Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is it bad to get your hand read by a psychic?

i want to go to a psychic really bad should i go?

Answer by Imiko
I don’t think it’s bad to get your hand read by a psychic the results may not be what you wanted but you might want to make sure their certified or something before you go cause there’s a lot of faker’s out there.

Answer by Fireball
no it is a waste of $ $ but try some astrology books for compatibility stuff…LOVE SIGNS BY LINDA Goodman is good.

Answer by Lin
Why don’t you start out by getting a reading on ebay for just a few dollars to test it out. You can get them cheap, by email, and you can read the feedback to make sure the psychic is accurate and all the buyers are happy with the readings. All you need to do is send your name and birth date. Simple! Good luck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can good psychics be wrong with timelines?

..or is it that timelines can change depending on how much you have been staying positive and focused on the thing you wanted to happen? I had a timeline for three days twice by two different psychics I would say were both very good since they gave surprisingly accurate information about what has been happening recently. But a week has past and it has n’t happened yet. I do believe it will happen I’m just wondering why both psychics said that within three days someone who is very important to me would contact me again and he has n’t. We have been speaking recently so it’s definately far from impossible that he can contact me again. It’s a complicated situation but I am just not in a position to be the one to initiate contact with him this time.

Answer by riverotter7
I’ve read cards and given readings for almost twenty-five years and the one thing I’ve found is that Time is like a River. It moves and no reading is static. I’m not doubting that both readers gave you decently accurate looks at *now* but seeing furtures is much more diufficult. I’ve always told my questioners that the reading I’m giving is for now and that it can change depending on their own actions. We can be very wrong with timelines. A reading’s future really does hinge on what the questioner does after the reading. Good luck.

Answer by Jess
Well, in the the realm of the spiritual, supernatural – whatever you want to call it, time isn’t really linear. So, the important part is the 3. It can mean three days, or three weeks or three months or three years or three moons… the fact that both felt it was three days can mean that it’s not three years but something sooner. Now, yes a phychic reading of any kind is only a glimpse or window of what will happen if all the contributing factors remains the same as they are at the time of the reading. By your very knowledge of the reading it could alter the path, although it’s not usually that drastic. One normally has to make a conscious effort to change something signifigant.

Hope this helps.

Answer by Dose of Reality
Hogwash. When psychics guess right, it’s “see? That’s amazing!” and when they don’t, suddenly it’s “well, days can be months and time is not linear”. Don’t you see? We try to make whatever they tell us “fit” what actually happens, regardless of what does! See only what we want to see. We notice only the hits (the hits are more exciting!) and ignore the misses, or try to make the misses “fit” what happened. Oo! She said a door! That could have meant my front door, or the door to opportunity, or the back door to my thoughts!

Good for you for noticing that in your case, no matter WHAT anyone says, your psychics completely and utterly missed! My sincere advice to you is to realize that psychics are a waste of your energy and money. Start looking at what it is you want in life and pursue it. The real world has far more opportunity and is more interesting. I hope your person contacts you soon. I, too, used to believe in psychics until I read a life changing book called “The Demon Haunted World” by Carl Sagan. Pick it up. It’s a wonderful read, and will make you more excited to delve into the mysteries of the real world instead of the misty vagueness of smoke and mirrors and guessing games about important things in your life.

Answer by Countessa
Remember the tarot cards never lie be warned!!

Answer by Starfish
Hmmmm… I’m gazing into my crystal ball now, it’s starting to come into view yes! The answer is yes.

Answer by psychic-junkie
Timing can be fluid.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do tarot cards and palm readings work?

my friends and i are thinking about going to some psychic place this weekend for a good laugh…but at the same time i can’t help but wonder if they’re going to be true. any experiences?

Answer by shermynewstart
Stay away from that stuff.. You can invite evil.

Answer by Bobby S
Yeah, I’ve tried it. They are completely full of crap- about on level with fortune cookies. As you said, though, it’s good for a laugh, and it’ll be a neat story to tell your other friends. And hey, anybody can get lucky doing those readings. If it happens to come true, thats a REALLY fun story!

Answer by lil pit cat 71
if you have an open mind listen and if you hear truth cool if you hear bologna youll get your good laugh

Answer by kj
It’s a parlor game, pure and simple. It will entertain, but that’s it.

Answer by The Great DP
NO, they don’t work. the only way they would is through demonic possession. Don’t go, it’s only opening your mind to satanic things. Only God can know the future, what ever he chooses to share with us is a privilege. Looking for it is against God’s law.

Answer by elmjunburke
They sure do work, depending on how superstitious and stupid you are.

Answer by territheterribleliar
depends on the person you go to. my experience in reading cards is that it can suggest the answers to your problems , but you are a free agent to act or react to what is told to you.

Answer by red stick
they are not. they fool you and you lead them on. if u’re dumb enough to go to one u’ll be dumb enough to fall for it and actually think about what they tell u so much in ur head that u will really believe it’s happening. they play with ur mind and they take ur money. horaay!

Answer by amber
If you get an intuitive who really knows her craft and is compassionate towards the people she works for, also known as clients,….you will be in for quite a pleasant surprise……if not, you will just be in for a surprise…….
good luck
hope it works out the way you wish

Answer by Melissa M
Don’t mess with that stuff. Satan will give them enough info to make you say…..”OMG! This is real! There is no way she could of known that.” But that is the extent of it. They just want your money. Don’t be a sucker for it, like millions of others. Do something else.

Answer by K.B.
They certainly work for the person charging money for a reading!

As far as psychics etc, just ask James Randy.

Answer by Gypsy Whitemoon

Answer by shy_bell80
be careful with some of this people some are out to get ur money. i’ve heard storeies where they scam people for lots of money. be aware of ur sourroundings.

Answer by Joa5
I’d say save your money and buy a Tarot deck and an interpretation book yourself. And no, you don’t have to be psychic to read cards, it’s actually pretty simple. You can buy them either online, at a spirituality store (usually under “occult” in the Yellow pages), or at a chain bookstore like Barns & Noble.

The reason is that most of these people will take your money and then tell you whatever they want to tell you. They don’t have to tell you the actual interpretation of the cards, or lay the cards out in an actual format. But if you’re just going for a laugh, there’s no harm in that either, and if you’re lucky you might actually get a Tarot reader who’s not a scam artist.

Good luck!

Answer by Hecate’s_witch
the tarot cards and the palm readings are real.and they do work for individuals.but the key is to believe in the cards.if you believe in the cards than they will work for you in your have to let your mind and your spirit go to see the truth of the cards.if you cannot,than maybe the tarot cards are not meant for you to try.hope this helps.
bright and dark blessings,
Hekate’s dark witch)O(

Answer by hello
fake crap is all made up its unholy if ur catholic

Answer by Hatir Ba Loon
Wow, so many hostile answers….

Just go for a laugh, have a good time, and don’t let them talk you into buying anything….

Most times, when you run into someone who is doing a “psychic place” (I assume you mean a fortune teller), then it’s just a fun bit of entertainment fluff, sometimes you get the ones who will try to scam you for more money…but it’s usually just harmless fun.

Tarot can be a very useful spiritual tool, a way of peeking around in your subconcious, in a bit easier to deal with way…there usually will be some flashes of insight and intuition, but most of the time it’s just taking advantage of all that unused computing power of the mind, just another way of letting the subconcious talk….

Then there will be the unexplained things that can happen, and that is where the real mystery will be located…

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