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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is/was there any scientist who discovered/made a certain simple living thing through his/her experimentation?

Answer by Terry Wiltshire
Alexander Flemming did when he discovered Penicillium fungi.

More commonly known as penicillin.

Answer by lolit
tHOMAS Alva Edison inveted incandescent lamp. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone

Answer by Mystic
Who invented Sex, is responsible for billions of creations. LOL 🙂

Answer by ms.understood
Discovering something which is already there but not yet previously known to us is different from making or creating simple living things such as unicellular or multicellular organisms in the lab.
You can probably find a lot of scientists who discovered living things on the net using search engines, but i cannot directly answer whether there has been a successful experiment creating a living thing.

Living things from another living thing: Cloning technology that has successfully re-produced animals (not a simple living thing) is a good example. This is being considered to meet growing demands for food supply.

Creating life from non-living things is much more complicated. You need the 20 amino acids found in DNA, form proteins and nucleotides, form the correct structure, develop genetic code, etc. A short cut probably involves proteins, DNA, RNA, enzymes, etc instead of precursors. To create a living organism, US researchers believe at least 300 genes are required.

If you consider virus to be a living thing, here’s a link to the 1st synthetic virus:
In this online article, it is mentioned that “scientists are divided about whether a virus is alive.” Viruses can only replicate INSIDE living cells.

@mystic: Lol

Answer by damong ligaw
I’m very sure there are many. People have been inventing for centuries.

My personal favorite is the invention of the “velcro”. Such a simple device yet so versatile with its thousand and one applications.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the oldest living religion, and why is it so old?

Answer by ♥Mumtaz♥
adam and eve were the first believers.

Answer by Fraizie
I think it’s Hinduism

Answer by Pastors George and Sharon
Well, Jesus is God, and God is eternal, so……

Answer by ღISLAMღ
Islam is the oldest religion. Here since the beginning.
Started with Adam (PBUH) and completed with Muhammad(PBUH).

Answer by Mayah
The worship of Yahweh God

Gen 4:26 And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.

Seth was Adam’s third named son. But technically Abel worshipped God even before Seth.

Answer by ricardo9505
oldest religious practices can be debated between worship of nature and the sun, still practiced today by many native tribes, OR the old vedic traditions and beliefs which is modern day Hinduism.
Islam came many years after Christianity. it was a religion spread by the nomads who lived separately from the cities.
edit: I remember an old college class on the history and philosophy of religion in Theology class. It spoke of the evolution of religion from polytheism to monotheism. The oldest religion can therefore be like Wiccan, you know, worship of nature. The Sun is the oldest living God, has to be. Concept of the man upstairs and prophets did not come til thousands of years later. when man sought God he always sought the divine in nature.

Answer by Jordan
Lol at people saying Islam.

I want to say Hinduism, but I’m not positive.

Islam is wrong because it spawned from Judaic roots, it also came sometime after the development of the Christian church.

Answer by Jabber wock
Australian aboriginal beliefs, which appear to have remained largely similar for tens of thousands of years, going by archaeological evidence of sites. It’s likely so old because there were no significant changes to society that would have caused it to be replaced or changed.

There is evidence of older religions in Africa that have since disappeared.

Answer by Smash It Up Darwin
Hinduism is the oldest religion.

Answer by Don Taylor
God of the Bible, and he is forever.
Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

John 1:1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Answer by grnlow
The worship of Jehovah God has been going on since Adam.

Answer by TiGoluboj

It emerged out of a synthesis of Indo-European invaders and Dravidian natives of India sometime around 2500-1500BCE, but has roots that go back far longer than that.

It’s by far the oldest religion on Earth, apart from various forms of paganism.

Answer by Old Timer Too
The oldest (continuous) religion currently in existence is that of the Hindu. It predates everything. While Judaism traces its roots back to Abraham, it didn’t really come into existence as a religion until the time of Moses and the Exodus.

However, this is still a debatable topic.

In the context of organized religion, especially monotheism, claims of an “oldest religion” may also be attached to a positive dating claim of a founding figure rather than a notion of absolute “primality”. Thus, Vyasa, the “splitter of the Vedas” is dated to the remote Dvapara Yuga in the Pauranic Hinduism. Rishabha is dated to similarly remote dates in Jainism. Zoroaster is dated as early as “6,000 years before Plato” in some classical sources, or Abraham is dated to ca. 1800 BC in Jewish tradition following Maimonides.

Hinduism is formed of diverse traditions and has no single founder. Among its roots is the historical Vedic religion of Iron Age India and, as such, Hinduism is often called the “oldest living religion” or the “oldest living major religion” in the world.

Answer by God’s Gift
Im not sure what was the first religion. The reason why is because humans are the only animals that are curious about life & death. When men who questioned “Where did we come from?,” “Where are we going?” & “What is death?” got scared because they didn’t have a religion & God to rely on so they “needed” to create a religion and God to make them feel secure about life & death.

