Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Online astrologer said in my next life I will be born in Uganda. I’m very sad now. was he true?

I paid an online psychic website $ 250 to predict my next life. He emailed saying I will be born in Uganda in next life. So that means I will live in 3rd world poverty? Was his prediction right?

Answer by Alien Jesus
For $ 500 I can make you be reborn in Hawaii… or wherever you like…

Answer by Irish Girl
Wastage of money i would say

Answer by Rubaiyat
No, you won’t live in poverty. You’ll be reborn as a Ugandan musk shrew.

Answer by magpiesmn
Hey for $ 475 I can talk to someone in charge of next life’s and get this fixed for you.

Answer by surindar
There is no such thing .

Life as it is known

We are born in this world as like aclean and empty blackboard .as we grow we write on the board our good and our bad our good helps us into the approaching of God and our bad is as the saying goes for what your hands had wrought for .
The knowledge of God.
We have been given a FREEWILL in making those choices.
The primary purpose of our physical life is to develop our soul through the moral choices we make, we use our lower(ANIMAL LIKE ) and higher nature(SPIRITUAL ) to make these choices when the lower nature (greed,,egoisim, pride lust, revenge, cruelty. Sucide,masterbartion .etc) is used it indicates a lack in progress when the higher nature is used (kindness, love generous,honesty,justice, helpful,) it indicates progress. Man also exercises his choices over his moral aspects ,of his needs ,opinions,desires ,ambitions ,conduct but he cannot guarantee its delivery or fulfillment…Man is accountable for the free decisions he makes towards his attitudes and feelings.
From the Bahai Faith
We have a soul and the purpose of us is to make it worthy of Gods sight. Just like when we were in our mother’s womb, we had legs ears and hands but it was meant to be used in this world not in the womb like wise our soul is for use in the next worlds …that place is sanctified from time and place.The soul has no gender as it is of the spiritual world.
From the moment the soul leaves the body after death it remains in the degree of purity to which it evolved during its life in the physical body and is plunged in the Ocean of Gods mercy
there on it evolution is spiritual: This is the approaching to God.
The degree of purity means that those who have turned their face towards God while on earth and followed His ways and His laws will be more blessed .The difference and distinction between men will be realized beloved ones will meet and those of same station shall converse but not like on earth there is in spiritual sense. All mysteries and truths will be made know .There it is a world of perfections. We are dual in nature we are both like an animal and spiritual we call this the lower nature and the higher nature of man. With one we live in this world and with the other we approach God.
The fundamental basis of man is to let his higher nature to dominate is lower nature…the lower nature is ..anger. revenge greed. lust cursing…backbiting. hurting another..etc…the higher nature is being kind ..helpful..loving.. generous ..all these are attributes of God..

If you want to know read the books i recommend and judge yourself

Answer by IcyTundra
It would be very difficult to determine how authentic this prediction is without dying to find out. If you were dead , you couldn’t collect on the fraudulent actions of the psychic. What would be the advantage of being born in Uganda? I suspect this is not true.

Answer by Zog
Uganda is a beautiful country and if you are born into the right class/family you can live a live of luxury far better than a 1st world country average Joe. Just hope your not a homosexual they’ll kill you for that one.

Answer by Jordan Pugh
Well… I suggest you stay alive as long as possible then. (0_-) OUCH! Bumer dude.

Answer by gracie
You chucked away your money on some online crank? Wow. No, he was talking out of his posterior don’t worry but don’t waste your cash on a scammer again.

Answer by pugjw9896
IF that is true, then we all would have had past lives…which means surviving death somehow…
Yet this is what the Bible says…we do NOT survive after death.
(Ecclesiastes 9:5-6) For the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages, because the remembrance of them has been forgotten. 6 Also, their love and their hate and their jealousy have already perished, and they have no portion anymore to time indefinite in anything that has to be done under the sun.

This is in the Old Testament…Jesus knew it, read it even./..and did NOT deny it.

so at what stage DID anyone ever come back from the dead to start a new life…??????


Answer by bluelotussmellslikebananas
A sucker is born every minute.

