Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : looking for a psychic reading?

i am looking for a free sample reading before purchasing one. Please leave your contact details. Also if you know a good psychic… Please direct me to him/her

Answer by Dimple

vineet jain.

Answer by Ella
You can get psychic reading here :

Answer by James Lee
You are right that the best way to get a psychic reading is try it for free first to avoid fake psychics. A few psychic networks offer free reading by email, that’s a good start. See resource for more.

Answer by Rekima
Hi! If you want a sample or free, the it’s a good news. Universal Psychic Guild is going to let all of our new callers pay only $ 10 for the first 10 minutes when you try out their psychics for the first time!!

Answer by Jay
I know a very good psychic reader , she is UK based reader but she does not provide sample reading,you can contact here from given source

Answer by Mary
Try this one:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can anyone give me a real psychic reading?

I have always wanted a psychic reading but have never been able to get one, maybe someone can help me

Answer by MitchHellman
I can’t give you a real psychic reading– would you settle for a real psychotic one instead?

Answer by mainwoolly
There’s no such thing as a psychic reading.

Answer by Ace Librarian
No, they can’t.

Answer by johnster monster
You will probably die within the next 100 or so years…sorry. but thats as definate as i can be at the moment.

Answer by Nisa
There are many folks who can give you a psychic reading. Some are real; some are not. The problems… the one that’s real is being given by someone dealing with the occult. The one that’s not real is given by someone who’s a con guy or gal. The bible warns us against both. God bless you with his peace.

Answer by spamandham
I feel something about someone you know, someone named Khan, no wait! John.

You know someone named John, don’t you?

Answer by olicat77
lol@ spamandham….

no only God knows the future…

But if you want to know something about the future, read Revelations.

Answer by concerned
You can get a free reading in the Bible. Read Deturonomy 18:9 thru 12.You can get a true reading from the word of God. His word is Trueful from beginning to the end. Plus it is free.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : looking for free psychic reading?

would like to get a free psychic reading

Answer by suruchi s
go to 21st century psychics site.there real psychics sit and answer ypour question. u can ask first three questions for free. u also need to give your birthdate along with your question.
best of luck

Answer by Vanita
There are things that you want to know in the future right? The fact that most of the people want to at least know what lies ahead of them to change it if possible is still with them. This will also give them insight to what they will become in the future and their real life’s purpose. There are a lot of questions but there is no way to answer it. Get free psychic reading here


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