Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to live in our own world or do we usually succumb to the real world around us?

Where do you fit in and how have you been managing?

Answer by Jimmy
lol no you can believe no one else lives in the world but you, but that will only last until the next person you see.

Answer by CUTE GUY
Yes. It is possible to live in one’s own world, but only in dreams. The moment your eyes are open you have to face the harsh reality of actual world or life

Answer by los
i live in my own world…

it is so far away from this world nothing can impinge upon it…

Answer by Nickie G
Is anyone really here to begin with? You cannot live in your own world because there is always some a hole that will have a problem with how you are living. The world is a cruel and ugly place , I have been so fortunate as to see it from the dark side as well as the real world. All i can say is lock your cars and if you like your belongings don’t leave them outside. You can try with all of your might to stay safe and keep your kids safe but you can’t keep them forever. There is a drug dealer or gang banger on every street in every neighborhood and as long as that is the case , no one is safe .I am praying that guns will be outlawed and anyone who commits murder or rape is executed upon conviction,and molesters will be castrated by the victim or relatives of the victim.

Answer by Sean
I’ve lived in my own world my entire life, nothing interests me in the real world.

Only in solitude does one find true freedom.

Answer by Daniel
I would invite you to my world but unfortunately then it wouldn’t be.

Answer by Nick Gianatasio
No matter what we live In our own worlds. Here’s why:
We can’t truly know anything about the physical world if it exists. We only know what we perceive. this can change, but whatever it is, it’s the reality you experience; thus the only world relavent to you. Hope I helped.

Answer by peter_mdt
We do live in our own world and we do succumb to the real world around us. That is what we call managing, organising, life.

Answer by Minski
what real world?

you mean THIS? You call this real?

man, come in for a landing…

jesus christ. Nicki G. WTF did they DO to you???!

Answer by Alina
Usually, we live with others. And those others should not be the “Hell” of Sartre, if at all possible.
But nowadays, we like to put the headphones on our heads and listen to our music, and be in our own world, at least for awhile.
Well, even with that, it is not possible! You always have people who manage to barge in and trouble your peace.
It happened today to me. I was minding my own business, I went shopping alone since the woman who was supposed to call me and go with me did not call. After that she got mad!
She accused me of all sorts of things, depriving her of her “duty to take care of her guests” (?).
I was flabbergasted, and I cried a lot. I am so used to do everything alone in the US, even for long distances, even in Canada, far in the the rural areas, deserted. I manage. I always manage!
So, what was her problem? And she did not apologize for not calling!!!!
No, I had to apologize for not waiting until night to buy Indian clothes!

Well, see, Mystic Paradigm, even when we do not want to burden people, even when we manage, they can find pretexts and all kinds of causes to remove the smile from your face.

But we must go on, and make statements! Which I did, of course!

I like to see people, only when they are not obnoxious, and when they are respectful enough to be silent when they think that MAYBE you made a mistake!

I texted them that I really prefer to be alone, and that I can manage…. they came back!

Total miscommunication!

Let us hope for better days, always, and let us keep smiling no matter what.

Answer by Mag
of course it is possible till they get hungry and have to go to the first super market or restaurant….

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : The Philosophy of Life for People on Earth?

Consider this picture:

We are born on a cruel planet earth.
Live life on a planet where there is more sorrow than joy.
King Solomon said that the life of a human being is short and full of anguish.

Pretend there is no life after physical death.

MY QUESTION: Is that sad or what? We live, work night and day and then die? The Bible talks about life after physical death but NO ONE recently has been in the grave and back to talk about it. So, what is the meaning of human life?

Answer by stephanie
there are good things about life too that you have to realize.

..figure it out

Answer by Happy Hiram
The holocaust does not turn my birthday cake to ashes.

Answer by I am King
It is sad at first. I’m beyond the sad stage. I embrace life for what it is because it truly is all that I know.

It just is.

Answer by Snezzy
Occasionally you’ll hear the suggestion that instead of religion you should investigate the writings of novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand. She covered a lot of territory in her novels ‘The Fountainhead’ and ‘Atlas Shrugged’, and she put together a philosophy that she intended as a guide for living on earth. She had no use for mystics of any sort, either those who promised pie in the sky or those who promised stolen pie.

Answer by Wraxtiorre
1. There is something unsettling about our existence, perhaps it is caused by the fact that we have consciousness and are able to communicate it, or perhaps it is because we consider ourselves to be the only sentient beings on this planet. There are those of us who accept the non-answers for this question and go on our merry way, believing in this new (albeit false) principle for our lives, and then there are those who know that it must strike a chord in us to be true. Maybe those who accepted the non-answers had that experience, too, and prove silently that such a criteria is an inappropriate measurement for this question. Life’s Meaning is simply an ordering principle which does nothing more than give us a sense of direction by showing us where we are.

