Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is the year 2012 really the Doomsday?

should we worry about this? should we start repenting and get saved? and should we live life to the fullest while we still can?

Answer by The Tycoon
You need to get saved before you die regardless. You should be living life to the fullest regardless too. (legally)

I believe it very well may happen. A lot of speculation but we’ll see. ALWAYS be prepared.

Answer by 🙂
No. 2012, is NOT the year the worlds going to end. It’s just a time the mayan calender ended. .. So? You know? Doesn’t prove or mean anything. Everyone is recycling more, and trying to save the earth so why would it just end on a specific day? It’s nothing to worry about. Just a stupid myth. So don’t worry!

Answer by Andrew
Even if it was the end of the world the government would never tell us there fore we will never really know unless there some kind of leak which probably would be thought of as rumors and what not. But shouldnt we always live our life to the fullest you only get one chance to do so. and no you shouldnt worry about it cause you will never be sure

Answer by eigenfunxion
Remember what happened with the millenium bug? Imagine that but even less important.

Answer by daggerim
What a stupid question. As if anyone can tell you when the world is going to end.

Answer by Ren
I really don’t care. If you worried too much, then you’d stress yourself. Live your life as you want to even if the world would not end.

Answer by GMH »Cųßα«
This thing of 2012, Doomsday, the Mayans and their calendar, etc, it has all become so extremely popular and well known, that I’m certain, no, I’m convinced, that nothing of the sort will happen in 2012/

And, by your words of “repenting and get saved” I infer you’re a believer, Christian perhaps?
If that’s the case, your Bible says “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night”

If the end shall come, no one will know neither the hour nor the day (and certainly not the year).

And of that I’m sure, not because of the Bible but because that’s always been the way of death, nobody ever knows exactly when his time is up, it just gets you one way or the other, as a big surprise.

Answer by kwaaikat
For the last time, no.

Firstly, yes, it’s the last year that the Mayan calendar caters for. If the Mayan civilization still existed today, they would have invented a larger unit of time measure (as they had probably done before, when this happened). 2012 would simply have been the start of a new period.

Assuming the start end end dates were intended to allude to start and end dates of the world: The Mayan calendar’s start date is August 11, 3111 BC. We actually know the world is quite a lot older than that. So if the calendar was wrong on the start date , why would it be correct on the end date? What is easier, to analyze the past or to predict the future? I personally would not trust somebody that errs on the known past, to predict the unknown future.

Lastly, the Mayans were a great people. But there is little reason why we should hold their mystic powers in such high regard. They failed to predict the Spanish invasion.

Let me tell you one thing that is 100% certain though. Death, for many individuals, will come a lot sooner than 2012. For many it will come at short notice, much shorter than the 3 years to 2012. Those who die in road accidents will only get a split second notice, some even less. It’s a good idea to “repent and get saved” before you get served your notice.

Answer by Geoff G
No. There is no such thing as “Doomsday.” This whole thing is a hoax designed t sell books and TV shows.

Scientists don’t expect anything out of the ordinary to happen in the year 2012, or specifically on the date December 21, other than the solstice, which happens every year.

None of the “predicted” happenings for 2012 hold up under close scrutiny. “Planet X” and “Nibiru” simply don’t exist. The Mayan calendar ends a cycle, but there were no predictions of the end of the world. The Sun doesn’t line up with the galactic centre; it’s 6 degrees off. No asteroids or comets are actually predicted to hit Earth.

All of this stuff was put together by crackpots in order to promote their books and TV shows, and shamelessly promoted by the History Channel. Don’t take any of it seriously!

Answer by Ken E
21 December 2012: The Boilerplate Answer

We hear each day “two oh one two”
The kids all ask if it is true.
“Nibiru, the planet we must fear,
Or planet X shall soon be here.
The Mayan count runs to an end.
I was told this by a friend.”

Nibiru the hoax world of Sitchin
Fit only for the garbage bin.
Devoid of fact, reason or wit,
Science laughs at all the talk of it.

Of planet “X” Nan Lieder cries,
And yet she won’t look at the skies,
To come in four short years it’s true,
The damn thing must be now in view!

