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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m looking for a Psychic / Medium for a free reading.?

I’m looking for someone to give me a free psychic reading through email or IM.

Answer by Common Sense..
Ask again later.
That’ll be $ 35.00

Answer by BlackForest
Tell me your question… and I will see what I can do…

Answer by going postal
free, what do you think this is? you gotta pay big $ for a reading. I am a psychic and could help you but I’m not a medium, I’m an XL.

Answer by Trudgin’ the Road…
You can’t handle the truth, so I’m not gonna help you.

Answer by nibbles46
You mean that one of them didn’t figure out you needed them and called you?

Answer by Marixa
I’m psychic and i predict your search here will be pointless.

Answer by Dan -E-
The answer to question 3 on your next school test will be “c.”

Answer by yohanestoro
Real witches or psycics use evil spirits for their work…

God has warned us several times not to deal with any of them…

Deuteronomy 18

Don’t Do Disgusting Things
Moses said to Israel:

9Soon you will go into the land that the LORD your God is giving you. The nations that live there do things that are disgusting to the LORD, and you must not follow their example. 10-11Don’t sacrifice your son or daughter. And don’t try to use any kind of magic or witchcraft to tell fortunes [d] or to cast spells or to talk with spirits of the dead. 12The LORD is disgusted with anyone who does these things, and that’s why he will help you destroy the nations that are in the land.

Answer by THE FISH
It’s not that easy to read people the way that you want to do it.

We can try if you want to try.

I was reading about paranormal states for a while and then I went straight to this tag and thirty seconds later I read your question.

What made you ask the question?

Answer by Tillman
free psychic or medium online at

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What am I? am i a medium/psychic?

I can sense the presence of dead energies and i can tell when there is a spirit around when other people can’t. ( i am not religious in ANY way) I’ve always had an odd “sixth sense” type thing even as a baby according to my mother. Theres a spirit in my dads house, and i feel him constantly. just hanging around in the hallway, yet nobody knows or feels it like i do. He’s a man and i can feel it.
If you have any idea, please let know, or if i’m not a medium but something else? Thank you!
Please be serious.

Answer by eri
No, those aren’t real abilities. You just really wish you had magical powers, so you’re imagining that you do. Spirits have never been shown to exist, and I’m pretty sure you just made up the ‘dead energy’ thing. You’re just pretending you can sense things that aren’t there. Since they aren’t there, your claims cannot be tested. Which means they’re not real. I’m guessing when you said ‘please be serious’ you really meant ‘please buy into my fantasy world’. Sorry.

Answer by Anna
I would suggest that you’re just very open to these sorts of things when the people around you aren’t. I suppose in a way you have a sixth sense.

Go you!

Anna x

Answer by Furious Unicorn
Dead energies and sixth senses are not real, no one else can feel it because there is nothing there to feel. You are over imaginative and you can blame your mother for putting the idea that you have some magical power in your head.

Answer by JENNY
Dead people are everywhere.

We are walking on dead people, living on dead people, odds are some of the water you drink, was once part of a dead person.

If you could sense “dead energies” you would be die yourself of claustrophobia.

I realize you are just trying to be different and special. But this is not it.

And I am serious.

Answer by Temperance
A medium can talk to the dead, a psychic can see the dead.
You can “sense” the dead, but you really don’t see them? I’d say you’re a medium.
(because your picking up their presence, so I take that as their form of communication to you)

I know you’re not religious, but the bible does teach that every person who dies, is of sleepeth. That means they don’t walk the Earth, nor do they go to Heaven or Hell, that’s not until judgment day (in fact Hell doesn’t even exist right now) they just sleep. (There’s a reason why people say “rest in peace”.
The bible tells us that every spirit we sense/hear/see are “Demons”.

I am a Christian and I do believe that. Especially after I caught this on video camera:

(It’s more of a EVP)

All I’m saying is, just be careful.

Answer by TardisAndTheHare
Everyone is a psychic, but many lack strong ability, so they don’t even know that they have any psychic power.

You are not only psychic, but if you can really do what you say you can, you are strongly psychic.


There are plenty of posters who came into this paranormal forum to blast away at those who claim that they have some ability.

It is very lonely to have psychic powers and think that you are weird or the only one who has it. You would feel a lot better locating and befriending others with the same powers.

You could also play games to test your powers (ask your friends how many fingers you are holding up, etc). Such games are fun and they confirm your powers.

I think that the non-believers need to read a little about the Stanford University and SAIC research, and read what statistics professor, Dr. Jessica Utts has to say (currently she teaches at UC Irvine, and was a researcher with that pscyhic study of Stanford and SAIC).

Apparently psychic abilities are real (proven by tests and statistics, and accepted as real by numerous government agencies that used them over the years).

The reason that the US government stopped its Stargate program (not to be confused with the modern sci-fi TV show), is that the psychics were unreliable (there is quite a statistical error in their readings. . . too much for some kinds of espionage).

Stargate used average folks mostly, not strong psychics.

These non-believers need to read more about psychics and the things that they predicted.