2. Work, work, work! Perpetuating the species is neither a sensical nor nonsensical thing to do. It’s the genetic purpose of living beings. Even plants do it. The purpose of procreation (i.e., the meaning of Life) is an individual effort, almost a competitive struggle. “I procreate so that my progeny can outnumber the other guy’s progeny.” That’s what procreation is all about. Life itself and the fact that we have brains is merely something to pass the time inbetween children. Gee, that’s kinda depressing. I’m glad I disagree with it.

3. Godzilla doesn’t have any religion. Should I be afraid of you? There is a tiny little earthworm crawling up out of the drain in my bathtub swirling around in the ceramic basin, squirming in the light with all the stinging soap-stains, and I look down at it and wonder, “What is the point of your life? You’re not Godzilla. I’m not afraid of you! You’re nothing but a little worm!” Contradiction: No Religion, but “life is so godless.” Oh, I get it. You’re a paradox!

4. If you can say “Cogito ergo Sum,” a predatory carnivore will be tempted to eat you!

5. Yet another in the continuing struggle of the 42-ish quandary of conundrums! Is it time for yet another visit to the bookstore for yet another copy of that amazing technological invention (The Electronic Book-like device which has a huge yellow smiley face on it that calmly advises each reader, “Don’t Panic!”? Yes, the supposedly science-fiction notion of a paperless book in a portable electronic format is in fact a reality now. Does this constitute an existential crisis for Reality? What happens when the realm of science fiction becomes real objects readily available on the market? When Sci-Fi becomes reality?

6. Misconstrued. Most people who ask for the “Meaning” of Life are actually seeking an Answer to their sense of lacking purpose, and they want to be told what the purpose or intent of life is. Life has no meaning, inasmuch as an empty glass has no meaning. The glass only has meaning when you fill it halfway, because then you have done something incompletely, and have therefore failed. Or, on the other hand, perhaps you had filled the glass completely but only drank it halfway down, in which case you have still failed at something. There will always be somebody in your life who has been given the authority to convince you that your life is incomplete and therefore needs to be explained, explored or repaired. Whether this be an intentional discourse or a mere assessment on your part, it is still an intrusion against the “self,” and this causes weakness in your self-esteem, gives rise to fears of an impending Identity Crisis. You’re too established in your ways to have Identity Crises, and you don’t understand the thoughts that arise from an Existential Crisis, so you run around inside your head, wondering what the meaning of Life could possibly be. It cannot be what you used to think, because if it were true, you wouldn’t be doubting it, would you?

7. The dogs roam the streets in a cantankerous herd, packing like gerbils and swarming like birds, bellowing like vain breezes in trees, a soundless howl against the icy winds of Winter in a midwestern cornfield, and looking for strange lights in the skies (while we enjoy a peaceful reverie noticing the shape of Orion’s bow and arrow), and yet we toil in the soil mining for gold as we age mercilessly wailing at the waning of our lives.

8. We exist because we are here, and our sense of duty is determined by society. In an existentialist view, our meaning / purpose / value in Life is merely living it. Sometimes people recite the blind optimism that Life is a gift that should be cherished, but when you go to bed alone and stare at the ceiling, you get pretty saddened when you have to disagree and say that “It just is.” Sometimes people spout the famous aphorisms, unhelpfully, “Go where you’re most needed when you’re most needed.” and “Help others, join a charity, etc.” Others will spew contempt at you for posting a question which could conceivably be searched in the Y!A Indexes, but sometimes the point of posting the question yourself is the magic of having somebody talking directly to you.

Answer by C.P.
No, it’s not sad. If it wasn’t for life, what else would you be doing?

Answer by DoubleN3gative
The meaning of life is other people. It seems to work for me, anyway.

Answer by Misuse Of Muse Use
There can be nothing or there can be life, I choose the latter of the two. Even our worst days are better than nothing, in my opinion. It is how you look at it kid, I am sure that not everyone sees the world like you. Read other philosophical books other than the bible, it could help a bit.