“Where is it?” Science asks with glee,
“You said, ‘Beware two thousand three!’
With Earth it didn’t make a tryst,
We’re very sure it don’t exist!”

Galactic lines are the next fright,
And yet the angles are not right.
“Six degrees off!” the scientists say,
“It happens near each solstice day.”
But it would no difference make,
You can be sure the thing’s a fake.

“Planets align!” or so some say
“It will be on that very day.”
Yet naught of fact now can they quote,
I’d like to take them by the throat
And try to squeeze some truth right in,
But murder now they say’s a sin.

Failed prophets, fools, those full of fraud,
Are people with whom we all are bored.

Copyright to me, and subject to “improvement” as
and when the inspiration strikes.

Ken E

No scientist has said this. No person who has any claim to common sense has this idea. The people pushing this are anti-scientists. They get their jollies from frightening kids and ignorant or stupid adults. They also make money out of selling worthless survival books, faked up disaster books and videos and attracting traffic to web sites.

This is the third time you have asked this. One more and you will be spamming as far as I’m concerned

Answer by Law & Order: Intarwebz Unit
Of course not. The 2012 rumours are based upon misinterpretations of the Mayan calendar, bizarre conspiracy theories and pseudo-scientific paranoia stemming from lack of understanding of astronomy.

The Mayan calendar: The Mayan Calendar’s current cycle ends in December of 2012. A number of tinfoil-wearing nuts seem to think that this indicates that the world will end on this date, and mistakenly believe that the calendar predicts such an event. In fact, this final passage in incomplete, and appears to be referring to an ascension, rather than destruction. Even if it was predicting Armageddon, though, that wouldn’t mean anything — the Mayan’s had no psychic abilities, just superstition. They were incredibly advanced in the fields of astronomy of mathematics for their time era, and were capable of accurately predicting celestial events that occurred over a thousand years later, but they did this through scientific means rather than any supernatural abilities. Without belittling their accomplishments — I am in awe of how much they did with so little — they didn’t know anything that we don’t know today… we are just as capable of predicting these same events, and are in fact more accurate in our predictions than they were, as well as having a better understanding of the cosmos. At any rate, if they were psychic, why wouldn’t the predict their eventual slaughter and destruction at the hands of the Spaniards over a millennium ago? You’d think they’d include such an important event on their calendars.

Planet X/Nemesis: Some of these same nuts think that there is either an extremely large planet whose orbit stretches out into the far reaches of the solar system at aphelion (the furthest a planet’s orbit takes it from the sun), yet comes in close enough to disrupt earth’s orbit at perihelion (when its closest to the sun in its orbit), or that the sun has a companion star (not uncommon in other star systems) which is currently too far out to observe. Said planet is referred to as either ‘Planet X’ or ‘Nibiru’, and said star is sometimes called ‘Nemesis’ (cute, huh?). In either of these cases, we’d most certainly already be aware of such objects based on discrepancies in the planet’s orbits and their effect on the sun, as well as the centre of gravity in the solar system. If one of these was close enough to be destined to arrive by 2012, we’d definitely know they were here — the gravitational effects, not the mention the radiation we’d be reading in the “nemesis” scenario, would be impossible to miss. Neither of these hypothetical bodies exist.

Galactic alignment: Long story short, the nutters say that the solstice sun align with the equator of the galaxy in 2012, again predicted by the Mayan calendar. First off, there is no reason to believe that such an event would destroy Earth, as the gravity, radiation, etc. affecting Earth would not be change in any major way by such an alignment. Secondly, these alignments has happened numerous times over the billions of years Earth has been here, and have neither destroyed the planet nor wiped life out. Finally, the alignment mentioned in the Mayan calendar already happened in 1998, and I’m quite sure that it didn’t destroy us. More pseudo-scientific rubbish.

Biblical revelations: First and foremost, taking the bible literally is completely anti-reality, given that modern science has proven that many biblical passages, in their literal context, are impossible. Even allowing for some leeway, however, it’s still not possible for the world to end in 2012 by the bible’s prophesies. The tribulation (a period of punishment and suffering inflicted by an angry God, including plagues, earth quakes and so on) mentioned in revelations can not start until certain prophesy has been fulfilled, including the rise of the Antichrist (there is no such individual in power right now who fits the criteria for the biblical Antichrist). This tribulation lasts for SEVEN years. So, even if the tribulation were to begin right now, the return of Jesus, the casting of Satan into the pit of fire, et al. would not happen until 2018. Of course, none of that matters, as revelations is total garbage anyway. As I said, a literal view of the bible is absurd in this modern era.

