familiar. Who do you think is giving them, and why do you think you would or wouldn’t get one?

I don’t know what possible definition you are going by if you think a human might be a familiar.

Familiars are not a part of Wicca nor of mediumship. They are a part of witch folklore, in which the familiar is actually a demon in disguise. I really hope you haven’t suggested that’s what your wife might be.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you know someone who can communicate with people who have passed away?

Hello yahoo users, I have been looking for a psychic-medium who can communicate with my cousin ariana she passed away on Sep 7, 2010. she was only 12 years old, her whole life she was in and out of the hospital and doctors never knew what was wrong. They did plenty of tests on her but she never was able to get better, I just want to know what was the cause of her death. Doctors told us it was “failure of the heart” but I don’t believe it..if anyone knows someone PLEASE let me know.

Answer by Phua
I think it’s best not to disturb the dead, you know. Because if you try this, they may feel that they have unfinished business on earth. And I feel it’s best they be left rest in peace after what they’ve been through on earth. No offence, buddy. I just want the dead to be left in peace, especially those who have been through a very slow and painful death.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what are types of psychics and how they work…..description?

Well a psychic told my mom she was psychic but she didnt tell her how. well for example: a psychic medium and their description.thx

Answer by Malcolm D
There is only one type of psychic… they are called frauds.

Answer by Smash It Up Darwin
Well, there’s the psychic that really believes he has psychic abilities but who is honestly mistaken. There’s also the psychic that knows he’s a liar but doesn’t care.

Answer by Old Timer Too
The area of “future viewing” is in the realm of the fringe sciences and include premonitions, ill feelings about something (maybe not even identifiable), and psychics like the real Allison DuBois, upon whose work, the early episodes of the tv series “Medium” are based. Whether the medium has dreams (as in the series) or simply impressions of something, I cannot say.

No one really knows where these abilities come from, but there are plenty of people who do _not_ have the ability, but pretend they do.

This is yet another area where science falls short in its ability to successfully apply scientific method and come up with reasonable (and verifiable) theories (explanations for the phenomenon). That is one of the reasons this kind of thing is relegated to the category of a “fringe” science.

Because this phenomenon has great potential to make money, there are a lot of con/scam artists out there, playing on the public’s gullibility and as a result, there are a lot of skeptics (including myself). In many cases, they are just very good at reading a person’s reactions to things they say and drawing conclusions from those reactions. There are a number of cop and mystery tv show episodes and films that have stories involving this kind of thing and there is some truth in what they portray (in the case of con artists using a person’s body language).

The idea of a medium speaking with the dead or of a “Ghost Whisperer” is something that I reject. The idea that a person can receive some kind of “dream” or “vision” regarding some person or event is more believable, but at a personal level and not something for public consumption, and it is not something that would be an on-going phenomenon. Otherwise, science could address it with some level of reliability.

TDs are fine for the opinions I have expressed in my response to your question.

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