Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there clairvoyant/psychic reader who can read my life, love and health for free?

I lost my job and I am piled under a boat load of bills. Please don’t post answers for psychic reading in websites like or, I am NOT intersted in computer generated websites or pay by the minute chat room psychic readers. Thanks

Answer by Minty
You realise most of them are cranks, right?

Answer by I.C. Wiener
There aren’t any who can do it even for money.

Answer by corpus christi
i give you my blessing and inspiration.

Answer by graceabounds
First off I am not a clairvoyant/psychic reader, now having said that I do feel as if I have some insight for you down the road:

I think there is some order that you need to seek for in your life and as you “do the laundry” you will begin to set a new course.
A new friend that you will reach out to that needs help will cause some unexpected opportunities to arise.
Though you might have a few setbacks they are minor in nature and may feel as if they will over take you.
They are just part of a process that is going to take you to where you are supposed to be.
In the end I believe you will not only find a new friend but a new sense of security and revelation in your life.
A new family will arises for you out of what may seem like the ashes of your life. This new season of your life is definitely about true relationships.

Blessings to you and may you find the truth that you are seeking!!

Answer by FORTY55_
There is no Free Lunch. Before embarking on this path, research something called the ” Casandra Syndrome”

Answer by norcaljasper
I would be happy to give you a mini reading, 10 minutes or so. I can do it through an IM session or over the phone. Please check out my profile and then visit one of my websites. I am the real deal and am happy to be “tested”. The less I know the better I can “read” you.

Answer by Holly D
ask God…

Answer by midnite rainbow
email me and see what i am able to assist you with.

Answer by Linda B
I am psychic but doing a reading without anything to touch that belongs to you is tough. All I got while thinking of this question is that you will find a job soon, and be glad you no longer have the job you used to have. That you are concerned about things that need no concern.
On the non-psychic side. Call those to whom you owe money and explain your situation, and let them know you are not ignoring them. You are already as healthy as you are going to be, in the near future anyway. Stop worrying about things you have no control over, and do what you are able to do. Leave the rest up to a Higher Power. It will be ok You are single now, right? That will change too, but I do not know when. Maybe when you do what you can about your problems, and then let them go. Let me know either way please. I don’t give readings as a rule, so I’m curious about details now!

Blessed Be

Answer by joan a p
Any of them can do it for free if they choose to. That’s a free will choice. Clairvoyants/psychics work for money, not for free. If you believe in those readings you need a lot of help.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone please help me read my Astrology chart?

Particularly the 8th house. I know my eighth house is in Pisces, but I’d like to know how this effects my death. Like, which planets are involved and what does it mean?

Answer by Been There
Your link doesn’t provide your birth chart .. there is a form to fill out, and the date and time are there, but the place is blank. All 3 are needed.

The 8th house is about symbolic death.
The chart does not do a good job of actually indicating the physical death of the body.
And we say “Pisces is on the cusp of my 8th house”.

The 8th house is the house where you feel the result of your marriage (7th house). The results is this: you both share things .. money, possessions, and MOSTLY, expectations. You want something from your spouse, they want something from you. And the two do not always agree. This is the cause of all conflict in a marriage, and people can either get caught up in the drama of it .. or step back and see themselves more clearly.
IF they decide to confront themselves (instead of their spouse), this is the start of self-growth and self-transformation. The “old self” will “die” and the “new self” will be born. Life, death, transformation. Symbolic.

Pisces is the style with which you approach this business of marital expectations.
Any planets IN the 8th house will show that your needs (planets represent different inner needs) are tied up with doing this growth-work. That you must do the growth-work in order to meet those particular needs.

Death? It comes to all of us, and not always the way the chart suggests .. in fact .. often NOT.

Answer by Aqaq Werty
Death? Is seen in the lords and their houses. For example. I have 8th lord in 8th house, an indicator of a long life. 8th lord in 12th house and 12th lord in 8th house. The 12th house is ruled by Pisces. Pisces rules hospitals, prisons. I’ll either die in a hospital at an old age, or god forbid, die in prison at an old age. But also, my 8th lord is in the 1st house. 1st house indicating the human body. 8th lord indicating death. something about the human body and death. Mars is the 8th lord. I’ll probably die suddenly.

