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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to see the future through your dreams?

I keep having these dreams that have no point and i find them completely random at the time.
Then six months later or something the dream comes true. I don’t always have these dreams but when I do their completely accurate.

Have you ever had a dream like this?

Answer by Jeshua Reyes
Yes and no they are never exactly

Answer by Pink Panda
yah! it is 100% posably!

Answer by Parveen C
Yes it is possible to see the future in your dreams. From little pieces, to an entire moment. You will usually remember that you dreamed it when you see it in real life happen. I have that same thing happen to me. I hope this help somehow.

Answer by Emmy
My mom has those sometimes. I don’t know if it’s actually possible, but I think it might be. Sometimes me or my mom will dream that someone is pregnant and then someone gets pregnant. I had a dream about two people I had never seen before, and have seen them since. I think it’s possible, and I’m not superstitious.

Answer by Gamer
VERY possible… has happened a lot in real life

Answer by Douglas
deja vu is a very real thing. if it happens as often as you say it does, you probably have a calling to it, more so than any other joe. see if you can learn to do it on command, or if you can find particular things you want to see.

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind, which picks up on cues and clues that the conscious mind is in denial of. Basically, I believe that there are FOUR types of dreams: 1. symbolic dreams; 2. dreams that rehash the day’s events; 3. messages from the subconscious that are straight messages and not symbolic, and finally, 4 psychic/premonition dreams or dreams that actually predict coming events.

I have had many psychic dreams. It is a gift. Those who do not or have not had them do not understand the gift.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone have a psychic come up to them or been to a accurate reading?

Ive read a lot of psychic books and they all state they have done readings for years and some state they approach strangers. WHere are these civilians? Anyone ever meet james van prag? serious answers only and if your going to say they aren’t real please give a thoughtful reason why you believe they aren’t.

Answer by Arnaud
The problem is that it isn’t controlled by anyone, I could say tomorrow that i can “read you” just by some simple research..

and they can ask A LOT of money for it..

so far EVERY person tested for psychic powers (of any kind) has not been able to prove it

a good example is the episode of “The real hustle”

All i can say is I’m veryskepticall about it and have never ever heard of anyone (i can trust) saying it worked.

Answer by ChainLightnin’
You have the Net at your fingertips. There is a million dollars for the first person that can prove any type of psychic ability. No one has come remotely close.

Answer by NONAME
I am a psychic and back in about May of 1978 i told a guy named Bill Wolf that his Dad also named Bill Wolf was going to murder him! That murder took place on Aug. 13 and the body was discovered on Aug. 21 in 2 plastic garbage bags in the Red River! His mother lied to the police and told them that she had seen her son a day or 2 before the body was discovered. That saved her husband from suspicion! So after all these years this is still a cold case! But if the police would actually take a real look at what i told them they would not only prove that the paranormal is real but they would have solved this murder and a few others as well! I tried to tell James Randi about it but all he wants is for you to take a test

Answer by Christian in Jesus
Usually it is a sign that someone is about to steal your soul. When psychics bombard you, it just doesn’t stop happening. Usually clan of psychics will surround you, knowing that your soul is up for grabs, and they will challenge the entity. They can be helpful in the worse situations, but they aid in further eroding your silver cord and depleting your vital ectoplasm barrier. This is a side of psychics that very few people have ever see. But they are on site just like any emergency crew when you are critically spiritually damaged. They are unsung heros for that.

Praag is a medium. This is different from a psychic. And, he is a fraud. Mediums don’t theirselves enter into your spiritual body. They use either a method or material to read messages sent from your body to a object, place or thing and interpret what the object is saying. A psychic doesn’t use a middle man, like a medium requires. So either they are a medium or a psychic. It is generally a way to sniff out frauds. Barbara Walters proved that this so called medium is a fraud. When he predicted she was sick, she turned out to be, just fine.

Answer by James
Fake psychics go with general crap like, “You feel unfulfilled in your job”, “You are unhappy in a relationship”, “You thought your life would be different by now”, you know, statements that apply to 90% of us. I went to a psychic that so incredibly specific, and so incredibly accurate, it shocked the crap out of me. He described several specific circumstances regarding my brother’s death (and I hadn’t even so much as mentioned I had a brother that died) that nobody other than our family knew, he described several specific circumstances regarding my grandma’s spirit that have since been verified by five people. That guy was so incredibly accurate, and even more importantly, so incredibly specific.

Answer by Jess
I actually had an experience just last week while I was visiting Europe. I went to a back doctor because I was experiencing lower-back pains and half-way through the session when he stopped and started talking to me about things that I had never opened up about to ANYONE. It was all very specific and helpful and he didn’t ask me for any money for it. There are real psychics out there, yes, but don’t get your hopes up about those flashy, over-advertised ones.

Answer by Chris
have to agree with Jess. stay away from those who r advertised or ask u questions, or money except if they r doing it for a living. there are really clairvoyant people and they don’t ask u anything at all, they just know. u can ask though but better at the end! I met this old man 5 years ago, he read my hand for like a few minutes and the things he told me about my past and present situation were so for the future i guess i’ll have to wait and see as i have many more years to live here :p a few things have happened already

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there any free accurate fortune telling sites?

My aunt told my father there is one who is pretty accurate..whatever it predict came true.

Answer by Smack
Yeah…those are scams…just like horoscopes and fortune cookies.

Answer by Brighid
I consider fortune tellers and psychics to be frauds and charlatans.


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