Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Looking for Psychic from Sac state fair?

In 2006 I talked to a psychic at the Sac State Fair. I afterward spoke to her on the phone. Her readings were all accurate and I wanted to find her again. All I can remember is that her name is Yvonne and she lives in the Sac valley. Has anyone else heard of her, know her last name, or where I can find her? Thanks for your help!

Answer by Suspend Log
Got some money to burn, eh?


There are no such things as psychics. Only scams and suckers.

Answer by Vintage Barbie
Psychics do not exist, dear.

Answer by zoltar
If you are meant to find her, she will contact you.

Answer by liwmld
sorry, i don’t know her. perhaps a psychic will come on and tell you where she is 🙂

Answer by fraggle_uk_uk
I don’t know your psychic but I do have a magnificent bridge you might be interested in buying …

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Answer by Spiritual Guidance 4u
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to become a psychic?

Those who are close minded or athiests, don’t bother answering as I have seen experienced too much evidence to be tricked back into that judgemental mindset.Just as how televisions and radios recieve information out of thin air, the human can also as in science it was proven that the human brain is a transmitter and reciever of those very same frequencies. Those who understand how energy works, I am interested in hearing from. What steps need to be taken to see reality clearly (see the abilities and information we have closed ourselves off to)

Answer by Cat_LoveR
Don’t you first have to have the gift first and then develop it?

Answer by God
Well, I’m not saying that psychics don’t exist, just that at the moment they aren’t backed by verifiable scientific evidence. That may change in the future, but as of now science says psychics aren’t real. Remember, we have been testing psychics for almost a hundred years now and no psychic has been proven to be real.

Answer by Yellow panther
well it’s genetic, your either born with it or your not, however there are many forms of divination you can learn. If you really have an intrest try following a path in wicca.

Answer by Ms. Narwhal
You can stick an antenna in you brain to pick up radio waves. I’m totally serious, there was a thing in National Geographic about some people testing it on monkeys or something.

Answer by ninetailedfoxgoddess666
Open your chakras.

Answer by Harriet Pilkington
oh you poor intelligence challenged child. if our brains could decode the same frequencies as t.v we would all go raving mad from the incessant radio noise. you don’t appear to have considered this.
could you possibly be referring to telepathy as opposed to the more super natural ‘psychic abilities’ ?

From the tone of your question i fear that you will never be able to see ‘reality’ clearly

Answer by tobemeghan
Actually it is a bit different from TV’s and radios but close. What we do is receive information from Angels, Guides and Universe/God. However, you have to ask! Angels/Guides cannot interfere with free will so if you do not ask to receive guidance you will not. EVERYONE has to six sense (spirit) or the ability to be psychic but over the thousands of years it has been weeded out. Especially when the Church saw six sensory as a threat (they did not want people other than them “speaking” with God) and starting burning “witches” have people have started turning off this sense and discouraging it in children. For example, a friend of mine has a very small dog kennel where she raises Cocker Spaniels. These dogs have had their tails cut ever since their breed was created (by mixing two long tailed breeds) hundreds of years ago. Today my friend gets a few puppies who are born without tails, the gene is being bred out of them. The same thing is happening with the six sense. It is possible for you to get it back but depending on your heritage it may be harder. This is also the reason why many people feel “empty” or like they are missing something. Even though they may not know they have six senses their body does which is why it is always has an empty spot and people are always searching (usually look for religion which isn’t a bad thing BTW). I suggest you read books by Sonia Choquette and Debra Kats they helped me a lot.

Two years ago if you would I have said I was psychic I would have said you were nuts, now I can ask for guidance about myself and others and receive it so I an able to give accurate readings for people and I am just a beginner.

BTW religion has nothing to do with it so rather Christian, Wiccan, Atheist, etc it doesn’t matter.

Good luck!

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