Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m thinking of seeing a psychic…any advice?

It’s just something I’ve always been intrigued in and wanted to experience.

What should I expect?

And what are some of your experiences with psychics? Completely accurate or way off base? Did you get any important guidance.

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
What qualifications are needed to say a person is “psychic”? How does one know how good this person is?

There is a million dollars waiting for the first person that can simply prove such an ability. This has been offered for over ten years. If psychic are real to the point of being common, why won’t they win the prize? They will have a million (instead of nickle and dime “customers” for a living) bucks and prove to the world that psychic ability is true. They can name their price for service and get it.

Which “psychic” would you base your trust on? The one that you take their word for or the one that has proved their talents to science?
Until this money is won, there is no such thing as psychics.

Edit: Read the rules. You make the claim you produce the evidence for testing. Can’t seek out what does not exist.

Evidence for Bigfoot should be easy. How about some hair or bones for DNA testing? What does Bigfoot and UFO hunting have to do with psychics anyway?

Answer by Meg
Yeah, and Randi also refuses to go on investigations with TAPS, go with MOUFON on an UFO search, or go with any investigators to look for Cryptid’s (I.E bigfoot). So how are you going to beleive in something you are not willing to experience?

As for a reading:

Past: I’m seeing that perhaps you have been a deviant, whether it be refusal to do your homework, pay your taxes or maybe your harboring a secret you don’t want to tell people about because you’re doing something that isn’t “On the beaten bath” This has been causing you some stress. Possibly even you’ve had some nightmares about this issue however they are now becoming less and less frequent probably because you’ve decided to do something about it.

Presently: You are experiencing somekind of impoverishment, whether it be a spiritual one. (Perhaps you haven’t been sticking to your guns religously speaking.) Or Maybe you don’t have any faith in anything at all. Sometimes the card I got comes up when you are having a lot of trouble making it financially through the day. (And if this IS the case what the hell are you spending money on a Psychic for?) Also, I’m seeing that this is because of some bad news that has left you feeling unmotivated perhaps even lazy about trying anything else to fix any problems you’ve been having.

Future: If you don’t fix things soon you are going to have somekind of rude awakening, possibly even be separated from something or someone you love for the greater good. Even if you don’t see it at the time. Conversly what ever it is is going to send you into a greater moment of prosperity. Sometimes this card comes up when you graduate school and have more time to devote to work, or when you reach a better understanding about money.

Answer by Pufferella
I would have to say, that disclaimer is awesome.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Womanly advice & psychic’s?

Okay so I had my last period 
February 16 by the way(I have irregular periods)… 

So I took a pregnancy test this morning bfn :/ 
So what do y’all think should I test again? Online calendar says I was supposed to start again on the 11th of march. But I know those calendar’s are not really accurate & with my period being irregular doesn’t help. 

& to the psychic’s that may answer the question could I be pregnant or not?

Thanx 🙂 for any advice

Answer by Lindsey
Am I pragnant or when am I goin to get I goin to get merried

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I prove to people that Im a REAL psychic and not a fraud like so many others?

Ive been on TV Many times and even have videos of my accurate predictions and celebrity readings online, But some people still call other “psychics” for advice, who are a few bucks cheaper but they are really not ethical….It bothers me so much to know they are getting ripped off. How would you handle this?

Answer by yoshican
stop using your “powers” for MONEY!

Answer by Kristina
tell me who am I going to marry and what’s my future like and if you can tell me something about my past…well the hot damn!

Answer by Ryan
people make their own decisions you know that! Maybe you should charge less then you are charging… the ability you have is a gift and shouldn’t be used for your own personal gain.

Answer by faller217
don’t ever talk about being psychic again. Then you will be respected.

Answer by rick
If you are truly a psychic, you know what i’m going to say.

Answer by yathay
The James Randi foundation is willing to scientifically test Psychics. If you pass the test, you win a million dollars too.

Answer by gnomus12
Well, I guess if you are a psychic you would already know the answer…

Answer by Mcnae
well, im no physic person, but dont dress goofy. NO chrystal balls, nothing. if you know names of the people your reading, thats a good idea to say in the beginning.

Answer by Lesions
Without Dionne Warwick’s endorsement, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Answer by Happy C
If you’re a real psychic, then you’d never post here because you’d know the answer to your question. LOL.

Answer by MeRkiLy
Frauds can only predict like 20 seccodns i nthe future.. I.e “you will ahve to go to the bathroom really soon”


Nah youll be able to tell if this person inst too spookey. like “let me gaze into my chrystal ball”

I dotn think a psychic would need a crystal ball.

lolz thats all I got



Answer by John
Send me an email with my real name and how things will turn out with my best friend, if you’re right I will vouch for you =P

Answer by Amanda:D
what ryan said…

Answer by LunaMoon
people who want a cheap psychic will get cheap and crappy advice just be happy knowing that after they realize how truly horrible of a psychic experience the fruads provided they will come to you 😀

Answer by Sly
I would change careers because this is a load of crock. I pity the people who believe in this. Now that i’ve offended you I’m probably going to suffer a terrible death in the near future aren’t I? Haha.

Answer by Olga
If you’re really psychic, you should be able to predict our answers!

Answer by Soul Butter
To be honest..
people are never going to believe you fully.
..Well, not everyone. It’s just a luck of the draw.. and being a professional psychic advisor is a lot like being in show business.
You just have to try your best at convincing your clients, to keep a recurring clientel to assure you’re comfortable in your business venture.

If you would like, maybe try a more competitive services rate, and if you make a t.v. appearance.. try to get a reading of the viewers themselves to really shock them.
Haha- as in: You telling old Frank Smith to get his hand out of the chip bag…and whaddaya know?! You’ve convinced poor old Frank, or at least spooked him.
Haha, I know it doesn’t work that way- but it would be cute.


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