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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My friend saw a ghost after a traumatic experience. Can this be signs of a breakdown?

Okay, I’m serious and I don’t know how to even address this situation. A friend of mine who I have known for twenty years (we are now in our mid twenties) has just gone through an extremely stressful breakup where he found out his wife was cheating on him and it sent him through a deep depression. I kept him close in my life because he is like a brother to me. He spent a lot of time at my house during this time while his wife moved out of his place and he has gradually gotten better and he seems to be better. He’s lively and laughing again and even interested in his old hobbies (it’s been eight months since). I’m explaining this to give you insight into what I am thinking.

The other day I get a call from him at an unusual time of night, like 9 (for us that is kind of late on a weekday). He starts immediately freaking out over the phone about how he just saw a girl in his new apartment (I’ve pieced this whole story out from multiple conversations with him about it in the past three days) He said he literally screamed and dropped his bowl of cereal and instinctively ran out of the apartment before turning around and walking back in panicked. He said he stuck his head back in and she was sitting like she was watching T.V. and then this time she finally turns her head toward him and “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” in a very soft voice….. Okay the story goes on for a while where he was going to call the police because she was acting sedated and he thinks she’s this junkie who had broke into his house and blah blah blah and finally he starts to get this “feeling” that she wasn’t real, like (his words) talking to her makes him feel like he is in a dream.

At this point I’m thinking that he’s rebounding from his old relationship with this stranger who broke into his house and he’s calling me because he is excited, but no… he tells me she is a ghost named Andrea. According to him, she is very forward about her story and she knows what has happened to HIM as well with his terrible breakup and that she understands his pain and everything.

This is what I am really trying to say without getting into the entire story. My friend has never lied to me and has had my back in very serious situations all of our life. I’m not calling my friend a liar, but I have never seen him acting so feverish about something like this in all of my life. He isn’t the type of person to even be interested in things of this nature. Two months ago if I wanted to talk to him about ghosts HE would have looked at me like we were talking about something stupid. Now he keeps asking me REPEATEDLY if I believe him. He keeps asking because he knows I say yes and I don’t mean it. OKAY, now my question.

Is this a sign of something that might be a result of the stress or trauma of what had happened to him? He seems fine, but then again he has never been through something like this. Every time I see him lately he only talks about this “encounter”, and it makes me feel sick to my stomach with worry for him. He seems so thrilled about it and that is what scares me. It’s like he is using this strange thing as a device to create happiness for himself because he’s suffering. It’s so hard to explain all of the details, but when I try to find a psychological approach to this on the internet all I get is a bunch of people talking about their “experiences”, and I’m not interested in that. I truly believe my friend is having a breakdown and he doesn’t know it. He hasn’t gotten sleep since it has happened because it’s consuming all of his thoughts.

One last thing, if you think the person was real so that it isn’t a breakdown I’ve considered that. The problem with that theory is that my friend said at the end of the conversation she held his hand and when he said he couldn’t feel her hand he realized she wasn’t there anymore. This is what made me think he’s having a breakdown.

I’ve also considered that he may be lying to me which breaks my heart because he isn’t a liar at all. He’s bothered that I can’t meet his level of enthusiasm over this and even more so that I don’t believe him. If he wasn’t so psyched out about what happened we’d be having more discussion over me believing him which has happened a few times so far where he claims “He’d believe me if I told him”.

I’m just looking for help. My wife gets scared when I try to rationally talk about this with her because the whole situation is so heavy (and it is about paranormal stuff I guess). Any advice from anyone would really help.

Answer by marcus
I would try and get him to see a psychologist

Answer by James
I really don’t know what to think, because two completely different things could be going on. On one hand, perhaps he did have a mental break. Schizophrenics often have their break in the late teen or 20’s years. I had a friend who, around that age, became convinced that he could fly, and would relate all kinds of outrageous stories that he insists happened. But unlike this story, which is about something (ghost activity) that really could happen, his were so far out there that it was obvious he was hallucinating. But, on the other hand, there really could be spiritual activity going on. You mentioned it was a new apartment. That lends more legitimacy to the story than, say, this happening out of the blue in a place he lived at for 10 years. My friends lived for many years in a house in which the former owner who built the house would often make himself known. He’d talk to their very young granddaughter (they had full conversations), their daughter passed him walking up the stairs one time, and another time or two the spirit was seen sitting on the couch watching TV. There are two entities at my house, both relatives (including one who died in the house). So what he is saying does happen, but so do hallucinations especially with those with severe trauma. My suggestion would be to find a legitimate psychic and have her to the house, but not tell her ANYTHING. See if she picks up on a girl. Many psychics are phony, maybe even most. But oh my God, when you find a legitimate one… still makes my hair stand on end regarding how extremely specific, and extremely accurate, a psychic was that I went to once, as opposed to those who are general (“you are unhappy at work”, “you have had a very bad relationship”) and say things that apply to 90% of the population.

Answer by CF
Most probably, a demon spirit disguising as a female human being, who is taking advantage of his weakened emotional state.

Answer by Tom
My father had depression after my mother died—-HE would see some crazy things—Almost FUNNY if it were not sad.

He would see Squirrels, running around the living room. hallucinate his new girlfriend sitting next to him in his car.,AND high tech “GI Joes” Parachuting into the back yard and filling his car seats with compressed air. —Seriously!

My readings on depression tell me that such hallucinations are not unusual for depressed people. Not ALL depressed people exhibit “sadness”.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what phone number should I change to bring good luck from psychic, feng shui, spiritual and cosmically?

I’m planning to change my cell phone number, is there any psychic / feng shui master / fortune teller out there that can help me out in choosing what phone number to changed to bring good luck to me from feng shui, psychic, spiritual, cosmical and all other point of view? please help out…

Answer by Ben
A 0 is always a good start.

Answer by Graydon

Answer by Spike ( the wonder dog )
(987) 654-3210

Answer by Punky (Punkalicious)
Numbers to bring cosmic good luck hey? Reach for the stars brother!

Answer by Lifted by God’s grace
Jesus is all you need. Numbers are just numbers.

Answer by Jesus, pbuh is GOD’s Prophet

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