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@Filmdrunk you can’t stretch that out to 30 min- she’s psychic. They walk in, “the defendant is liable for the high-phone” bam, show’s over

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How To Read Others Like A Psychic

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to sense when the phone is going to ring?

Okay, so the phone just rang, but about 10 seconds before it rang, I suddenly got up and went over to it without thinking. This has happened twice before.

Answer by Butterfly
That used to happen to me with my pager all the time! (yes back in the 90’s before everyone had a cell phone) lol

Answer by CrisTina
I think I can sense the phone before it rings too. It happens me all the time. Maybe we have a special gift.

Answer by seaeagle8709
I think sometimes a person can sense when something is going to happen. It comes under the unknown psychic abilities we have which are largely undocumented.
It’s like sensing what someone is going to say even before we hear it. Very mysterious indeed.

Answer by wi_saint
yes, there are times when I know that it is getting ready to ring.
Not a huge time like 10 seconds but right before.
I get an electrical feeling and then it rings.

Answer by 10acrebel88
It’s more of a matter you knowing the other person so well that you have an internal pattern of when they usually call or text. That and instincts tell you when someone is thinking about you because you are probably thinking about them.

Answer by Chris M
That happens to me too.

I was thinking it might be some kind of electrical activity. Like maybe our brains can somehow detect electricity or changes in magnetic fields. Ever notice how the cell phone can make the computer speakers make odd noises right before it rings?

I think psychic activity might be possible though especially if you know who it is before it even rings.

Have fun with it.

Answer by pendersh
i can usually sense a text!

Answer by rosey
coincidence is all that it is.

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