Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Peter Schiff says we won’t see economic growth until we restore productive capacity and stop relying o?

the consumer. Do you agree or disagree?

I personally agree. We need to actually make things not just print borrow and tax

Answer by Quan
We already have had economic growth, as per the GDP measurement.

Answer by brown9500v16
Duh… yea uh.

Answer by The Fed Up Matthew™
I believe we need to make things in the U.S.A. again as a matter of national security and fairness since Americans have higher labor standards than the Chinese, Pakistanis, Koreans, and South Americans. I even favor bringing back tariffs as the primary source of federal funding to make it happen.

Answer by mattle
You mean printing trillions of dollars, injecting them into our economy, and then having bankers invest them in overseas markets because YOU JUST PRINTED TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND TOTALLY DEVALUED OUR CURRENCY, thereby doing nothing but lowering the value of the assets of working class savings and retirement accounts isn’t good?

But they told us that little Timmy was the only guy in the world who could get us out of this mess…

Answer by ideogenetic
Schiff didn’t seem to connect the dots. There is no incentive in an economy for investment in productive capacity if that capacity can not be SOLD. Consumers are those folks to whom you sell output.
The supply-side boom proved Schiff’s theory wrong. We had an era of excess capacity that could only be supported by massive amounts of debt, because the consumers had their incomes destroyed by a redistribution of wealth from the middle-class to the rich.
But the rich couldn’t find returns high enough investing in more excess capacity, so they started investing in derivatives (paper financial schemes) that led to the near collapse of the global financial system.

Answer by NDMA
One sure way to increase the Gross Domestic Product is to start producing more stuff. I would say he has a point.

Another good step would be to repeal the tax incentives to move jobs overseas and slapping domestict companies that build their products overseas with an import tax earmarked to offset tax credits for businesses that bring jobs back to to US and business start up.

Answer by Aufbruch
He’s making a very vague statement, there. And even in the video, which I’ve seen before a few times…he really ,really doesn’t explain how he would implement this “help” he wants to provide. And he really never has.

The fact is, the only thing understands less than ethics is economics. The problems he’s complaining about just aren’t that simple….he could use a history lesson or two, as well. If you look at the oh so prosperous 50s and 60s, taxes were _higher_. Granted, back than, we had the wisdom to tax the ever loving hell out of the super rich and leave the lower and middle classes more or less alone, but…you know….that could _never_ have anything to do it with it. Because “Higher taxes” always means “higher taxes for everyone”…

The other fact is…and I’m gonna get blasted for this….Schiff really hasn’t been a reliable source of advice or accurate prediction in his entire life. Unless you count vague insistence that “something” bad is going to happen…so you can claim to be psychic when it eventually does.

Dsglop is a Canadian economics student who has made a huge library of videos debunking …welll, every time Schiff has happened to open his mouth on national television, and backs it up with economics and hard facts:

Why Schiff’s Ideas on the World Financial System are…..flakey at best:

Why Peter Schiff has …._no_ clue why the crash of 08′ happened…his claim to this day is that Big Government created it….when its really unarguable that the private sector an _de_regulation were what led us down this path.

Point being…Schiff’s track record is terrible…and, conservative or liberal, there’s just no reason to listen to anything he says. There’s about 50 other videos there, too….from proving that the Federal Reserve is _not_ in fact, a front for GI Joe’s Cobra, nor is it run by Decepticons, to Schiff’s…rather amusing guest spot on Alex Jones. : )

I’m just the messenger man. 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : REAL psychic in central california (around san jose)?

Im looking for one with a friend of mine but neither of us have cars or know anyone. Id prefer if its somone you personally had an experience with. (also, PLEASE don’t be skeptical…)

Answer by Angela
First, it is not necessary to interface with a psychic in person. Genuine psychics can give very accurate readings over the phone, email, internet, webcam, etc.. Real psychics are able to connect with the energy of the person from anywhere in the world and be able to give very accurate readings and advice on the specifics of the problem at hand. They work with the energy of the person, pictures, etc… This is why many genuine psychics have clients all over the world, not just locally. And most work by word of mouth. This is why most people have trouble finding a genuine accurate professional psychic. Because the good ones are hard to find, and for some odd reason, those people that have one seem to want to keep their psychics to themselves.

Second, each psychic has different gifts and different degrees of power, so just because you go to one psychic and they are not able to help in one area doesn’t mean that a different psychic cannot either. I’ve seen many cases where one psychic cannot help but another can. The psychic ability is a God-given gift and it’s not the same for everyone who has it.

Hope that helps. If you’d like feel free to contact me.

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