Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychics!!! Where is my cell phone?? I lost it…. :(?

I have misplaced my cell phone!! 🙁 Can any psychics out there tell me where it is? THANK YOU!

Answer by Listening
check under your bed,it may have slid under there when you changed clothes.

Answer by Thunder
call it.

Answer by Gabriel Telarico
check car, (floor and everything around around it) kitchen near refridgerator, by your computer, by your room. in your pockets (empty them) purse, shoe, in your hand? on your lap, in your dogs mouth, by the stairs, by the sink (bathroom, kitchen) by the light switch, by your snack dish, in your couch, lost in a blanket…. ??

Answer by Joe B
First impression is on the floor of your car, driver’s side. By the way, do you have maroon carpet in your car?

Answer by lynn
If you lost it in the house, try calling it

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any psychic’s out there?

I have a question for you, but i need proof your for real, whats my last name?

who do you think is gonna win the election?

Answer by Renesmee N
your last name starts with a P….yes….
and obama will win…

Answer by BOBA FETT
No. There is no proof of psychic ability. Nada.

Answer by fizgirl
Parker and Obama 😀 Good guess??

Answer by S B
yes there are psychics i am one but i don’t believe in phone psychics or Computers psychics because for it be be natural it has to be when your with someone or at least near them.there are lots of people that claim to be psychics and loads that say they have been trained to be psychic is a natural ability and gift that should be non profit making.i am fed up of all the people that say they are when they are not.i use my gift to help others and i have never asked for money as i know i am lucky to have it and thankful enough.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychic on line???

i just got of with a psychic.. that i chat with in line.. should i believe her ofr what?? What do you ppl think??? what she said sound it nice… and i hope it cum true… but should i believe it???

Answer by amartyn13
It depends on what she told you… If it sounds realistic then most definitely it COULD be real. If it’s a little odd sounding don’t belive a word. Trust your gut!!

Answer by Nancy M
About the only thing that you can do is wait and see if what she said is true or not. I have talked to psychics on the phone and the first one was pretty accurate in what she had predicted for me. The others that I have talked with I found out were only fake. I do not talk to anymore because most are fake and cost too much money.


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