There are other conspiracies surrounding 2012, but those are the major ones. I wouldn’t worry about this at all. 2012 will come and go like any other year, without total destruction of the planet. Rest easy. 🙂

Answer by Eddie F




Answer by Alex Gerhardstein
haha well i did see a bumper sticker that said palin 2012!

but in all seriousness there is a slight chance that it may well be

there is an asteroid 35 miles long called toutatis that will be approching the earth around december 12 2012. luckily the likely hood of this object actually hitting earth is very low. for it to actually hit earth it would have to pass thru a key hole that is about a mile wide. and science has come a very long way with un manned space travel. there is a way were if we sent a probe to hover next to the asteroid we could change its trajectory enough to miss this keyhole.

just remember to live a good life but not a life dedicated to just enjoying yourself and you will be fine in either occasion.

Answer by David D
People who promote 2012 are doing so to sell books and advertising on their doomsday shows. After each “predicted” doomsday passes with nothing happening there is a new one invented. I have watched the 2012 Doomsday program on the History (Hysteria) Channel. The content isn’t about any real 2012 event happening and it isn’t about history. It is about selling books and selling advertising on the TV programs.

There is no scientific theory that anything unusual is going to happen in 2012. ZERO scientists believe that anything out of the ordinary will happen in 2012. It is all total CRAP. These people are interested in one thing – MONEY. And by listening to their programs and/or buying their books you provide them with – MONEY. The more MONEY they make the more twists and turns they invent to make it more interesting so you will listen to new TV programs so they can make even MORE MONEY.

If you had hogwash to sell wouldn’t you try and package it so looked like prime rib? That is just what these shysters are doing… selling to those who will listen – HOGWASH. Drink deep!!! They need MORE MONEY.

Answer by UnforgivenIV
yes it is and if you live your life to the fullest you will go to hell when doomsday comes. do what jesus wants you to do and pray everyday, submit to your husband and destory the infidels

Answer by Act now! Supplies are limited!
No, Chicken Little, the sky is not going to fall.

Answer by Stevie B
didnt the mayans all get killed or something ? like i think an army found them and like killed all the men and stuff or kept them as slaves..

tbh something happened and they just died off. altho they where extremely precise with astrology it ended when they got to the 21st of december 2012.

i dont get why its like 21/12/2012

too many ones and twos for my liking.

dont worry its nothing.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think this is essentially a good idea:Politicians are debating a draft bill which will require witches?

to apply for a permit and be judged on their accuracy.

It’s Romania

I will post the link after this appears on the board.

Shouldn’t the same rule also apply to psychics and fortune tellers? If they were required to provide evidence of their claims, would they cease to be able to operate in any legitimate way?
Edit: I love the witches response: ‘In response they cast spells on the country’s president and government.’
AnnieMac: Can’t let the opportunity to show ‘Mary loves Dick’ pass me by:
I second what Annie Mac says, ultimately nature can’t be predicted entirely accurately, but it’s more often than not is fairly accurate.
I don’t think there are any people with psychic abilities, admittedly some may believe they have powers/talents, but I’ve never seen a scrap of evidence that any have had such abilities.

Answer by AnnieMac
Haha, that’s really great and I’d like to see it here. Other businesses aren’t allowed to charge money for things they claim to provide but can’t in any realistic way, why should ‘psychics’ be any different? They should have to have a disclaimer saying ‘for entertainment purposes’ at the very least.

I’d love to see Derek Acorah and the likes in trouble for false advertising and exploiting people’s grief.

EDIT @ Mike H: That’s different, weather forecasters are making evidence based predictions and providing a useful service, and are honest about the error margins.