Mars in 8th house

Answer by SaggiMC
you need to go to and get a FREE chart picture and reading. Death cannot be seen in a chart and if think you it can or should then you have unrealistic expectations.

house meanings

Astrology cannot and does NOT reliably predict anything and if you think it can or should, you are mistaken and have unrealistic expectations and no doubt you will end up disillusioned and frustrated with astrology. Astrologers are not clairvoyants, so perhaps lower your expectations here.

Please read what astrology can and cannot do;_ylt=AuqEGTF7uwRHkpZNAVsKgWnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120901014738AAV7k9s
perhaps this thread will help you understand a little more

Perhaps you should read this thread entitled: astrology predicts meanings, not events

The Eighth House – conception
“The eighth house covers sex,death, and other people’s resources. Most beginning astrologers question how these areas of life are related, and the explanation offers insight into some of life’s most intriguing activities. The lives of others impact our lives on a moment-to-moment basis. Every human interaction engages the mental, emotional, material or spiritual resources of at least one other person. Sexual response and sexual expression form a fundamental area for us to cultivate the spiritual connection with others through the physical connection.”

“deepest fears, obsessions, denied dreams, ability to love and care for children, sexual hang ups, obsession/relationship with money, need to exploit others, length and breadth of vanity, secret desire to rule the world, {Or at least, your world and everyone in it} and every religious neurotic tendency you could ever invent, relate to, dispose or crave. According to traditional astrology the 8th house is the precarious domain of sex, death and money. But, it has been my experience that the 8th house goes much deeper than these obvious realities”

“One way to read a birth chart is to start with the Eighth House, where conception begins. During the nine months of pregnancy, the cycle travels from the beginning of the Eighth House to the ascendant, which represents the moment of birth, the baby’s first breath”

Ray austin’s comments

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Lovely Astrologers & Clairvoyants: what are your views about Twinflames & Soulmates? particularly T.F.’s?

much love u guys! I just wanted to know if you’re interested in the Soul of people & can help me understand Twinflames more clearly <3 (optional) BQ: what are some advise on my part of my journey that I need to remember? How do I heal myself & give myself self-empowerment? i'm beginning to understand a twinflame's journey i'm the awakened TF, & my lady is the clueless TF (Optional To READ) I have used astrology and numerology to help concur my relationship into a better light I feel the same way she feels even though we both don't know it, time and space doesn't get in between out heavenly connection as I say it LOL I know this because I creep on her xD AHAHA, i'm the awakened T.F. & she's my clueless T.F. it's not my job to change her as her TwinFlame in this lifetime =] but i'm told I will marry her once I overcome my challenges as a twinflame growing up/as I get older, & I will get better as seeing what makes her happy =] I know we TF's are born out of the most challenging positions in life, the most challenging families, so that future families won't have to experience anymore 1) no more contrast & 2) no more bad karma from our humanity, but only light & loving creation then we have the most challenging job of healing and empowering Ourself so that that light will Light the world, & help it the other thing is she's born out of a family that's highly rich my point is: she's learning how to heal & learn empowerment through me teaching her her own meaning of true love whilst I have my own challenges my challenge is to teach the world god's true love my own unique view on life about family, true love & what not thank you Saggi MC!

Answer by SaggiMC
soulmate connections

“The heart of an astrological chart according to esoteric astrology are the moon’s nodes, or points where the moon intercepts the earth’s orbit around the sun. Your nodes diametrically oppose one another. So if your south node is in Capricorn, your north node would be in the opposite sign of Cancer and your soul’s path would be moving from masculine, earthy Capricorn energies, into light, feminine Cancer”.

Astrologers need to chart PICTURES not data.
The problem here for you is comparing two people’s charts in astrology its called Synastry, but it doesn’t work off *signs* but mathematical aspects one chart makes to another. What attracts you to another person usually is their ASCENDANT sign or MC sign, but not Sun sign. This is the chemistry, lust and attraction factor. It would be excellent if someone’s sun, moon, mercury, venus conjuncts your Ascendant or Descendant/marriage house. The angles are very sensitive in synastry. The type of bi wheel needed to evaluate a synastry are only available from Astro but they are free and easy to get

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