Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a good online guide to lane changing?

I would like to use an online guide to lane changing while driving. I prefer one that is detailed. Pictures would help too.


Answer by jonathan_kelly2001
Look in the mirror.
If it looks clear, turn on your turn signal.
Look over your shoulder
If it still looks clear change lanes.

Answer by gravytrain
If you need a guide to tell you how to change lanes, you sure as heck don’t need to be driving, period. That just backs up my opinion that driver’s licenses are way, way too easy to get. A satisfactory I.Q. level should be a pre-requisite to licensing. I’ve never….what kind of question is that??

Answer by cat lady
YES!!!. When you want to change lanes, put on your signal in the direction of the change. As long as there is no body in the way. then turn into that lane, turn signal off. YES it is really that easy. People are not psychic. They think they are in NC but they are wrong. I will bash NC until they start using turn signals thank you very much. LOL

Answer by little_one16
ummm……..I’ve never heard of something like that and I’m the kind that keeps up on the new technology that comes out. Although, there are vehicles that have their own build in GPS/Backup camera. You could use that to see behind you while you’re driving. It’s not necessarily for backing up, it can be used for like a rear view mirror. Try this site:

I know that this is probably not what you wanted, but the only thing that I can think of is for you to be more specific about your question. Give us all the details you can think of. I hope I was of some help. And it would be really great if I was the one to have the correct answer.

You’re welcome, I tried =) and Good Luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you know if you’re a cusp?

Where can you check or ask if you’re a cusp? Online psychics (free) would be helpful
I was born on March 21, so that would mean Pisces-Aries?

Answer by emma
If you are born on the end date of a sign, or start date oif a sign. I’m an aries taurus cusp, born april 19. Some horoscopes say aries ends on april 19 and taurus starts on april 20, while others say aries ends april 20 and taurus starts april 21. So if you are born on say, october 22, you could be a libra scorpio cusp. Or if you are born july 22 you could be a cancer leo cusp. Simply find out what day your sign ends and if you are born on the end date of your sign you are a cusp with whatever sign is after your sign. also, i noticed that you added to your question if you are born march 21 you are a pisces aries cusp. although, don’t listen to everything astrology says, planets can’t speak so they don’t know who you are and what you’re like. the only person that does is you. people who write horoscopes and your personality predictions are simply guessing. for me, i’m an aries taurus cusp but nothing about my personality has any similarities to a taurus.

Answer by joe
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