Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is it true that when you talk to a psychic through a phone or face to face,that psychic can feel other?

people that around you , for instance, let say you call a psychic,and want a reading done on you,but the psychic sense the energy from someone else in house, but the question is only for you?

Answer by JerryJ
No, but it’s true that they can sense a gullible person a mile away.I suggest enrolling in a critical thinking course.

Answer by Harley Drive
no such thing as a “psychic” there are numerous large prizes on offer for any provable psychic ability, america and russia have spent billions trying to find people with psychic ability every dollar has been wasted

Answer by Warriors_Of_Cupcake_ *Suspended*
A ”Psychic” Person that is connecting you in the internet and phone is a fraud/fake. Why? I tell you! Psychic is a person that is real you have to meet it in real life. The, person that is contacting you in the internet/phone is fake and if it is asking you for money is a scam artist and is no % is real. A real Psychic person will give you a reading for a low price I guess, and HAS to be in real life and well will tell you your furture. You can ”trick” the ”Scam artist”

If they start grasping for help, it’s a little suspicious… but it they say something like “Your mother’s name is… Maria? Maryanne?” and her name is Marie or Mary, you can say “Yes.”

If they say something like “I’m getting the letter “M” Do you know anyone with the letter M?” then say “I need a little more info…”

Be wary of anyone who cliams there is a curse on you. No such thing.

And be wary of any storefront psychic. A good psychic works by referral, not sitting in a store all day.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Good Phone/Email Psychics?

I’ve been having fun lately, visiting psychics and fortune tellers in our area. Some of them are really amazing. I even went for an email psychic reading from a blog (the author is psychic) and the stuff she wrote down — amazing. Literally solved a problem for me. She doesn’t advertise but I am an avid reader of her husband’s blog so that’s how I found out about her.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing a lot of the psychic ads on the web and I’d like to try them out for fun. Know any good ones? I’d prefer costs to be below $ 30 for a reading. Any suggestions?

Answer by Gummy
Steer clear. They are evil.

Answer by Colder
“Steer clear. They are evil.”

I loled

Answer by mamasquirrel
I wouldn’t trust any of those fools. And even though Sylvia Brown is right over 2/3 of the time (and I like her writings), she is still wrong often enough to make me doubt her words. Those that ask for money are in it for one thing only…the money, which a fool gladly gives away.

Answer by Wright Sense
Check eBay. You can verify their reputation and reliability by their feedback.

Answer by Gnostic Paladin
Honestly, a really good phone psychic would call YOU. 🙂

Answer by Mr Hemmroid
I look inside my crystal ball and I see ice cream in the mail for everyone. HA HA HA

Answer by psychic_intuitive
Email me and I will give you a free reading. Many Blessings!!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic Abilities!?

I am a 13 year old boy and many people that see this question will think I am messed up or have something wrong with me, I don’t believe I have psychic abilities, its just things lately have been really weird. Like recently I have been feeling many emotions, and I just know how people feel and I can like place myself in there situation and can feel deeply for them, I have been reading up on empathy, but im not sure if its just a phase thats happening to me. And also sometimes I am text messaging my friends and sometimes I just have this urge to pick up my phone, and 2 seconds I get a message, this has happened to me many times. But it is probably nothing, and I just wanted to know what people thought. No rude things please. Thanks.
Tanner, I really like your answer, Thanks so much. That makes me feel so great that someone knows how I feel and know what I’m going through. If you could could go to my profile and email me that would be great because I can’t get your email from yours. Thanks so much!

Answer by viper3532
You are not psychic, there is no such thing as a psychic. There has been well over two centuries of study searching for psychic abilities and the clear answer is that there is no such thing.

Answer by Tanner (enjoying summer)
Well… I’m a fifteen year old boy, and strangely enough the same things happen to me sometimes. You’ll be like, “Psh, he doesn’t understand what i’m talking about. He doesn’t know what it’s like.” But what you’ve said fits exactly what happens to me.

First off: You are not psychic. If that’s what you were going for, i’m sorry. There are no ‘mind links’ or “connections” between two human’s brains. Even true hypnosis is very rare, which is an entirely different topic all together… You can’t tell when a text message is coming, it’s just natural that you grab your phone when you expect one coming (but i’ll touch back on that in a minute).

As far as “putting yourself into people’s situations and feeling deeply for them”, you’re just a very emotional kid. I am too. I always have been. You and I are just very good at feeling for people, and we both care for others a lot more than most do. You can relate with others on a level that most can’t, and it makes you feel like you’ve got some bond with them, but you’ve just become very good at giving advice, counseling others, and talking to people about feelings.

Your phone is easily explained… Happens to me all the time. Chances are it happens when you’ve been texting someone a good while. I have a friend i text (literally) almost constantly now that it’s summer, and we may text back and forth for around an hour or two. Especially lately… After a while, you can kind of guess when you’re going to get a response. Even if you don’t think to yourself, “Alright, now seems like a good time to pick up my phone because i’m about to get a text…”, even though you don’t think that, subconsciously you’ve timed it in your mind, and you’ve averaged out when to pick up the phone and when to leave it be.

we seem very similar. feel free to email.

but trust me, you’re not psychic. lol. nope…

Answer by Shay
Its your intuition.

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