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I am soppose to do a project on unusual jobs in english that i would be interested in, all i have to do is do a 3-5 lignes resume and give reason, why i would be the one qualified for this job and not the other people that post for this job. Phone psychic is the only one that interested me by far, but the problem is that i don’t know why it is and i am having trouble finding out what it is on thegood? web, and what kind of reason and qualities would be attractive and

Answer by Valerie A
To be a successful phone psychic you have to have excellent communication skills. You have to be able to quickly connect (psychically whether using tools such as cards or not) and establish a rapport with the caller. Callers are sharp and will know right away if you have connected with them and their situation.

I am a phone psychic because I enjoy working with people and helping them. I find it very rewarding to see my clients making progress in dealing with their issues and challenges. A phone psychic can just give out information or they can be like me and guide them to an expanded sense of themselves which helps them transcend difficulties and grow spiritually.

Being ethical and honest is definitely a quality you want a psychic to have. Sometimes you have to tell the caller something you know they do not want to hear, but it is all in the delivery. In the psychic profession those who give callers false hope are severely looked down upon and they end up losing clients. You have to be accurate to have repeat callers. If you do not have repeat callers you do not have a business.

I prefer to call myself a human evolutionist, yet I work on a psychic website so that makes me in ordinary terms, a phone psychic.

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This site provides advice for phone psychics to become professionals.

Answer by Pam R

Firstly are you a psychic?

You can find advert for these jobs in psychic glossys. You will however be tested, sometimes twice to see if your ‘real’.

I worked on the phone lines for over a year – it was hard work!


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I want to know FOR SURE if it’s a scam or not. I don’t want people who don’t know for sure to answer. So only people that work for those psychic phone companies or used to work for a psychic phone company can answer.

Answer by Mystic
Please think twice about psychic phone lines, as so many are not honorable. I do phone readings all the time, but it is through my work that they know of me. I think they can be very expensive, and usually not at a good professional level. Go to a solid reader or astrology. Save your money, and get a decent value. You can find a good astrologer through the guilds, such as ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), or NCGR(National Council for Geocosmic Research), even AFAN(Association for Astrological Networking) or OPA(Organization of Professional Astrologers). For mediums, look at Lily Dale’s site they have some great mediums.

Answer by Miss 6
My boyfriend used to work for a 900 psychic line. My boyfriend is the real deal he is very psychic, he said that there was a handful of legitimate psychic people working the phone lines, some used tarot cards others just were psychic. But he said that wasn’t enough so really you’re still taking a gamble.

Answer by Uttam
I have had a few phone readings but honestly it has never worked out for me. Finally after years of hit and run finally i have come across a psychic whom i would always recommend I have been consulting with her for last 1 year now and yes i am her regular. she is very spot on with what she does and her readings are very accurate. you can see her at or feel free to see her blog at she also has a few free chats on and off depending on her commitments. see her testimonials.

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Phone Psychic Hotlines Exposed on EXTRA

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