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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is Sylvia Browne indicative of all psychics?

I wanted to ask this seeing as Sylvia Browne is yet again in the news with egg on her face. This woman is the biggest charlatan. I was wondering though about everyone experiences with psychics or mediums and what you opinions about their abilities or lack thereof are…

Answer by Furious Unicorn
I guess you are referring to the fact that she told Amanda Berry’s mother that she was dead even though she was very much alive – just the latest in a whole career of horrible mistakes.

Yes all ‘psychics’ are the same, they make guesses and hope you don’t notice how very often they get them wrong. It seems to work for Sylvia, people are still prepared to pay several hundred dollars for a reading no matter how many predictions she gets wrong and how many grieving parents she hurts.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a way I can look back in time to see what everything used to look like as a psychic medium?

I don’t know all about mediumship, but is there’s anyway I can look back to see what this house used to look like 30 years ago, what color of the wall, etc? I’m not talking about communicating with the dead, I’m talking about what everything used to look like. Anyway I can do that as a medium?

Answer by Meetu
Y do u want to do tht? Its not good or safe to do it just for fun. Only wen its needed shud it be done.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How did psychics get the name mediums?

How did psychics get the name mediums? Just want to know where the name originated or how it came to be called medium. Thanks!

Answer by Clay
It was used in the early 20th century when Spiritualism was big. It originates in the idea of being the mediator between the earthly and spiritual worlds.

Answer by Liam
I think it’s because a phychic is the way a dead spirit communicates with the living, like a middle man, therefore a medium for them to communicate to us with.

The same way that sound waves need air to travel across the room for us to hear the sound:
The sound source (radio) vibrates and the vibrations shake the air particles in time with the music, and like a mexican wave the sound vibrations travel across the room to a person whos ears pick up the vibrations, letting us hear the music from the radio – In this case the AIR is the meduim.

That’s why when your in space nobody hears you screaming “Oh, Shite we’re all gonna die!”, because there’s no air in space.

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