Answer by Naas


The reasons which make great number of people become Muslims.
* It is the last Divine Religion revealed to man.
* Islam recognizes previous divine revelations. On the other hand, Jews do not recognize Jesus, and the Christians do not recognize Muhammad; whereas, Muslims recognize Moses and Jesus, may Allah exalt their mention
* In Islam humans relates with their Lord in all matters and conditions.
* Islam is the only Religion which has not been distorted or changed.
Harry G. Dorman said:
‘It (the Quran) is literal Revelation of God, dictated to Muhammad by Gabriel, perfect in every letter. It is an ever-present miracle witnessing to itself and to Muhammad, the Prophet of God. Its miraculous quality resides partly in its style, so perfect and lofty that neither man nor jinn could produce a single chapter to compare with its briefest chapter, and partly in its content of teachings, prophecies about the future, and amazingly accurate information such as the illiterate Muhammad could never have gathered of his own accord.’34
* Islam is the Religion which covers the material and spiritual aspects of life. It did not neglect even the slightest of things in a Muslim’s life. Abdurrahmaan b. Zaid said that it was said to Salman:
‘Your Prophet has taught you everything, even how to relieve yourselves? Salman said: ‘Of course, he forbade us to face the direction of the Qiblah while defecating or urinating, or to clean oneself with his right hand, or to use less than three stones, or to use bone or dung (to clean oneself).’ (Muslim)
W. Thomas Arnold said: ‘Sense of justice is one of the most wonderful ideals of Islam, because as I read in the Quran I find those dynamic principles of life, not mystic but practical ethics for the daily conduct of life suited to the whole world.’
* Islam satisfies the man’s bodily and spiritual needs in equilibrium. It refuses that one aspect be given precedence over the other.
* Islam does not conflict with man’s intellect and natural disposition.
* Islam is the Religion for humankind at large, regardless of their education, time and place which, in contrast to previous religions were sent to a specific people during a specific time. For example, if a person wants to become a Jew, he has to be born a Jew. Jesus said about Christianity: ‘I was sent to the lost sheep of the Children of Israel.’
Read more on the link:…
1. As Muslims we cannot lie about anything, especially about our religion.
2. We have original recorded sources of our religion:

A) The Quran

B) Teachings of Muhammad – the Authentic saying or Sunnah…

This is a unique part of Islam, not available in any other ancient religions.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are you related to,Live in the same town, Have phone number to any NBA/WNBA player current or former?

A few live in my neighborhood: Delonte west,robert parish,michael sweetney,jaun dixon,dominic mcguire,steve ” The bear” sheperd, Alaina beard

Im not related to any.

I only have 1’s phone number

I live in fort washington…..
I obviously dont live in the ghetto.
Delonte only lives here in the offseason

Answer by iSayWhatsReal
Wow really? no way in hell i live by any nba/wnba stars.

EDIT: jk kobe and LBJ are my neighbors they often want me to debate who’s the best neighbor

Answer by Cheater J™ (I OWN Jamaican Man)
that’s cool man.

Answer by β is ρuяρlε™ (w/ Po!)
I was born in the city of the Raptors and now live in the city beside Toronto. Does that count?

Answer by Justin
I think some Live in Boston but not in my Neighborhood

I’m not related to any

No phone numbers

I live in Boston

Answer by maestrosantana
I know were Kobe’s suit is. I went to the same high school as Arinas, his first few years, BHS. I think I’ve seen Jordan Farmar play in high school cuz I’ve been to a few Taft games. My dad has worked for Kareem. My cuz at Magic’s house. I live in Encino, and Fisher lives there, I’ve seen him at the post office, the Chick Hearn Memorial is about a 1 min walk from my house! That’s about it, not much but I got 2 autographs out of it. Magic and Kobe!


Answer by Cavs Browns Indians is BEAST
No.. I’m sure of the Cavaliers have homes in a nicer suburb by mine, but none live in my city… Parma… ain’t a rich man’s town. And I”m sure some live Downtown Cleveland, and LBJ lives in Akron but none of that is Parma. lmao

Answer by Mott
No NBA players live in my town, im not related to any, and I dont have any NBA Players phone number.

Answer by Henry
I go to Bowie high school in Maryland……Micheal Beasley went here for some time…….

Answer by Nocioni
No clue who lives in my hood. That’s hard to find out. Even more phone numbers.

I only know I would like to date Diana Taurasi, hahaha

Answer by JC45 (Celtics)
No, but Brandon Morrow, a relief pitcher for the Mariners, went to my high school.

Answer by acleex
Where I live, it’s all Redskins. At least a couple live in my neighborhood, but I don’t know exactly where since it’s not my business. Visa, you prob know the area where I live from my answer.

The closest Wiz player to my house is prob DeShawn Stevenson, then Darius Songaila though he probably moved out now to Minneapolis, then a tie between Gilbert and Caron. Not sure about Mystics players who live in our area because they are often in Europe or Asia during the NBA season, but Marissa Coleman may live near you, and she is fine.

Speaking about other team’s WNBA players, Kara Lawson of the Monarchs is from the DC area since she was a star at West Springfield, but she probably lives in Connecticut for the off season because she’s an ESPN reporter during college season, and that’s about all I can think of, for now.

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