Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : palm readings? Accurate? scam?

I am a huge fan of astrology numerology and birth charts. Part of me still has a doubt that is isnt real but an even bigger part of me believes. I grew up in an extremely christian/uptight family and of course you know that astrology and things of that nature are “evil” and against God.

Well I sort of feel that they hold way too much truth to be fake. astrology for an example i think is so cool because when you really get into it (reading birth charts, etc. ) it really does pinpoint a lot of things about that person and their personality.

so with all that being said….

I know that there are fake psychics out there who claim to have gifts but are really just trying to get into your wallet. I know a lot of them do cold reading of you if you are meeting in public and thats how they get a lot of their answers.

but what if you do it online??????

There is this site I wanted to try to get a palm reading from. I wanted to avoid the whole cold reading thing. The site just asks for a picture of both hands, your date of birth, and if you have questions for him. (he wont answer questions about your past, future, or relationships, etc.) does this sound legitimate? I dont want to give my money up for just fake information.

I will post a link of the guy who does the readings. his site is called

here is an example of his reading:

Answer by Cameron
It is all a hoax.

Answer by help me please
palm readings are suprisingly very true. i’m the 11th child in my family. the last kid to be born. my mom got me when she was in her 40’s. my sister who is the 10th child was born 10 years before me. so my parents had no plan to have me and an palm reader told my mom that in 2 years you will have a son. my mom got so angry and sent him out of the house. she was suprised when i was born.

Answer by Been There
I think that real astrology, reading the timed birth charts, gets very specific. None of this one-size-fits-all, vague-fits-anyone stuff that you get with Sun sign astrology.

I have a little bit of trouble with numerology. It seems too vague to really put your finger on its accuracy.

Palmistry can be like that too. But let me share you a story that keeps me from dismissing it entirely.
My mother had 3 daughters. The 3rd child was unplanned and unwanted, but in 1954 you had the child anyway. The 3rd child was brain damaged and schizophrenic and at the age of 21 she killed herself.
Some years lafter my sister’s death, mom was discussing palmistry with her neighbor, saying that she didn’t think it was accurate. After all, some palmist had told her (long before she married and had kids) that she would only have 2 kids … and she actually had 3.
The neighbor looked at her quietly, and then said … “Well, NOW you have 2.”
I really don’t know what to make of this story, but I can’t dismiss it either.

Answer by ChainLightninG
There is a million dollars for the first person that can prove any paranormal claim or event. No matter how little. It’s been over twelve years since this has been offered and no one has even come remotely close. Until someone wins this challenge, my opinion is there is no such people and ability. !00% scams.

Astrology is a business and a bigoted fortune telling system. It is known that the astrologer’s interest is not to be accurate but customer satisfaction. The others do no better or worse.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in psychics?

Have you ever had a particularly accurate reading? Has something come true that a psychic had predicted for you?

I’ve never had a reading (I’ll admit years ago out of curiosity I called one of those bogus hotlines, and that was a huge waste), so I’d like to hear some feedback either positive or negative.

I don’t know if I really believe in psychics, so curious as to how many people actually do and why.


Answer by Vasudev P
If psychics match with my practical life then ok

Answer by milaroo
No not at all. They always give some sort of super-vague reference to something that can barely relate to something in your life. If you are in a reading then they work on your Psyche to think that it is possible and you ultimately end up making the associations of their “visions” to your own life. Really it is just a scam. But, it is kind of fun to do as long as you really don’t take it totally to heart. 🙂

Answer by I make it rain
Being “psychic” is not what we are lead to believe in movies or TV. To give you the readers digest version it more subtle. It’s a feeling you have about a stranger. Example: You meet someone for the 1st time and you don’t know why, but you feel that they have done something really bad, etc…

It’s really about how sensitive to energy you are to pick up on things. We are all capable of tapping into this, but some people are just blocked because they refuse to believe or they don’t know how to open themselves up to the possibility. I’m a psychic myself, I’ve had really good readings, I’ve had bad readings. I’ve given good readings and bad readings. I think where the skeptics come in is, they want to believe that is has to be 100% accurate, no room for mistakes, and life isn’t like that? For anybody.

It’s more on how you interpret the info you are presented with, etc…its hard to explain, but yes I believe, for my own reasons.

Answer by Styledoggie
My psychic prediction came true but I am waiting on the final part now which I know will happen because my grandfather is dying of cancer.It was some dougddog guy on here and yes I stole the last part of my name from him but I think mine is cute.

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