Answer by Kevin7
Science says E.S.P is not real

Answer by Wascally Wabbit
-How to Tell if you are Psychic

If a person wants to know how to tell if you are psychic, there are a few simple things which can be done. Knowing how to tell if you are psychic is simply a means of testing one’s own astral talents. One way to know how to tell if you are psychic is if vibrations, or even receive visions, come from articles of clothing or other personal belonging? One may be able to know what a stranger is going to say before they open their mouths. Possibly, we simply know that we will meet someone important by being at a certain place at just the right time. These are all examples of how to tell if you are psychic.

Just being able to know how to tell if you are psychic will help you understand those talents a little better. Astral powers are within us all, they are really nothing more than the cosmic vibrations that make up every object and interaction in the universe. Astral abilities, after all, are made possible by the most basic bits of matter in existence. As particles smaller than atoms bounce against one another, their very vibrations echo in our minds, providing us ways to know how to tell if you are psychic.

Yes, we can know how to tell if you are psychic. By learning to measure the levels of your attunement, and learning to tune oneself more completely, the first step is taken. Awareness of everything that goes on around us is critical, as well as being mentally open to experiencing those things that cannot be seen. How to tell if you are psychic is as simple as opening one’s mind. It will soon become obvious that many things that have always been taken for granted are, in truth, fueled by enormous astral energies.

The first method which deals with how to tell if you are psychic is to be aware. Make a note every time someone says “that was like reading my mind!”, and know the processes that made it happen. When presented with a fantastic coincidence, recognize that it was not accidental, but driven by tiny forces as powerful as the sun’s rays. Being able to understand that chance is nothing more than a way to explain these forces, starts us on our way to knowing how to tell if you are psychic. Learning how to tell if you are psychic is exactly the same as teaching yourself to use those very traits.

Answer by Doctor
Despite Eri’s usual boilerplate answer that these things are not real, the ability to see auras and ghosts is called clairsentience. That’s the ability Melinda Gordon has on the Ghost Whisperer; it usually starts in childhood with kids seeing “imaginary playmates” and as most people grow older they tend to lose the ability to see into the super-spectrum, but some psychic people keep that ability as they grow older. This ability is different from mediumship only in degree: some can see or sense an entity and others can communicate with them as well.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever had a good experience with a psychic/medium?

I am considering seeing a medium to try and contact loved ones that have “crossed over.” I have never actually heard anybody saying they’ve had a good experience with an actual psychic/medium before. Is there anyone who actually has had a good experience with one?

Answer by josh mctav
They tell you what you want to hear, I know people who had good experience but no it is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is fake, but it can be good if you don’t know that it is fake

Answer by Aaron
I’ve had one, but it was for free and had nothing to do with people who’ve “crossed over”…. I don’t usually believe in psychics, most of them just tell you what you want to hear so you give them money….. I definitely don’t believe in them contacting loved ones…. like that john edwards guy, he’s a real douche

Answer by J
Yes. Mary Occhino. She has her own psychic talk show on Sirius radio. You can call in and get a quick question answered. She also does email readings, phone readings, video readings, and in-person readings. And yes she can communicate with the deceased. She lives in New York and she is totally legitimate. It’s pricey to get a reading from her (even electronically)and there’s a long waiting list to see her in person, but she will change your life.

Answer by natasha
Yes. I have had plenty of readings with mediums before I found out that I was a medium. I just do it on the side now because I don’t like attracting a lot of spirits around my child. Its actually exciting. Whoever you are trying to contact will be very excited that you want to talk to them. They are always trying to get our attention. If you believe in them you will notice them. If you don’t you will never notice them around you. They even ride in the car with you and check on you when you are sleep. They are always around mediums because they have a light around them. Mediums can talk to them and sense when they are around. I occasionally have unwanted spirits in my home. The ones that don’t honor my wishes to be left alone. A medium can control the spirits too. If you want I can give a number to a great medium. She doesn’t cost that much but you will be defiant to be in contact with your loved one and possibly other family members you never met. Email me. Good Luck.

Answer by William
I work with a psychic/medium whe doing ghost hunts. The only time she charges is when someone specifies when they wish her to be in a specific place at a specific time. Her observation is that since she cannot guarantee results, how can she justify charging. I would stay far away from anyone in the field who guarantees results, and I am leary of those who charge for readings. Historically the people with abilities largely supported themselves via other means and merely accepted whatever was offered when someone wished their services, be it of large or small value. Of course for truly serious matters, historically you made the request for help, including giving what you offered, and the person with the abilities had three days to consider whether or not to help.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on psychic mediums

Amazing Stories of A Real-life Psychic Medium

Written by Goddessmother

In a reading you may want to ask about:

A loved one who has passed (I am often visited by spirits and angels) “Can you tell me if my Auntie is with us?” Does my mother have a message for me?”
Love and romance. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” ” Will we marry?” “When will I meet my true Love?”
Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
Career. “Will I change jobs soon?” “Will I get the promotion?”
Pets: “Where is my lost cat?” “Why does my dog look so sad?”
Past lives: “Did I know my boyfriend in a past life?”
Guides: “Tell me about my guides.”
Health. “How can I get more energy?” “Why am I so stressed out?”
Spiritual growth. “I think I am gifted. Do you see these gifts?” “Why am I at a stuck point?”

General advice comes as naturally to me as answers to specific questions.