Answer by nonoyawns
This may be so, but humans are on a smaller scale. Although in thought we can extend out outlook to cosmic proportions, it will not naturally last. This is simply because we have minds suited for the situations we find ourselves in. It is these small situations that define our happiness or sadness. Although a cosmic outlook on things can be rather depressing and make one feel insignificant, a specific, individual outlook can make up for this in that it grants the individual power over their own life. This is essentially existentialism. We are our actions. Because we act in more small, personal ways, these have a larger effect on our personal happiness and outlook. The cosmic perils are only a distraction for something we cannot control.
As the saying goes:
“The little things matter most.”
If you simply live your life the way you feel is ideal and reflect, you will be doing all you can in your own control. Angst and fear are fundamental to being humans in an uncontrollable and erratic world. However, it is the valuation of our individuality, of our freedom, that combat this, and it is on this focus that we must act to retain our sanity, and at least the prospect of happiness.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Spiritually speaking: do humans have a need to be controlled?

why is it that we must live by a set of rules? why do people have the need to push their rules on others? why do we feel the need to limit our possibilities?

Answer by Old Man Withers
we like to have leaders. even for everyday activities.

Answer by david
If not think about a car with the gas petal stuck
to the floor.

Answer by HW-7
If you look at the evolution of human culture, we seem to require the placement of responsibility and blame on outside sources. At this point in time, I think we all lack the ability for major decision making. We can look around at Western culture, and see all of the bad choices out there because the blame was put elsewhere. “My mommy didn’t love me,” “The cops hate my people,” “I didn’t have the opportunities others had.” External blame has required us to throw responsibilty onto others. So yes, we do need to be controlled.

Answer by Kris
People always try to take the path of least resistance.

Answer by ♥♥♥♥

Answer by UniversumExNihilo
Human Physiology is a lot more complicated then that.

In general, humans have a want to survive, and rules influence this. A society that punishes murder won’t kill itself.

If you are referring to religious rules, then it has to do with indoctrination, which alters many typical behaviors that are associated with the want of survival. It actually rewrites these desires much of the time.

Answer by moondoggy
Because we don’t want to be murdered in our sleep by some lawless maniac. You show me a society with no rules or government of some sort, and I will show you one man who killed all of the others and took their stuff.

Answer by Eileen
augh i really hate it when people feel as if being with God is all about rules!!!
it isn’t!!!
a Christian does not need a set of rules to live by!!! the 10 commandments are meant to point out the sin in our lives!
read this verse!

Matthew 22:36-40 (New International Version)

36″Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[a] 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'[b] 40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

the rules are not based on 10 laws!!! they’re based on love 🙂
what’s limitless about love?

Answer by zbdblues
Yes we do, we willingly allow it every day. Our school teachers and police and government are all trained in psychology. We subscribe to the idea of role models, we must buy the latest fashion and if it’s not in a tv commercial it don’t exist. We agree that our birthright is to owe taxes and that happiness equals success. We support ‘popular opinion’ as a measure of right and wrong, and allow ourselves to be led like sheep. Brainwashed from birth, all of us. Thank goodness for religion which teaches us that this is all temporary, and will someday replaced with a righteous government.

Answer by Skepsikyma
I can’t explain it any better than this:

“A mystic is a man who surrendered his mind at its first encounter with the minds of others. Somewhere in the distant reaches of his childhood, when his own understanding of reality clashed with the assertions of others, with their arbitrary orders and contradictory demands, he gave in to so craven a fear of independence that he renounced his rational faculty. At the crossroads of the choice between ‘I know’ and ‘They say,’ he chose the authority of others, he chose to submit rather than to understand, to believe rather than to think. Faith in the supernatural begins as faith in the superiority of others. His surrender took the form of the feeling that he must hide his lack of understanding, that others possess some mysterious knowledge of which he alone is deprived, that reality is whatever they want it to be, through some means forever denied to him.

From then on, afraid to think, he is left at the mercy of unidentified feelings. His feelings become his only guide, his only remnant of personal identity, he clings to them with ferocious possessiveness-and whatever thinking he does is devoted to the struggle of hiding from himself that the nature of his feelings is terror.

When a mystic declares that he feels the existence of a power superior to reason, he feels it all right, but that power is not an omniscient super-spirit of the universe, it is the consciousness of any passer-by to whom he has surrendered his own. A mystic is driven by the urge to impress, to cheat, to flatter, to deceive, to force that omnipotent consciousness of others. ‘They’ are his only key to reality, he feels that he cannot exist save by harnessing their mysterious power and extorting their unaccountable consent. ‘They’ are his only means of perception and, like a blind man who depends on the sight of a dog, he feels he must leash them in order to live. To control the consciousness of others becomes his only passion; power-lust is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind.”

Answer by Human Well Wisher
Yes Of-course humans should be in Control, in all Aspects.
This will result in misunderstanding.
A Bulb working on 240 Volts can not be connected to 440 Voltage I think you know what will happen,
Similarly a standing human can left his one leg, that is his limit,
A 1 litter bottle can not contain 2 liters.
A man cannot work for 24 Hrs per day.

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