Answer by ONMYOWN
witches are good as long as you as male dont try to ride their broom

Answer by Mike H.
It’s an attempt by the government to gain extra income. Shouldn’t the penalty for bad results also apply to financial analysts, weather forecasters, and other professionals who make predictions in exchange for money? 🙂

Answer by Goblyn Queen
99.99% of psychics, seers and magickal practitioners in this world do not ask for money for any work they might do for someone else. For a witch or ceremonial magickian or shaman, you might be asked to pay for the cost of supplies. A candle, an herb or two and maybe a gemstone. At most, that would run you $ 6 in most places.

The law is ONLY for people who wish to enter a buisness, not for personal use, or doing it for people and not asking for monetary compensation.

Answer by SKILF
I wonder how accurate they’ll have to be. Will 100% accuracy be required? Will the vagueness of their predictions be taken into consideration? If a fortune-teller predicts that you’ll meet Mr. Right five years hence, who will track that prophecy to see if it comes true? Loopholes and more loopholes.

Answer by Ask A Mexican ¡Hola Princesa!
Meh, if people are dumb enough to pay for that let them.. I don’t see why this needs government enforcement. People go to psychics to hear what they want to hear, much like religion….

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : In what century are we on in nostradamus predictions?

i’m confuse……………in wat century are we on n0w in N0stradamus’s predictions?….bcuz i saw fr0m the net that there were 0nly XII (12) centuries in N0stradamus predictions……

Answer by Stephen C
Nostradamus is a big phony. A great big phony! Make thousands of very vague predictions and you’re gonna get something kind of right.

Answer by SimonL
What we have here are more question than answers.There are no easy answers as to what them predictions really means. How accurate have the predictions of Nostradamus been?
Some say that Nostradamus has already predicted many past major world events like 911 New York Twin Towers Trade Center terrorist attack, Hitler’s rise to power, World War I and World War II, 2008 Muslim Holy War, Jihad.

What are the predictions for the future of our world? A third World War, the antichrist beast 666, Armageddon, Nuclear Holocaust, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the End Times?

How does the Bible relate to all of this and how do Bible prophecies compare to the predictions of Psychics and forecasts of astrology for predicting events past and future?

This may be said about Michel de Nostredame (or Notredame) is that while Nostradamus applied for entrance at the University of Montepelier in 1529, Guillaume Rondelet, the student registrar, denied him enrolment in the student body for being a “quack”

Aix in June 1546 hired “Micheou de Nostredame” to fight the plague. Nostradamus concocted some rose-pills for repelling the plague. He later admitted that none of his methods worked .

.Darkly viewing the future, the public developed an unsatiable appetite for books on prophecies. One of the most successful was the “Mirabilis liber” of 1522 which was undoubtedly read by and inspired Nostradamus and which in many ways is a paraphrase of Biblical prophecy

Undoubtedly Nostradamus, was familiar with the prophecies of the Old Testament. Because people were willing to pay good money to know the future,especially to know next year’s weather, two or three dozen almanacs were being published each year in Europe, many of them Biblically based.

Nostradamus entered into this lucrative profession and published his first almanac.

1) Do not be specific enough to be proved wrong. Be vague and cryptic.

2)Write in such a way as the reader will believe you know something, even if it’s nothing, and are hinting darkly at something you will not say. This increases the “aura of mystery” and makes your prophecies “portentous”.

3)Predict on subjects with a high likelihood of occurring: war, pestilence, weather events, political intrigue, death of high profile individuals, accidents … and of course prophesy them in a cryptic manner.

4) If you make enough prophecies, a few will come true per the law of averages or “if you throw enough mud on the wall, some of it will stick.” In his “Prognostication” for 1554 Nostradamus had 149 new prophecies. He would later have over 300 prophecies a year.

5) For credibility purposes throw in a few “ex-post-facto” prophecies. With time the gullible will forget that you weren’t prophesying but retelling history. The ignorant won’t know the difference.

6) Resurrect some of your failed prophecies. History tends to repeat itself and you might “get lucky.”

In 1553 Nostradamus published two “Almanachs” which were significantly different (perhaps like reading your horoscope for the same day in two different astrological magazines). It was not uncommon for Nostradamus to recycle some of his prophecies in later publications

Forty years after Nostradamus published his first “Almanac” his faithful latter-day secretary, Chavigny, was unable to identify any prophecy as having been specifically fulfilled. He offered the lame excuse, “he really meant some other year.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions 2013


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