Answer by K
No buddy, you just got scammed $ 250.00. When you die that’s it!!! I would have that psychic arrested for scamming you.
Its like me predicting …… saying ok buddy tomorrow $ 10000.00 is going to fall from the sky and you are going to get rich. Now what are the chances that’s going to happen?
Anybody can predict your future!!! But will it happen? Its only luck!!! Now your out $ 250.00

Answer by isis’s brother
sounds like a scam to me. I know several astrologers but I have never
heard of one who would try to predict your next life when you have not
finished this one.
You are here to learn lessons. When your work is done, you go back to
the BARDO STATE for evaluation and the planning of your next lesson.
This period takes quite a few years and involves much effort on your part.
Finally, with the aid of several spiritual beings, you will prepare a script
for your next life. Until then it is not decided what lessons you will work on
nor what body you will wear.

We do not know that Uganda will still be a third world country by the
time you next reincarnate. It does appear that Africa will be the next
big exploration site for ores and minerals. Life could be much different
in 100 to 150 years – so don’t be sad. Be grateful that you will have more
opportunity to to learn and grow.

Answer by Jackie M
Wait, did he say WHEN you will be born in Uganda? Because, depending on the era/age, it might be a good idea to be born there. Also, did he mention who your parents are going to be?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the meaning of repeated bad dreams and dogs barking at night?

Just few months ago, I had few repeated bad dreams like struggling against those bad spirits or entities with my family members & few relatives. Plus, what’s bothering me now is our dogs are barking at night since the time I started to have a bad dreams. What does these mean? Shall I consult a priest or someone who’s good at psychic explanations? Thank You!

Answer by Daren
okay that means you should lay off the horror movies and tell your dog to shut up…

seriously you have nothing to worry about, but if you continue thinking about it and taking it seriously, you might be facing serious mental problems, think about it as having hypochondria, if you really continue believing that all these things are ‘dark’ signs, then you could actually convince yourself and need mental help. Which is very silly.

No you do not need to consult a priest… be a bit realistic, I know that these things are very scary and at times you don’t want to be alone…but you will only end up damaging yourself. I mean the dogs might be barking at some passing by cat, and you sit in your room shivering and sweating because you believe that there is an evil presence. Be logical, and don’t be swayed by fanatical explanations.

If you hire a priest, he will most probably give you a chimerical explanation, not because he believes in it, but perhaps because he might want some MONEY for his services. Do not be fooled.

So the next time you feel afraid, or paranoid, just call a friend, or go online, or turn on the lights! There is nothing wrong with doing that, it just means that you’re a sensitive and fragile person!

P.S consider watching comedies at night, to alleviate the mood! It helped me out a lot!

Answer by Jorge Rodriguez
haters that mean people its hatering of what u are or represent that what its is

Answer by Rose
The dream suggests that you are experiencing acute stress, fear of insecurity and anxieties in various aspects of your waking life.You need to tone it down and allow the mind and body to rest and heal.Better to discuss your dream with some intimate friend to release your repressed notional dangers and try to be happy.f

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Hi i am searching for computer related jobs work?

Hi friends i have a computer with internet connection i search for any computer related jobs. like, home based data entry, form filling, online jobs, etc… i searched many but i don’t now it is genuine or scam. pls give some information of work. it will be very help in my life.

Answer by Amy S
I am a employment evaluator that helps individuals with disabilities find work at home jobs, here are a few jobs that are open to anyone with the qualification. Links lead to information on how to start such employment.

Employment researcher

Apartment locater

Home Media Or Audio Transcriptionist.

Engine Position Reporter

Online as a Cartoonist or Joke Writer.

online or phone Psychic Reader.

Because many people waste time looking for work at home jobs and are not employable by such here is some info on that.

Answer by erikko
you can try affiliate marketing or google adsense

Answer by Judy
The types of jobs you list in your question are basically scams.

Answer by Full D
Part time jobs, IT jobs, Projects, Data entry jobs etc. The
RECRUITMENT PROCESS are mostly done through INTERNET now a days. Lots of websites Log On

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